Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!!

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Oct 20, 2019


Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!!
Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!! thumb Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!! thumb Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!! thumb


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1. FAMILY HOME: Kopichi + Eshkene Rob-e Annar + Kalajush
ADDRESS: Varzaneh, Iran

KOPICHI (Traditional Varzaneh Bread): Mix ice water, salt and yeast together. Add flour and knead until it becomes consistent texture. Let the mixture rest for 2 hours. Portion dough and dip in spices including fennel, safflower, caraway, black cumin and sesame seeds. Roast in modern steel tandoor for 8 minutes.

ESHKENE ROB-E ANNAR (Pomegranate Dish): Start with oil made from sheep dumba (fat tail) and cook with saffron, rose water, apple, turmeric and onion. On the side, mix together pomegranate paste, grape molasses, water. In hot pot, add wheat flour, turmeric,and mint. Add pomegranate mixture and oil that comes from the milk of the sheep.

KALAJUSH (Curd Soup): Start with same dumba oil and add onion and mint. Soak curds with water, then strain out the liquid by hand. Curds can be used over and over. Add mint, turmeric and finally the curd juice. Then add sheep oil and minced walnut.
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2. DESERT: Ostrich Kebabs + Pitu

OSTRICH KEBAB: Defeather and clean the ostrich. Cut into small chunks. Marinate meat in lemon juice and onion. Place meat on skewers and roast 45 minutes.

PITU (Mutton Stew): Place sheep fat, mutton, tomatoes and potatoes in a metal pot. Place pot over charcoal and cook for two hours.
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