IF CONSOLES WERE CUTE GIRLS [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4]

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IF CONSOLES WERE CUTE GIRLS [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4]
IF CONSOLES WERE CUTE GIRLS [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4] thumb IF CONSOLES WERE CUTE GIRLS [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4] thumb IF CONSOLES WERE CUTE GIRLS [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4] thumb


  • Hey everybody, it's lavender town and today
  • I'm really excited because I'm combining two of my most favorite things in the world video games and character designs
  • Speaking of video games. I want to give a quick shout out to the sponsor of this video Elsword
  • Elsword is an MMORPG in an anime style
  • and I've talked to you guys about this one before, but today I'm talking about the new update that they just made to the game
  • They've completely revamped and streamlined their skill system. You no longer have to use skill points and
  • you learn skills automatically by reaching certain levels. They've also updated all of the character artwork
  • so now it looks even cuter and slicker than it did before
  • So if you guys have never played it before and now's a good time to start and if you played it in the past
  • you might want to check out the changes
  • they just made. Every playable character now has three different paths that they can go that change their skills and change basically how they
  • turn out, and in addition to that, a new storyline has just begun. It's called the Masters of darkness
  • Check out the link in the description box if you want to try it out yourself
  • Thank you again so much to Elsword for continually supporting the channel
  • Okay guys, so I want to make a full character out of these girls
  • so I want to make sure that they actually seem like they have some personality
  • so I just started trying to think of what kind of person would be Nintendo switch be and
  • because I think the switch really won the console war this time around
  • I feel like she is the popular fun and youthful one, but she's also got a bit of a
  • attitude of she's better than everyone else. That was my plan with her
  • So she um
  • She has this sort of savage Wendy's kind of look on her face and in general
  • She just really is a popular kind of character
  • So I took a lot of elements of the switch and tried to incorporate it into her design
  • I wanted the joy cons to be a part of her hair
  • I gave her like this a-line sort of long in the front haircut so that we could put these little joy con
  • elements around her face and I gave her a little hair accessories that look like the
  • buttons and things that are on the joy cons
  • And then I just tried to incorporate
  • the body of the console by giving her a dark gray dress with the
  • rectangle cutout that looks a bit like this screen and I also because I wanted her to seem like the
  • young one, which often times the Nintendo games are aimed towards younger kids, not all of them, of course, but
  • Because a lot of them are I wanted her to have tattoos. I thought that would be cool
  • so I gave her a Triforce tattoo and a splatoon tattoo
  • Though I guess as a Japanese console, maybe she wouldn't have tattoos, but I don't know. I just wanted her to look punk and fun
  • Because again, she-I mean if you look at these consoles
  • You see two black rectangles and then there's the switch which is like pretty fun and crazy-looking
  • So I had a lot of fun picking out the colors for her
  • I also gave her some thigh-high socks that have a gradient of
  • The red and blue from the joy cons and I put in her eyes as well
  • She looks a little crazy but I kind of like it and I think that she would be a really fun character
  • She'd usually be super nice and cool
  • But then there'd be moments where her superiority complex would slip in and make her a bit of a different character
  • I think that'd be really fun. For the Xbox one,
  • I wanted her to be a bit of an underdog because I feel like the Xbox one probably is performing the worst right now
  • I just think that the ps4 had exclusives and the switch had all these cool new features and the Xbox was just like
  • kinda there?? So I feel like this is the underdog character
  • She's kind of the nerd and I also gave her a little crown to harken back to
  • perhaps she she still sees herself at the top of the charts because of yknow
  • the success of the Xbox 360 but she is clearly the underdog now
  • So the way I designed her, I wanted to feature
  • The shape of an Xbox one controller in her bangs-again
  • I feel like using the hair to sort of mimic some of these things is really useful in this scenario
  • I also gave her an X in one of her eyes. I just thought that would be cool to have some
  • asymmetry here
  • And I just thought it sort of mimics
  • Elements of the Xbox that just has one X in a few places and it's also called the Xbox one
  • Yea, it's kind of a multi-layered thing
  • So I also gave her this little black crown because it kind of looks like the edge of the Xbox controller
  • Then I gave her a little earring that has two circles and a d-pad
  • just like there is on the controller, and I also gave her sort of a paneled
  • Little dress because I wanted it to look like the paneled very clean white
  • console
  • I had to use the white version of the Xbox one because if I did the black version and then did the black version of the
  • Ps4 if they basically just looked the same so I had to go white with this one
  • I also gave her these sleeves that have little holes in them because I wanted them to look like the little vented
  • things that are on the Xbox console just to hearken to that a bit and I gave her these black buns
  • to sort of mimic again the little black
  • analog sticks
  • I gave her a little trim on her dress to give her a tiny bit of color of
  • each of the buttons that are on an Xbox one controller and with that she is basically done
  • I really like how she turned out, she turned out really cute and it made me feel kind of bad for the Xbox to be honest
  • Isn't that the weird thing when you humanize something you can start to feel bad for it?
  • Even though it's literally just a console and Microsoft's is not exactly hurtin so
  • Last up is the ps4 and there's a few elements of the ps4 that I use to inform her personality
  • so the ps4 is main selling points is its VR capabilities and its
  • console exclusives
  • It seems like console exclusives are the main reason that people buy a ps4 and while most consoles do have exclusives
  • I feel like the ps4 really ends up snapping up ones
  • that would have been great on the PC and it makes me super salty
  • especially because I don't have one and I really want one and they're expensive and
  • yeah, it's just-it's a big problem because I want to play Detroit like everyone else in the whole world
  • but I can't and it makes me really mad
  • But anyway, so the thing is I used to inform her tis I where this black box that is the ps4
  • I wanted there to be a lot of dark boxy shapes on her to sort of match up with that
  • and also I wanted there to be a contrasting character to the two
  • more cutesy looking characters just so that the lineup at the end would look a little more fun
  • To give her a little bit more of a fun character design
  • I added in these little face jewel kind of freckles that are
  • basically all the shapes that you see on a
  • controller or a ps4 and I also tried to include that little touch pad thing that they added to it that has sort of the little
  • bumps on it?
  • So I added that as sort of the chest piece on her little uniform and
  • Other than that, I just tried to keep things very boxy and dark to be reminiscent of the console
  • I also gave her some x's in her eyes just to have more interesting shapes, though in retrospect
  • I kind of wish I'd done a triangle or something else because obviously Xbox and the X are very
  • very tied together. So when I put an X in her eyes, it just makes me think of the Xbox
  • It's something that I wish I had changed
  • So I gave her bangs that make her whole face look boxier
  • And I also gave her some dark thick eyebrows
  • I even gave her grayish skin because I just wanted her to be the most robotic
  • because I think the ps4 with the VR stuff is like ̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ it's gettin pretty advanced
  • So I wanted her to be like a robot also because Detroit's about robots and Detroit is a very popular at ps4 exclusive
  • I also snuck in a little
  • Detroit (reference) the temple light that all the androids have, I just put that on her
  • Just to harken back to a specific game
  • So I just generally kept the shading pretty monochrome
  • and again, I gave her green eyes at first which is really dumb because the Xbox color is green
  • But I do change that at the end, so don't don't don't worry. Don't comment. I'm saying that I should change it because I do
  • and uh yeah! With that
  • she's done, you can see I changed it to blue because the X is blue. So it makes more sense to be blue anyway
  • So here is the current generation of consoles all hanging out as human characters!
  • I know this character design challenge was kind of weird and silly, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. I definitely did
  • Let me know if you have any of these and what your favorite console is from this generation or
  • like what your favorite console is of all time
  • because I know a lot of people are still big fans of the ps2 even so, whatever your favorite is, let me know
  • and if you don't play video games, and then I'm sorry again. Thank you so much to Elsword for sponsoring this video
  • Definitely check out the link in the description if you want to try out the game
  • Thank you for staying till the end and I will see you guys next week!
  • Big thank you to my patron including Scott Peterson, Christy Stuart, Enamel, TheArtsyMoose, Elizabeth, Alvin, Calpopon
  • Kamiosparkle, Hinoki, Zixeth, Oli, Neko sama, Hope Chelsen, Abreanna, Traso Maniac, Micadactyl,
  • Oak Amore, Matthew Kun K, Blep, Sergeant pendulum, Leena, Christine, Baba green, Taka, Lovely, Mystic, and Jojo your boy ST,
  • and Adivisual

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