I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.

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I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.
I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own. thumb I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own. thumb I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own. thumb


  • Here we have it: all of my red art supplies that I meticulously picked off
  • of their shelves and out of their individual containers
  • but let's not focus on the negative
  • hehe
  • today we're going to be drawing something using every
  • single red art supply that I own
  • so let's get to it!
  • if you've seen one of my previous videos where I draw with only one color
  • of all of my art supplies
  • (that was a terrible way to say that)
  • but yeah
  • you know the drill
  • on the Left I have all of the red art supplies that I have yet to use and as I
  • use them I will move them to the right side of the screen so you can see that I
  • indeed do use every single red art supply that I own
  • when using a bunch of
  • different art supplies it's always important to swatch them out especially
  • when all of there colors are similar or when they're all one color
  • but you'll notice
  • when you swatch them out that even though all these colors are all one
  • color they don't all look the same
  • some have cooler tones, some have warmer tones,
  • some are lighter, some are darker, some are opaque, some are transparent - so
  • swatch your art supplies
  • ...folks ---- (that sounded lame)
  • I will have all the supplies that I use today linked
  • in the description below or at least mentioned
  • including the paper but the
  • first art supply that I'll be using today is this scarlet red Col-Erase
  • colored pencil - because we're sketching out an idea right? and I have a lot of
  • art supplies but not a lot of them are erasable in fact only one of them is
  • erasable: the col-erase pencil (which is why I'm using it) haha yay! explanations
  • are fun right?
  • so the Col-Erase pencil is cool because it has an eraser and
  • it's a colored pencil and you can erase it so it's basically a pencil but it's
  • colored so that's fun.
  • now when I do these challenges where I use a single
  • color I like to come up with an idea that makes me think of that color, or
  • come up with an idea that that color makes me think of would be a better way
  • to say that - so for this one I kept thinking "what's red?" and I kept seeing a stop sign
  • and so I did a bunch of thumbnails and I tried to come up with other red things
  • but it just really wasn't clicking and I remember like oh you know the
  • 'fiery redhead' stereotype kind of thing and I saw the stop sign and I thought
  • why don't I play around with that idea just a little bit here and I've decided
  • to draw basically, I don't know if any of you are playing that game Jet Set Radio
  • Future, but it used to be one of my favorite games - and the premise is that
  • it's a group of teenagers you know who are -- actually...some of them might have even
  • been adults --- but anyway they're graffiti artists and they spray graffiti all over
  • town and you know you have to spray a bunch of graffiti everywhere and then
  • there's like rival gangs and they spray over your graffiti and then you have to
  • go around and spray over their graffiti which is sprayed over your graffiti and
  • it's just - you know - it's just a lot of that - anyway I was thinking of that and I
  • wanted to draw a character running a stop sign so maybe this
  • character doesn't really follow the rules, and when I started thinking about
  • that I thought ooh maybe they just sprayed some graffiti and they're
  • running from the cops so I-I drew someone pole-vaulting basically - no, not
  • pole vaulting,
  • is that what its called.... in gymnastics? when you....no
  • ...
  • it's just the vault! okay so I
  • drew a girl vaulting over a stop sign that's kind of like bent so maybe she's
  • from a side of town that isn't as well-kept so a sign got hit by a car
  • maybe three years ago and it's still bent over like that and she's just
  • hopping it so I just I liked the mental idea of a girl or a character it doesn't
  • have to be a girl a character jumping over a stop sign so ignoring the rules
  • basically and you know that's that's where the idea came from so everything
  • it was basically spawned off of that and even though I have a terrible way of
  • explaining it I feel like I knew what I was doing when I was doing it and so
  • yeah - then I moved on to this Copic /coh-pick/ marker or is it Copic? /cah-pick/
  • ah......
  • it's the color r29
  • or lipstick red but when i swatched it out i thought it looked like the exact
  • color of a stop sign so i decided to color the stop sign with it
  • now the letters
  • the S, T, O, and the P which spell the words stop I didn't want to be red and I
  • didn't even want it to be pink like I wanted it solid white so I had to be
  • very careful not to draw over the letters because obviously I'm only
  • using red art supplies and I don't have a white art supply so I'm gonna have to
  • like use the color of the paper for that so that was what I was thinking about
  • when I was coloring that in with Copic marker -
  • next up I use the GoldfaberAqua
  • Faber Castell watercolor pencil - I'm kind of fond of the way I
  • used this I basically just traced over the sketched lines that I had made with
  • the col-erase pencil and then I went in with a wet brush and just stayed within
  • those lines and filled in the area that would make up the metal part of the stop
  • sign and I really liked the way that looked and it's much lighter so I'm
  • using a red color but in getting a very light tone because I'm adding so much
  • water to it and that's how I'm going to be able to hopefully add some contrast
  • to this piece and since I liked the way that was looking so much I decided to
  • add in the brick texture with this same pencil so it's a water color pencil but
  • I'm drawing in all of the shapes of the brick that would be the background and
  • then when I have all those shapes in I go in with the paint brush that has
  • water on it and I'm filling in all the spaces between the brick to kind of fill
  • it in with like the grout you know the cement stuff and I really like the way
  • that it looks because it's not like super filled in with color it's just
  • sort of like blurring the edges a little bit and I think it really really helped
  • with what I was going for
  • so I like that
  • and I've never used watercolor pencils
  • that way before so you learn something new every day
  • then I use this dr. pH
  • Martin's Bombay India ink in the color 'bright red' and I love these India inks
  • just the color and the pigment that you get and I decided to use this for the
  • base layer of her red hair - I also colored in a couple of the bricks in the
  • background and some of the graffiti
  • that's going to be something that you'll
  • notice that I'll keep doing I like using a bunch of different red art supplies to
  • color in the bricks that way each of the bricks is kind of like a different color
  • and it adds more texture to the background and the bricks don't seem
  • like they're all just the exact same red color -- then I used my other dr. pH
  • Martin's India ink this time in the color 'just red' it's actually not called
  • 'just right' it's 'red' {giggle} and this is a much more potent um like vibrant red color
  • and I used this the color in some more of the graffiti as well as her shirt I
  • wanted to give her that like Raglan baseball tee kind of shirt texture which
  • I always wanted when I was younger my favorite - anyway I also colored in her
  • boots with that same red color and I really really like that it's almost
  • listen colors the lipstick red Copic but it's a little bit Pinker
  • you see that?
  • look at us we're getting so like.... I was gonna say critical but I wanted to mean
  • like an art critic - is there like an adjective for that? - but look at us!
  • we're like learning our colors! we're seeing the difference between a bunch of
  • different red colors - pretty cool!
  • so next up I used this water color right there
  • and Id tell you what color it is but I don't really know - I know it's the st.
  • Petersburg White Nights watercolor set and I took these two reddish colors out
  • of there but I didn't label them so I'm not entirely sure which ones they are
  • if we have any watercolor experts or people with a really good eye let me know which
  • color you think this is
  • is it Carmine? or Madder Lake Red light? because
  • I need to put them away and I really don't know which spot to put them in
  • leave your guesses in the comments below there'll be a prize... there won't be a
  • prize. what you do you want a prize? wait there's no right answer but I'll
  • give you all prize you want all a prize? okay! how about some liner-art? I'll give you
  • a coloring page: free coloring page! check the link in the description,
  • see if I actually did it
  • next up we use this ultra fine sharpie and I added some
  • lines to a few of the elements like the stop sign and that can of paint
  • apparently that's it
  • this is the Derwent drawing pencil in
  • the color 'Ruby Earth' and I really really like the color of this pencil because
  • it's red but it's like so dark red that it's almost brown and I was able to use
  • this to add some more contrast in the colors like right now I'm using you know
  • red obviously but they're all very similar in tone like there aren't really
  • a whole lot of light colors and there aren't really a whole lot of dark colors
  • but with this pencil I get to go closer to the darker end of the spectrum and I
  • can use that to outline some things and give more contrast or more attention to
  • the elements that I want to be standing out in this illustration - in particularly
  • the graffiti and I also added a pretty dark heavy shadow behind the main
  • character because I wanted all of those things to really stand out
  • oooh! I'm excited
  • about this one this is the Copic marker in the color R21 or sardonyx
  • I used this and blended it out to like the white color for the graffiti and
  • added this really really cool
  • I'd call it like graffiti effect because it
  • literally looks like some of the graffiti that I was looking up for
  • reference and the way that the color fades out to another color and adds like
  • that gradient - this is also one of the lightest red colors that I own so I used
  • it to add a little bit of blush and shading to her skin
  • moving on to my Ohuhu marker collection this is the color 15
  • I wish Ohuhu still put color names on their markers, numeral names
  • just bore me but I use this to outline the character kind of as a lineart but
  • obviously a lot thicker because my Ohuhu markers don't have a brush tip there's a
  • chisel nib on one end and a bullet nib on the other and I also added some
  • elements to the graffiti because I realized this color looked exactly like
  • the watercolor that had used the color in the graffiti that says 'red' then I
  • used this Crayola crayon in the color
  • you guessed it
  • red!
  • now whenever I do one
  • of these all color challenges the crayon is the one that I just wish that I've
  • thrown them away by now because they just don't really go well with whatever
  • I'm trying to draw but with this one I thought that texture would come in handy
  • since I'm drawing a brick background and bricks are bumpy like the crayon texture
  • so I tried to use that to color in some of the bricks but again realize that I
  • really don't like Crayola crayons so I moved on to these Ohuhu fine-liners
  • these don't have any color names either
  • but I use them both to do basically the same thing since their colors are so
  • very similar I just made sure that I switched them out halfway through then I
  • used the other water color again don't know what color it was
  • leave your guesses in the comments
  • please I'm depending on you
  • anyway I used this to add a really distant dark shadow behind the
  • character because I felt like the stop sign and the girl were really still
  • blending in with that background and I wasn't a huge fan of that happening so I
  • used this color to add in that shadow and at first it was like way too dark so
  • then I tried to lighten it up with paper towel but it had already dried pretty
  • fast I think it's because I'm using such thick absorbent paper but I still really
  • like the effect it's a much Pinker color than I was expecting
  • neither of my swatches for either carmine or Madder Lake Red
  • red deep... light? whatever? hehe look like that which again is adding to this conundrum!
  • one of my newer art supplies in my collection the Crayola signature
  • brush markers
  • I really like the pigment of these and the brush tip obviously I
  • used this to color in her shorts which I can only describe this color as like
  • fire-engine red it's just gorgeous I love it - I also colored in the hat
  • and I added some details to the graffiti and colored in a couple bricks
  • then I used this red Crayola colored pencil to color in a couple bricks and
  • that was it
  • this is the Ohuhu acrylic paint marker and I think it's a really
  • underrated art supply I really like it, I use it to decorate like wrapping paper and
  • presents and stuff but it's just a very opaque paint shoved inside a marker and
  • then you apply it with a little foam nib it's like great I love it
  • this is the manuscript Cali creative dual tip pen-thing - it's a chisel
  • on one end and fine point on the other and honestly the art supplies were
  • starting to feel a little redundant here but I managed to use the chisel nib to
  • add a little shadows under some of the bricks like some of them are like
  • poking through a little farther you know? and then I actually flip it over and use
  • the fine point to add texture to some of these bricks you know that texture I was
  • looking for from the crayon but it didn't really work so I added just a bunch
  • of little polka dots here and there on the bricks and I really like the way
  • that looks now - this is the Copic marker in the color R24 or 'Prawn'
  • how can you
  • say the word 'Prawn' without like sounding snobbish? hehe
  • anyway I used this to color in
  • a couple bricks and then fill in that whole bottom section of the like the
  • cement that I mentioned earlier - I thought that drawing felt a little
  • top-heavy and then filling in that little section really helped even it out
  • a bit - next up these are two of my red Art-n-Fly
  • markers - one is the color 'R5' and one is the color 'R2' ...d2 nice to meet ya!
  • hehe...that's not funny is it?
  • I used the darker one 'R2' to add to that shadow behind the character
  • because I'm constantly battling myself trying to get her to stand out from the
  • background so yeah continuing that battle with that marker and I also added
  • graffiti to the back of the ground.... background but I realized I drew the
  • power logo upside-down and slanted and it just looked like the
  • letter Q.... this isn't Sesame Street so I had to finaggle that one around trying to get
  • it look a little better - I had to get out of my trusty white gel pen and try to
  • like color in little sections to make it look like brick again and like color
  • over my mistake - okay so this is the Krink marker, in like a chubby super
  • chubby paint marker that's what I like to call it and a lot of you guys
  • mentioned last time I used one of these thay these are actually used by like
  • actual graffiti artists that's like their go-to marker, I just decided to fix
  • the power graffiti mark and then add another one
  • because... I mean... I needed to add a smiley face graffit... like the background obviously
  • wasn't busy enough
  • but I just really couldn't find a way to use this marker
  • to really show its potential so I moved on to the next art supply which
  • happened to be this red Chalkola marker - now these are really cool because
  • they're actually meant for like dry erase marker boards and like you know
  • that's their function but they have a bit of a chalky texture to them and they're very
  • opaque so you can actually use them in like your mixed-media drawings and draw
  • over mistakes or also I drew over like the power of graffiti logo because this
  • colored lighter than like the Krink so it actually kind of added this two-tone
  • texture - my 24th and 25th art supply of the drawing are these two Ohuhu
  • alcohol-based markers and I used mostly the bullet nib for these two like adding
  • some detail to the graffiti I really like the way adding like that really
  • weird thin line to the top of the word "cool" even though it looks like it says
  • "COO" ... anyway hehe
  • and I added some like darker shading to like the character and still
  • trying to make her stand out more but I don't really fix that til the very end
  • so stay tuned - oh and then I used '14' to add some texture to that bottom section
  • of the drawing just like dots and strokes just make it look less clean
  • next up I'm not entirely sure where this art supply came from but it's a
  • Magic Marker
  • in the color 'blood-red' and this inspired me, I added little bruises
  • and like scrapes on her knees - she's a little scrapper you know? she
  • likes to defend herself so it's gonna result in probably a couple bruises and
  • scraped knees and she doesn't really have a mommy to give her a kiss he and a
  • band-aid so they're just out there in the open ready to get infected - then I
  • used an art supply I'm sure you all are pretty familiar with the crayola marker
  • in the color 'red' hehe - and I just use this to add little details here and there - this
  • is the Pigma Brush, it's kind of like a micron, but it's got a brush nib -
  • yeah, I know! never would have believed it
  • but it's in the color red so I have to use it and
  • I use this to add some more details to like her hair add a little bit of like
  • curly bits and other like little details here and there - oh this thing is cool this
  • is the Stabilo CarbOthello Pencil it's kind of like drawing with like a
  • charcoal? - like it feels like you're drawing in sand but it's like leaving
  • pigment on the paper because you're obviously drawing on paper - but it's super
  • pigmented and opaque and I just I really like using it and it's on the darker
  • side of the red spectrum so I can use it to fix some mistakes like make the word
  • 'power' really stand out or like the rest of the graffiti you know? those parts
  • that are late a little 'blarbyl now they're coming into focus!
  • this is one of the only faber castell polychromos that I own - so better get to
  • useing it - this one's also on the darker side of the red spectrum so I'm using it
  • to outline some more of that character and trying to really make them pop and I
  • also used it for like shading the back leg or shading underneath the stop sign
  • because that was looking a little too pink - I also used it to kind of like
  • grunge up the stop sign because it really had been hit by a car I don't
  • think it would look brand new
  • right?
  • this pencil might look kind of
  • boring but it's actually a metallic colored pencil so it's got a bit of
  • a shimmer to the lead when you apply it to paper and so I kind of tried to use
  • this to shine up like the graffiti but I really didn't dig it so...I kind of didn't do
  • much with this one (like instead of coloring a whole lot I just used it to
  • add a band-aid to her knee, hehe)
  • this is the Artline 220 superfine pen, its size 0.2
  • - which is probably the smallest red fine liner that I own so this was really
  • cool for adding like some details to her face - I'd already done her face so I kind
  • of wish I had waited until now to do that but you know ya live and you learn - I was
  • even able to add like the little dots on a band-aid with this
  • that's that's how tiny the point is
  • I've got 2 Ohuhu dual-tip brush pens here in
  • the color red and I've kind of just used these because I had to [giggle] and it might have
  • been to my detriment, I used one to shade like the knee and like the behind leg to
  • kind of throw it farther into the background but that's probably bad idea
  • and then he also added like shadow underneath her bum there
  • this is the
  • marabou fineliner color graphics fine liner
  • (that's a mouthful)
  • and I used this
  • to add some more details to like her shoes and other little bits and bobs
  • there trying to improve upon the piece I'm not really being very successful hehehe
  • oh!!!!
  • we've made it to the end, it's my final art supply!!! this is the Hoelbein
  • Ccrylic Gouache in the color 'carmine' and I saved this for last because I knew
  • gouache is opaque so I thought I could use it to like fix mistakes you know but
  • all I ended up doing was just adding blobs... to like the graffiti and darkening
  • up the little ledge down at the bottom or adding some more color to like the
  • one graffiti's outline - I didn't end up really using this one much and then when
  • I took a step back I realized this piece was really looking like a big red blob
  • and I guess I should have expected it I'm only using all red art supplies but
  • like there wasn't really enough contrast here and I needed to play with it a
  • little bit more I needed to fix this and what this piece was missing was some
  • more light tones and so I decided to make the executive decision to cheat a
  • little bit here - the paper's whites, so it's not like, *whispers* its fine, fine, its fine
  • but I use this Posca pen and I
  • outlined the entire character now this isn't very realistic and you probably
  • wouldn't see this IRL like a girl jumping over a stop sign with the bricks
  • behind her and she has this beautifully perfect white outline around her but you
  • do see it in illustrations so
  • you see it in my illustrations anyway
  • and I think
  • this really helped pull her out from the background I do think it made her look a
  • little bit like a sticker but I'll take sticker over blob any day
  • so this is my
  • finished result this is what happens when I use every single one of my red
  • art supplies
  • I actually really like it I think it's
  • the pose and like the action of it and I've been really leaning towards drawing
  • things that have like a story behind them and I've realized that's really
  • what I like I like drawing characters that are alive and have done something
  • and are gonna go do something you know like they're not just stiff mannequins
  • okay and I'm really happy with that like I think it needs work obviously there's
  • always things to improve upon and I'm glad there is or art would probably get
  • really boring so: yay for not being perfect! and yay for kind of sucking! if
  • we were judging it on like the cool scale I'd probably give it a 'coo' hahaha anyway
  • I want to thank you guys for watching I hope you all have the most delicious
  • evening full of waffles, BYE!!

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I have really enjoyed doing these 'one color' challenges. Putting the art supplies away?...not so much. hehe But thanks for clicking on another one, I hope you enjoy! I had fun coming up with an illustration that told more of a story than my usual: "pretty girl, looking slightly to the left" drawings. Oh, and there is a background! :O


Strathmore Mixed Media Paper: https://amzn.to/2G9lgjt
01 Prismacolor Col-erase Colored Pencil (Scarlet): https://amzn.to/2sRwkdl
02 Copic Sketch Marker - R29 (Lipstick Red): https://amzn.to/2CUsfKa
03 Faber-Castell GoldfaberAqua: https://amzn.to/2Sg8dmM
04 Dr PH Martin's Bombay India Ink (Bright Red): https://amzn.to/2To4P6Y
05 Dr PH Martin's Bombay India Ink (Red): https://amzn.to/2To4P6Y
06 St. Petersburg White Nights Watercolor (Carmine???): https://amzn.to/2FVonwl
07 Ultra Fine Sharpie
08 Derwent Pencil (Ruby Earth)
09 Copic Sketch Marker - R21 (Sardonyx)
10 Ohuhu Alcohol Based Marker (15): https://amzn.to/2CNFqwg
11 Crayola Crayon (red)
12 Ohuhu Fineliner https://amzn.to/2MSlvjL
13 Ohuhu Fineliner https://amzn.to/2MSlvjL
14 St. Petersburg White Nights Watercolor (Madder Lake Red Light?): https://amzn.to/2FVonwl
15 Crayola Signature Brushmarker (Red)
16 Crayola Colored-Pencil (Red)
17 Ohuhu Acrylic Paint Pen
18 Manuscript Callicreative Dual-Tip Pen
19 Copic Sketch Marker R24 (Prawn)
20 Art N Fly R2 https://amzn.to/2sUdrXf
21 Art N Fly R5 https://amzn.to/2sUdrXf
22 Krink Paint Marker: https://amzn.to/2SecJlR
23 Chalkola Chalk Marker: https://amzn.to/2G6UOqF
24 Ohuhu Alcohol Based Marker (11) https://amzn.to/2CNFqwg
25 Ohuhu Alcohol Based Marker (14) https://amzn.to/2CNFqwg
26 Magic Marker (Blood Red)
27 Crayola Magic Marker
28 Pigma Brush Pen (Red) https://amzn.to/2nHogcq
29 Stabilo CarbOthello Pencil
30 Faber-Castell PolyChromos Colored Pencil (Medium Cadium Red)
31 Pentallic Metallic Colored Pencil
32 Artline220 Superfine 0.2
33 Ohuhu Dual Tip Brush Pen https://amzn.to/2MMCTWV
34 Ohuhu Dual Tip Brush Pen https://amzn.to/2MMCTWV
35 Marabu Fineliner Color Graphix Fineliner
36 Hoelbein Acrylic Gouache (Carmine)
37 Posca Pen https://amzn.to/2Oy9Kiw

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