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We can't believe this was 9 YEARS AGO❣

Creddie Kiss | On This Day

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Anyone catch the Peruvian Puff Pepper reference

iCarly Spaghetti Taco Food Fight

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Remember when Sam RIGHTFULLY beat up Zeebo?

Zeebo on iCarly

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you're lying if you say you've never wanted to try spaghetti tacos

iCarly님이 게시한 사진

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Honestly upset about all the guacamole Carly wasted

Carly Kisses...Nevel?!

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We'd buy our pear phone from Sam

Carly Hits on Pear Store "Genius"

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A flashlight costume is very merry indeed

iCarly Christmas

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Pj Acioli
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rule number 1: NEVER make a bet with Sam

Sam and Freddie make a Bet

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A media conglomerate hiding their leader's frozen head? We'd believe it

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Leave it all to us cause we're gonna make it shine!

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