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This is it guys—VERY LAST DAY for the chance to join me for dinner and some incredible wine tasting! Support ISF and make sure to ENTER before time runs out: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Please help me to put my beloved foundation Ian Somerhalder Foundation in a position to build the next generation of humanity to be the generation that changes the course of history. Let’s save our oceans, protect our...
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This is it guys—your hairy, I mean VERY LAST CHANCE to join me for dinner and some incredible wine tasting! I can’t wait to crush grapes with you. Support the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and make sure to ENTER before time runs out: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#ISF Omaze

LAST CHANCE to enter!!!

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This could be you and a friend...Let’s hang out and have some wine! Enter Now!!! Every donation supports the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Go to [ Omaze.com Link ] and I hope to see you there!

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Up for a delicious dinner and some wonderful wine tasting? We can chat about everything from my vampire past to my wine future. Best of all, every donation supports our work at the Ian Somerhalder Foundation! ENTER for your chance to win: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Monika Dominkovits
My FRIEND! Check this out it is FUN! Big news! I’ve teamed up with Omaze again to give a lucky fan and their friend the chance to join me for some incredible wine tasting and a delicious dinner at one of my favorite spots. We’ve got the flights and hotel all covered. Support ISF and enter to win: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Wine tasting with me??????????

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So excited&grateful that Ian Somerhalder Foundation has partnered with #fabfitfunpartner on the 2019 Spring box! This box is valued at over $200 but you're only paying $39.99 with my code!
You can use my code “ SPRINGSPOILER ” for $10 off your first box at
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25 years old... Whoa. The Roaring Twenties has several meanings.
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Injustice against women happens all over the world, including the United States. We believe in change through the power of storytelling.

I recently had the chance to meet Halimah Tariq, a young lawyer turned filmmaker due to her experience with ConnectHer and ISF. Halimah’s latest film, Fatima, exposes the difficult working conditions of female brickmakers in the kilns around Lahore,...
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Are you coming to see me in my home town of New Orleans this SATURDAY at @wizardworld ? Come see me and take a photo-have a laugh. See you this Saturday? Come to my Ian Somerhalder Foundation booth too!

A few other cool and fun things Louisiana:
Wizard World and Boutique du Vampyre are proud to offer fans a private event at a secret French Quarter Vampire Speakeasy!
Tickets Include:
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Do you miss these guys on weekly basis..?
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