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Hi! I'm Idunn :)
Welcome to my channel with only new original DIY projects!

Shortly about my DIYs and crafts:
I love to invent and create useful and beautiful DIY projects out of things everybody has at home (or they are easy to find and are cheap to buy). I love to find new unexpected uses of ordinary stuff and turn it into something cute and functional. And I love to recycle and upcycle old or useless things into helpful and adorable.

Shortly about me:
I'm passionate about: Art, Animal rights, Ecology, Space
Interests: New technologies, Video games, Virtual reality, Sci-Fi
What do I believe in: Peace, Amazing future, Eternity of Art
What I love: World, My country, Winter, Renaissance art, Futurism, Surrealism, The Beatles' music, Mozart's music, Shakespeare's plays, British humor, Star Trek, sweet black coffee :)
How I spend my free time: Taking care of animals in the shelter, which I and my boyfriend sponsor.
My birthday: October 1st