International Candy Taste Test

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International Candy Taste Test
International Candy Taste Test thumb International Candy Taste Test thumb International Candy Taste Test thumb


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  • Today we taste candies from around the world.
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  • - Yes, please do.
  • Now Halloween is right around the corner,
  • and what better way to prepare for eating all that candy
  • than go ahead and start eating some candy right now.
  • That's what we're gonna do, but we're not gonna limit
  • ourselves to American candy, we're going global.
  • It's time for,
  • - [Together] Where in the World Do These
  • International Candies Come From?
  • - Okay, we're gonna be tasting some international candies,
  • and then trying to determine where they come from
  • on the Earth, how are we gonna say where they come from?
  • Not with our mouths, but with the darts
  • that are going over here, you're already nervous.
  • Chase Cartographer's over there, we throw 'em at the board
  • in order to give our answer and then Chase Cartographer,
  • that's what I'm calling you now, is going to measure
  • the distance, basically all that means is the person
  • with the lowest score means they got
  • to the right places more often.
  • - Yeah, we understand Link. - You know what I'm saying?
  • - We understand, here's the thing,
  • - Lowest score wins.
  • - I've been decimating you at this game lately,
  • I mean it hasn't even been close.
  • So in an effort to shift the balance a little bit,
  • - You're on a winning streak.
  • - You know how we introduced the fart last time,
  • which is the throwing the four darts at once.
  • - Yeah, didn't help me. - I'm gonna give
  • you my fart, okay.
  • You're gonna have two farts, I have no farts, and I'm
  • gonna go beyond that, and I'm gonna give you a plart.
  • You're gonna be able to, for one of these rounds,
  • get up, walk over there, and place your dart
  • exactly where you want it, okay.
  • - Pandering, maybe,
  • will it help, probably not.
  • Am I going to accept all of your offerings, yes.
  • (upbeat chanting)
  • - Let's bring in the first candy.
  • - Oh yeah, I'll let you reach first
  • since you gave me all, - I'm going deep man.
  • - [Link] Oh did you get one for me?
  • - Yeah, I touched it, sorry.
  • - It's a burger.
  • - It is a burger.
  • - With chocolate?
  • - Mmmm, coffee flavored.
  • - Doesn't taste anything like a burger,
  • I'm thoroughly disappointed.
  • It tastes like great candy.
  • Who's going first, you or me?
  • - Whatever you prefer, man.
  • - You know what, I want you to go first.
  • 'Cause that gives me an advantage.
  • - Man, this is really good.
  • Because it's a little burger, it's like creative.
  • The Japanese love to get creative with their candy.
  • And it's coffee flavored, coffee-flavored burger,
  • really small, with little fake sesame seeds on it,
  • that's Japanese all day.
  • - You're close, now, hmmmm.
  • I was thinking Japan, too. - Okay, keep thinking.
  • - I think we've had this on the show before,
  • and I think it's from Japan.
  • Stuff from Mexico's more spicy.
  • Everything else I have no clue about.
  • So I, too, am going with Japan, and I am not using
  • any of my advantages. - Okay, alright.
  • - Except my advantage to throw a dart really well.
  • - Whoa, nice, even closer. - About the same,
  • It comes down to the measurement.
  • And as I thoroughly explained, the closer it is,
  • the better you are. - The better.
  • - But the larger the score.
  • - What do we got?
  • - [Stevie] You just gobbled on some Bourbon Every Burger
  • chocolate cookies, they're mini sesame seed
  • and chocolate-flavored snacks from, you guessed it, Japan.
  • - Japan, we're both right.
  • This game is bringing us together.
  • - Well, not for long.
  • - Alright Chase, what we got.
  • - Alright Link, you had eight, Rhett, you had nine.
  • - [Link] And that's what, centimeters?
  • - Centimeters.
  • - Early lead.
  • (upbeat chanting)
  • - Alright, bring it in.
  • Bring in that can--, can I reach this time?
  • - Yeah, sure.
  • - Oh, I got, I found 'em, there they are.
  • Here's one for you, and one for me.
  • It's a paper-wrapped thingie.
  • - Eat the paper?
  • - Somebody's whispering eat, - Somebody said eat the paper,
  • - Eat the paper. - I don't know if it's a joke,
  • but I'm just gonna do it.
  • That's like a nougat, man.
  • - Oh, it is nougat, isn't it.
  • I looked at yours, and I could tell it was nougat.
  • - You're up first Neal, where do you think it's from?
  • Eat the paper, what kind of country
  • do they eat the paper in?
  • - Now a fart is four, right?
  • So I'm gonna aim at four different places.
  • I'm gonna aim at, I don't know,
  • this seems like a European thing to do,
  • I don't know why, like nougat.
  • - Yeah, uh huh.
  • - I'm just gonna go for, - It's good.
  • - [Link] Iceland, Finland, Netherlands, and Israel.
  • - He's pulling out the fart.
  • - Using my fart, actually this is your fart.
  • - You're all over Finland. - What do you think?
  • - I was thinking, - Pretty good, right?
  • - I was thinking Israel.
  • - Oooh, I hope you're not right.
  • I'm choking on nougat.
  • - [Stevie] Okay guys, you just ate some
  • Massam's Almond Cherry Nougat.
  • It's an almond cherry nougat candy that's wrapped
  • in edible rice paper and described on Amazon
  • by user TropicalFish as disappointing,
  • and it's from South Africa.
  • - [Link] Oh, so you're still closer.
  • - My secret's out, I don't need to fart.
  • - South Africa, so how much is he beating me by?
  • - Rhett you had 20 centimeters, Link 28 centimeters.
  • - Okay, alright, so now it's just a seven-point differential
  • overall I think.
  • (upbeat chanting>
  • - Okay here we go.
  • Ohhh, not gonna work, see, I was about to reach,
  • can't reach, it's on top.
  • - Oh what is this?
  • It's a shot glass full of, this is just sugar.
  • - I would, I would do that.
  • It's sour.
  • - It's sour.
  • - Where would they do this?
  • - Is it salty too?
  • - I believe,
  • I go first, right? - Yeah.
  • - I believe that they do this in Mexico.
  • Could you move that foot?
  • Wow! - That was almost
  • dead-on to Mexico.
  • - If you land in the country, that's zero.
  • So I hit it right, I hit the country?
  • - Yep, you are like one centimeter away.
  • - But I mean hey, but I don't know if I'm right.
  • I mean, I might be off.
  • - The question is, is this spicy enough to be Mexico,
  • and if I aim for anything else, and you're right,
  • it gives you a distinct advantage.
  • - It could be Argentina, though.
  • I was torn between Mexico and Argentina.
  • - You're right, it could be Argentina.
  • - It could be Link.
  • - What is this?
  • - Well you have to throw the dart to find out
  • Keep in mind you can place one,
  • and you have another fart.
  • - I think you're right, I think this is Mexico.
  • It is not spicy, but it has like a little lime spice
  • thing to it, and I can't let you get this far ahead.
  • So I'm going for the gusto.
  • - Oooh, you hit the US.
  • - [Stevie] You just tasted Pico Diana Mediano,
  • an orange-flavored chili candy powder by Diana.
  • I don't know who Diana is, but she is in Mexico.
  • - Yes, zero. - Both right,
  • you're just that much closer.
  • Good shot Rhett. - Alright yeah,
  • Rhett you had zero, and Link you had five centimeters.
  • - That's the first zero ever in this show.
  • - I'm really upping my game, because I've given you
  • all the advantages man.
  • - And I'm gonna take all of 'em, cause you're going down.
  • (upbeat chanting)
  • - Reach down deep,
  • and pull out. - Two little hard candies.
  • Oh, there's a hair on one.
  • - Can I have the one with the hair?
  • - Yeah, sure.
  • - Now this is a greenish looking,
  • - Almost black.
  • I know where this is from.
  • - Ew, what's that, licorice, dang.
  • - You know where this is from, bro.
  • - That is nasty, I can't even eat that, it's so salty.
  • Oh, I know where this is from.
  • Could be Finland, or it could be Turzistan.
  • - I don't think that's a country.
  • Is that a country, did y'all misspell something?
  • - What'd you do, make up a country?
  • - [Stevie] That is not a country, you are correct.
  • - Oh, I'm going for that then, Turzistan, the no country.
  • What's really under there?
  • - [Stevie] It's Kurt-dizistan?
  • - Kirkistan. - Kirkistan, you know.
  • - So I can use a fart or a plart.
  • - Yeah, if you wanna place it, man, do it.
  • - I'm going to place it.
  • Oooh, that's satisfying.
  • Oooh, that's good, Finland, right on, and I nailed it.
  • - You know usually the guy that's been given
  • two farts and a plart doesn't rub it in like that.
  • - You see that, I hit right in the middle.
  • - It's like the time he scored in soccer
  • in high school, and Josh Young came up to him and said,
  • next time, act like you've been there before,
  • what did he say?
  • - Act like you meant to do that.
  • - Act like you meant to do that.
  • - Yeah, you messed up the story, but that's okay.
  • Can I at least act like I threw it, like, yeah!
  • - I thiNk you could, it's either Finland
  • or the Netherlands.
  • I know they like the very strong licorice candies
  • in the Netherlands, too.
  • So I'm gonna try to go for the Netherlands,
  • 'cause we had some when we were there.
  • - That's a small locale, man.
  • Oooh, that's close.
  • Not as close as I was to Finland, I'm just saying.
  • - [Stevie] Okay, I'm gonna try and pronounce this correctly,
  • but bear with me.
  • This is Fazer Tyrkish Peber, original hot salmiak
  • and pepper candy, I spit it out immediately
  • after I tasted it, but it is from Finland.
  • - Yes. - Okay, alright Link, alright.
  • - Link you have zero, and Rhett you had 10 centimeters.
  • - Oooh, how can you still be winning?
  • - I'm a natural.
  • (upbeat chanting.
  • - Bring it.
  • Goody bag, goody bag, give me that candy, candy.
  • There we are, we got, oh, look at that, it's chocolate.
  • It has a - Cows on it.
  • - Has a cows on it.
  • So I'm gonna bite you.
  • Hmmm, crunchy.
  • - It's like a Nestle Crunch.
  • - Tastes very good, milk chocolate.
  • - There's something in there, that's like a--
  • - Shards of something.
  • - A seed of some sort.
  • - Does yours have a seed?
  • - Seeds of some sort.
  • - Oh, it's got pop rocks in it
  • (popping sounds)
  • I'm just gonna get closer to the mic,
  • nothing's gonna happen.
  • I'm gonna put another one in there.
  • - Yeah, pop rocks.
  • I'm first again, right?
  • - Mmhmm. - Okay, well.
  • - I'm gonna pop rock in your ear.
  • - Argentina is a fun country, they like things that pop,
  • and they're big into their beef.
  • Of course this is, probably just has a cow on it,
  • because milk comes from cows, too, didn't think about that.
  • I was so sure about it being Argentinian,
  • now I'm second guessing myself.
  • You know what, go with your instincts Rhett.
  • I'm going to Argentina.
  • Oh, and it wasn't even a good throw.
  • - Alright, now I'm gonna use my final flart, fart.
  • My fart's gonna take flight, and that's what
  • makes it a flart.
  • Now, hmm, I think it could be Argentinian, as well,
  • but it could be anything, it's just pop rocks
  • and milk chocolate.
  • Again, because you're winning, I have to,
  • one of my darts has to hit closer to Argentina,
  • but then another dart has to hit what might be
  • the right answer, if it's not Argentina.
  • - That is the advantage of the fart.
  • - So I'm gonna try to spray the board,
  • ending in Argentina with one final dart of the four.
  • So I plan to go all the way from Turzistan
  • all the way, - What is going to happen?
  • - To Argentina.
  • - Please don't kill anyone.
  • You see Chase is now behind us.
  • - Just cover your eyes.
  • I mean if I poke you in the body, you'll probably be okay,
  • but I don't want you to lose sight.
  • Where is Chase?
  • - Hey, how's it going?
  • - Oh, you're right there.
  • - You got it man.
  • Oh gosh, sidearm, he's sidearming it.
  • Oh, I'm so nervous.
  • - One went off down there.
  • It's stuck into the floor.
  • - You hit Argentina, I don't believe
  • - I hit Argentina!
  • - I don't believe there's any way that I can win,
  • because you're closer to every other country
  • that I'm close to. - Yes!
  • - Yeah, perfect fart!
  • Alright Stevie, what we got?
  • - [Stevie] You just ate chocolate parra pitz putzhim,
  • which is a milk chocolate bar with pop rocks from Israel.
  • - Ooooh, and I was close to that too,
  • 'cause I was thinking maybe Israel.
  • - Alright, Rhett you had 40 centimeters,
  • and Link, you had 20 centimeters.
  • - Boom I won, - Congratulations Link.
  • - On a level playing field, I came out the victor.
  • - That means that I'm going to be TPed
  • in Good Mythical More.
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  • - You know what time it is.
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