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This Nov, fans will have the chance to catch INXS's most iconic gig on big screen around the world.

Starting in Australia and New Zealand 14th Nov, UK, Ireland and Europe 27th Nov and USA 9th Dec.

Buy Tickets: http://bit.ly/INXScinemafb

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Dedicated to Brad Lyons, the man instrumental in bringing the Never Tear Us Apart mini-series to the screen and good friend to us all.

"I have spoken to Brad a little over the past few years. He kept saying “Murph, I wanna come and see you so we can do something together, I’ve got some good ideas”. I once threatened to punch him when I was a judge on Popstars. Brad was the man at Network...

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

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Happy Birthday Michael. We miss you always.
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"We left Perth as tenacious young men looking to play our music to the world, and we did so with passion, honour, and pride for our country and families.

The announcement of having the best selling ARIA #1 Australian album of the decade is overwhelming, and we are truly humbled, thank you.

Our hearts go out to all Australian's who rallied around us this last decade, and our hope and prayers...
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Garry Beers' new project singing a “Hope is the Sound”, their Christmas song, at the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Hope Is the Sound - AshenMoon

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Tonight is the Premiere of The Christmas Carolers Challenge on the CW network featuring Garry Gary Beers and a guest judge. It will be air Sunday 15th (Tonight!) and then the 22nd and 23rd December.
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and finally it's here, Canada your wait is over.

Live Baby Live is coming to a cinema near you TODAY for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

ticket still available here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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We are so close we could touch it....
INXS is coming to Canada tomorrow!
Be part of it, only available for one night!
Get your tickets here: [ Bit.ly Link ].
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and finally, it's here, your wait is over.

Live Baby Live is playing on big screens in North, Central and South America Today for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

ticket still available here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

INXS Revisit 'The Biggest Pub Gig' They Ever Played: Interview

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9th December 2019.

INXS, make their way to cinemas across North, Central and South America, for one night only. Audiences will be immersed in the iconic and legendary Wembley 1991 performance.
Watch the band, playing to crowds of fans who are captured completely engrossed in the music, no phones are to be seen, no technology is distracting them, just 72,000 fans jumping along to New...
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the only date that you need to remember right now is December 12, and we are just 3 days away from it.
Are you ready to relive 'Summer XS', as INXS: Live Baby Live launches onto a big screen near you for ONE NIGHT ONLY, experience restored content recapturing the incredible moments experienced by the audience of Wembley back in 1991.
Tickets selling fast, get yours now: [ Bit.ly...
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