Inside Singapore Changi Airport - World´s Best Airport - Our Favorite Airport

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Oct 28, 2017


Inside Singapore Changi Airport - World´s Best Airport - Our Favorite Airport
Inside Singapore Changi Airport - World´s Best Airport - Our Favorite Airport thumb Inside Singapore Changi Airport - World´s Best Airport - Our Favorite Airport thumb Inside Singapore Changi Airport - World´s Best Airport - Our Favorite Airport thumb


Airport Information: Watch all our AIRPORT VIDEOS here: /watch?v=hCDYceM-oX0&list=PLFZOg4H3C0gH0HWWm8WfOmnnldFB-s6Op
We are at Singapore Changi Airport. Join us for this Airport Tour where we visit both the Check-in Area and main departure area of Changi Airport, Singapore. Changi Airport has been voted as the World´s Best Airport by Skytrax since 2012 and it is also our favorite airport to arrive at, depart from or be in transit at when we travel.

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This airport tour begins at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 where we arrive by taxi from Singapore. We make our way into the Terminal 3 Check-in area and give the viewer a first hand look at what the inside of Changi Airport looks like. We then visit the famous Singapore Airport Slide located on level 1 in Terminal 3. The slide is Singapore´s tallest and is is also the world´s tallest slide in an airport. After spending time looking at shops and displays in the Terminal 3 Check-in area we make our way to the Skytrain which is a driver-less train connecting Changi Airports Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. At Terminal 1 viewers also get a view of the Check-in area of Singapore Changi Airport´s Terminal 1. The main attraction in Terminal 1 is the moving Kinetic Rain sculpture. After viewing Terminal 1 and the Kinetic Rain sculpture we make our way back to Terminal 3 with the Skytrain. Our Check-in Counter opens and we them make our way through immigration into the main Singapore Changi Departure Hall / Singapore Changi Transit area. We then proceed to take a tour of the transit area looking at the airports Duty Free Shops, Restaurants and Brand Name luxury goods shops. We were very impressed to see that Singapore Airport had it´s own Hard Rock Cafe located within the Transit area, good news for Hard Rock Cafe fans. We are just wondering what it was called, The Hard Rock Cafe Changi Airport perhaps? Luckily we also had time to visit the Singapore Changi Airport Butterfly Garden which is the world´s first Butterfly Garden located in an airport. We then proceeded to the Airport Lounge called the Ambassador Transit Lounge. This Airport lounge is a Pay-Per-Use lounge and access is available to all passengers at a fee regardless as to whether they are flying First Class, Business Class or Economy Class..

Unfortunately owing to limited time airside at Singapore Changi Airport we were unable to visit many of the attractions and activities available to passengers / travelers at this airport such as the Enchanted Garden (Terminal 2 Transit area), Koi Pond (Terminal 3 Transit area), Lily Pad Garden (Terminal 1 Transit area), Orchid Garden (Terminal 2 Transit area), Social Tree (Terminal 1 Transit area), Sunflower Garden (Terminal 2 Transit area), Movie Theatre (Terminal 3 Transit area), Cactus Garden (Terminal 1 Transit area), Entertainment Deck (Terminal 2 Transit area), Swimming Pool (Terminal 1 Transit area), Peranakan Exhibition & Porcelain of Asia Exhibition (Terminal 2 Transit area) and we would also like to have seen the Aviation Gallery in the Public area in Terminal 3.

Wiki writes about Singapore Changi Airport, "Singapore Changi Airport, or simply Changi Airport, is the primary civilian airport for Singapore, and one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. It is currently rated the World's Best Airport by Skytrax..."

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