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Magnetic north is moving at an unprecedented rate of speed, affecting airport runway designations, GPS systems and cellphone compass apps.

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is Hightailing It Toward Siberia

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The handy "Robotic Pooper Scooper", as it's known, will do the dirty work for dog owners.

"Pooper Scooper" Bot Detects and Picks up Your Dog's Poo

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This bridge in Taiwan goes down, leads to death and injury of many people.

Watch This Bridge in Taiwan Collapse in Seconds

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In a new video on Instagram, the Tesla Cyberquad barely makes a sound as it is driven.

Tesla's Electric ATV Is Surprisingly Quiet In Newly-Released Footage

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The teacher came up with a clever creative way of catching cheaters.

Professor Catches Cheating Students by Adding a Trick Question to Exam

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With so many people claiming that electric vehicles are in fact bad for the environment, we take a look at the data.

Are Electric Vehicles Worse for the Environment than Combustion Engines?

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A California local couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a beach full of penises.

Drakes Beach in California Invaded by Penis Fish

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This guy fell into the Winnebago River with his Jeep and was saved by Siri.

The Words "Siri, Call 911" Saved This Guy's Life in an Icy Lake

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The journey is believed to be the first commercial freight cross-country run by an autonomous truck.

Autonomous Truck Successfully Completes Three Day Cross-Country Butter Delivery

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