Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai's Waterfront - Full Documentary

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Aug 14, 2014


Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai's Waterfront - Full Documentary
Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai's Waterfront - Full Documentary thumb Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai's Waterfront - Full Documentary thumb Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai's Waterfront - Full Documentary thumb


  • Imprisoned without trial in Bubai's Waterfront
  • It's a middle eastern patch of sand that promises the best of everything.
  • From hotels and shopping, to vibrant night life
  • In one generation, Dubai has transformed itself from an arab fishing village
  • into an international travel hub for business and pleasure
  • If you fly in to Dubai today, it looks like the Middle Eastern version of Las Vegas or Surfers Paradise.
  • The behind the flashing facade has some brutal traps for the unsuspected.
  • Qantas
  • is now diverting hundreds of thousands of Australians
  • Through Dubai on their way to Europe,but what you don't see in the Qantas Brochures is an explaination
  • of...
  • what can happen to you in Dubai
  • A young Australian couple um...sharing a hotel room
  • um...
  • can be arrested for Adultery.
  • If that couple are homosexuals, the consequences are even more severe
  • There have been women who have been gang raped there who have then been convicted
  • of engaging in Adultery and had prison terms imposed upon them.
  • It might look like a middle eastern version of Las Vegas, but it's very far from that.
  • The glittering miracle city has a legal system and has in a dark edges

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Trapped (2014): An innocent Australian property executive's real-life Kafkan nightmare dealing with Dubai's notorious justice system. Subscribe to Journeyman for more: http://youtube.com/journeymanpictures

Thrown behind bars for an unknown crime, Marcus Lee saw the dark side of Dubai's booming property development industry when the economic crash shattered the dream. An exhausting battle for justice ensued.

When the outrageous glitter and stunning promise of Dubai beckoned, Australian couple Marcus & Julie Lee packed their bags and set off for the booming Middle Eastern city to chase their dreams. So how did Marcus Lee end up in filthy Dubai jails for nine months, unaware of what he’d done wrong? And why, when authorities finally charged him in connection with an alleged multi-million dollar property fraud, did it take close to five years to navigate the legal system, ultimately clear his name and return home?

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