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  • Hey everybody, It's Lavendertowne. And today I'm going to be turning Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram into cute character designs.
  • I decided to go with websites and apps because today's episode is sponsored by Wix.
  • Wix is a website where you can build your own website for free,
  • It's got a really easy drag-and-drop editor and a really professional finish
  • So, whether you're a beginner or a professional it can really help you out.
  • Later in the video, I'm going to show you how to use Wix as a tool to keep track of your character designs
  • But before I can do that, I got to draw them. So let's get to the drawing.
  • So the first character I'm designing is based on Snapchat.
  • So, uh, I'm sure all of you know what Snapchat is but if you somehow don't
  • Snapchat is basically just an app where you can send pictures to your friends,
  • that sort of self destruct after a certain amount of time.
  • A lot of people are using it more for its story feature nowadays so you can show little clips and tiny
  • segments of your day through videos and stuff.
  • So I had to reconcile the two sort of attitudes that come along with Snapchat,
  • so part of Snapchat's whole appeal is that it's super fun and silly,
  • there's lots of weird filters you can put on your face
  • But also Snapchat is a sort of secretive app because it destroys the images after you send them and it will tell
  • the sender if someone takes a screenshot.
  • So, I wanted her to be this sort of secretive character who looks very bright and, like, fun to be around but at the same
  • time, who looks like she can keep a secret for you.
  • Umm.. I
  • designed a lot of elements of her around the icon of the ghost which is
  • sort of Snapchats whole thing,
  • and I was really excited about that because typically in an app you don't see a little character design
  • But in this case you actually get one. So I tried to incorporate the shape of him all over this design,
  • I gave her the earrings of him, which is the most obvious
  • but I also tried to sneakily sort of add that shape as a smock aproney part of her dress and
  • in her little side bang.
  • I tried to keep it rounded up at the top and then have sort of this fringe that sort of kind of looks like the
  • ghost,
  • I'm also going to leave that part white. So, that will also be reminiscent of the ghost. Basically
  • I just wanted her to look really fun and kind of mischievous and like she knows
  • everybody's secrets, but she doesn't reveal any of them. Um that's the image I had of this humanized Snapchat.
  • I also decided to go pretty crazy with the rest of her hair
  • I wanted it to be a rainbow because Snapchat's very famous for that like uh
  • rainbow like, I don't want to say like vomiting but it kind of looks like you're you're throwing up rainbows that whole filter.
  • So, I felt like I had to get rainbow in here somewhere. So she ended up looking pretty colourful and pretty wild
  • Uh I really think she would be sort of a party animal of this whole app group. Uh
  • you can decide for yourself once you see the other two, but yeah, I really liked how she turned out
  • she looks really really colorful and uMm
  • very fun, and I did sneak in the ghost shape in one more place into her eye
  • so that's quite a few places. I of course made the rest of her outfit uh that bright Snapchat yellow so that it would look
  • consistent with any whole design of the thing. Uhm
  • So there she is I decided to name her a Snap Cat,
  • uhm because cat is like short for Katherine. So, you know, it's more like she has a actual human name
  • I feel like the other two were really easy to name
  • and this one was actually the hardest but you decide which one is the best at the end.
  • Next up is Tumblr and this website has a lot of baggage and a lot of different sort of
  • reputations I would say but I've been on Tumblr for a long time,
  • so I feel like I have a relatively good idea about the whole site's like vibe.
  • Uhm so
  • Tumblr is really famous for having a lot of like activist-sy
  • type people and people who really want to like change the world and like are really serious about all kinds of different
  • like issues in the world.
  • I think.. so because of that I kind of wanted Tumblr to be the
  • Book-smart kind of a nerd character in this whole set up.
  • I was kind of picturing all of the characters sort of around like a high school sort of setting. uhm
  • In my previous uhh..
  • video that I did similar to this where I turned consoles, like game consoles, into girls
  • I didn't have a specific sort of setting for where I pictured them,
  • but in this like strange humanized alternate universe, I definitely pictured them in like a high school.
  • So this is the book smart kind of character and maybe she's a little less popular than the other two
  • but she's still really cute and uhm
  • she's just she's sort of 50% like a serious activisty type and then
  • 50% a goofball who loves memes because that's what Tumblr seems like to me
  • usually it's just constantly oscillating between people trying to talk really seriously about things that they care about
  • versus the other half of the time where they're just like totally goofing around and making really really random jokes.
  • Uhm so I gave her this cute little
  • hairstyle and then I put the Tumblr icon into her as like a hair accessory just
  • so that it was really recognizable.
  • I gave her an adopt don't shop shirt because I wanted to give her some kind of cause and
  • this is a cause that's close to my heart. So I thought I'd just give it to her
  • I also wanted her to generally look pretty different from the Instagram and the Snapchat girl because I feel like the aesthetic on Tumblr is really
  • different than those two places.
  • uhm so I tried to make her look a little different than them.
  • I gave her freckles because real and fake freckles are hugely popular on Tumblr,
  • I think they're popular all over the internet
  • but like they're more mainstream on Tumblr than they are on the other sites.
  • I gave her her dark navy hair color because that is the color of Tumblr as well,
  • and I just generally tried to make it really cute uhm this trend of like these red round glasses
  • I've been noticing on Tumblr a lot just in the fashion blog so I decided to give her those as well.
  • Basically,
  • she's just the book smart nerd who's got a bit of a fashionable sense and
  • definitely has some activist leanings and I feel like that's a pretty good representation of what Tumblr is all about.
  • Next up is Instagram and I was really excited to do this one cuz' I had an actual
  • Idea for it right away when I was looking at the icon for Instagram.
  • So..
  • I decided to give her a sort of boxy sort of haircut and then cover one eye so you can only see one really round eye,
  • and then I gave her a little barrette that kind of looks like the viewfinder on the icon
  • and basically I just think I kind of turned her head into the camera icon of Instagram. So that was really fun,
  • I was very tempted to just try to make an amalgamation of all the most popular girls on Instagram
  • and make something more like that.
  • But instead I decided to go for-
  • I mean this isn't I'm not trying to make a video about the types of people on these apps
  • I'm trying to make literally if these apps were human beings, what would they be?
  • So that's why I went this angle instead. I did give her a little
  • umm..
  • Fluffy Starbucks drink because I feel like they're still very popular to Instagram about
  • umm..
  • so if she has her.. it's probably some kind of Frappuccino or something with whipped cream on it
  • Umm..and then I gave her a belt with the Instagram icon on
  • the buckle part, and I gave her high-waisted jeans and a crop top because I still think I mean that's been popular for
  • such a long time lately and-
  • well a long time lately, you know what I mean?
  • Hehe.. Umm..
  • So I gave her I gave her that style and then I gave her a
  • gradient like sort of ombre shirt that has the colors of the Instagram logo. I gave her a tan
  • um.. because I feel like that's more popular on Instagram
  • like I said tumblers for like freckly people with and Instagram's more for the the tan types as far as I can tell
  • um.. but.. uh..
  • yeah, I just tried to make her look really interesting and a lot like the shapes of the icon of the app itself
  • and sort of tried to fixate on that and
  • uh yeah, I think it turned out pretty good.
  • I also gave her these dark roots with the blonde because that is something I see really popular on Instagram as well.
  • So now that we have the whole team together here is all of their names. So on the left there is Instable,
  • In the middle is Tumblr Rina, which is actually like a mean name people call girls from Tumblr,
  • but uhm I'm taking it back and it's it's going to be her name and then of course Snap Cat, which I told you guys earlier.
  • Oh
  • I forgot to mention that there's a watch on Snap
  • Cat's wrist because uh she's always timing how long you seen the photo so that she can destroy it. Now
  • I want to show you guys a really cool way to keep your character designs organized and have information about each character
  • Uh..grouped together with the image of them.
  • So the easiest way to do this is actually on Wix uhm,
  • so I'm going to open up the website that I already made with them and I'm just going to add a page
  • uhm and so I'm doing this one for my character designs.
  • So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to make a little gallery with each of them and I'm gonna add in the
  • character designs from my consoles video as well
  • and..
  • basically, I'm just going to use Wix so that I can show the images of them and I really need orderly way and I can
  • add in all kinds of information like what their name is and details about their personality
  • so that anytime someone comes to my website they can look through all my original characters and see more information about them.
  • This is something that I love because I'm such a fan of character design and just drawing them is not enough for me
  • I like having information about them there, too
  • and if you're someone who's trying to make a comic, uh
  • or Webcomic, or an animation or any story based thing where you need information about your characters?
  • This is a great way to keep it all organized.
  • It can also build up hype for something that you're going to be working on
  • So like if you're going to be releasing a comic soon, but it's not ready yet
  • you can start releasing a little bits of information about your characters just to get the hype train going.
  • Um, so yeah, I really recommend this it's super easy
  • You just upload all the media that you want on the page and then you put it in a little gallery,
  • You can decide how it shows up. I decided to use this cool column system because then you can just see
  • Uhh..
  • perfectly cut out each character and then when you click on them, you can see the character and their face and information about them.
  • So I really liked how
  • organized and cute that ended up looking.
  • Let me know if you use this trick and how you like it. You can check out my website in the description
  • I'm gonna have a link to Wix so that you can do this yourself. And like I said, it's totally free. So yeah
  • Thank you so much to Wix for sponsoring the video
  • I hope you guys enjoyed it and that you enjoyed all these little characters designs,
  • let me know which one was your favorite: Instable, Snap Cat, or Tumblr Rinna.
  • Thank you so much for watching till the end and I will see you again very soon.
  • Big thank you to my patrons including Scott Petersen, Christy Stewart, in a movie artsy moose Elizabeth, Alvin Capone,
  • Cameo Sparkle, Hinoki vixx ahthe, Ali Nick, Osama, Hope chilsen, Abreanna Tracer, Maniac, Mica Dr
  • Luke amore, Matthew Khun, Kay blep Sergeant pendulum, Lena Christine Baba green, taka, lovely, mystic, and Jojo very voice TJ
  • TJ blehblablehbe and Addy visual!
  • (Outro Music!)

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