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Here's a throwback to Nicko's brilliant take on the #LegacyOfTheBeastTour set list!

[ Irnmdn.co Link ]

#NickoMcBrain #HappyBirthday #FanFriday #BePartOfTheLegacy

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Martin Andersson
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Lets all send some (appropriately socially distanced) birthday love to the one and only Mister Nicko McBrain!

#ironmaiden #happybirthdaynicko

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Costas Bithimitris
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Les Bell
Bringing Maiden history to life in the #LegacyOfTheBeast game!

Download on iOS & Android and play for free today - irnmdn.co/play

#BePartOfTheLegacy #IronMaiden
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Katharina Hagen
Bryan TruSt Bim
Carlos Cisneros
Mandy Verbeek
Jimmy James
We're Blood Brothers!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

#IronMaiden #BraveNewWorld #BloodBrothers #MusicMonday

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Maria Franek
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‪Good luck to everyone that is taking part! ‬

‪There is still time to get involved at heavymetaltruants.com‬

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Von Hex
Julia Irwing
Kyle Wharrgharble Castner
Iron Mihell Maiden
Richard Wyatt
There are 666 reasons to play #TheLegacyOfTheBeastGame... Even Eddie plays it!

Download on iOS & Android and play for free today - irnmdn.co/play

#BePartOfTheLegacy #IronMaiden #Eddie
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Achilles Logothetis
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Lori Sinks
Elena Valadez-Riedel
Tom Neo Ashley
Brave New World is 20 years old today!

What is your favourite track to hear live?

#IronMaiden #FanFriday #BraveNewWorld #Eddie

Timeline Photos

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Jse Martinez
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Cian Cowley
You do not want to miss this!

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Geoff Hardcastle
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Marc Corliss
Gareth Morgan
Heavy Metal Truants have added a walking/running challenge so that everyone can join in on the journey to Download Festival

Sign up to support Nordoff Robbins, Save the Children, Childline & Teenage Cancer Trust!


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A bit of #wEDnesday fun for you all...

Check out our buddy Val Andrade's brilliant interpretation of The Book of Souls.

[ Youtu.be Link ]

Don't blame us if you fancy some chocolate after watching it! :-)

#IronMaiden #Eddie #TheBookOfSouls #wEDnesday

The Tales Of The Iron Maiden - THE BOOK OF SOULS

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Troy Oldford
Glenn Forni
Julie Arry Broadhurst
Logan Ramkin
Andreas Reichardt