I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK!

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Apr 18, 2019


I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK!
I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK! thumb I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK! thumb I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK! thumb


  • - What would you do if someone took your favorite
  • Gucci shoes and ruined them with slime?
  • (dramatic music)
  • All right guys, so if you've been watching our channel,
  • you know that Evelyn recently did some shopping at Gucci,
  • and she got some beautiful Gucci shoes,
  • and she really likes them.
  • Like, I don't mean just, like, loves them,
  • but she, like, she just brings them everywhere!
  • She wears them so much!
  • We go to one place, she wears them.
  • We go to another place, she wears them.
  • It's like, crazy.
  • Even once, I saw her sleeping with them!
  • I mean, I think she loves them more than Mango.
  • - What?
  • - Remember, guys, a few weeks ago,
  • when she pranked me that she sold all
  • my favorite belongings on eBay?
  • It was crazy, and I actually believed it,
  • and my parents were in on it, too,
  • so I was going bananas actually thinking she did that.
  • She got me really good that time.
  • I don't know how long this prank was going to last,
  • but I need my revenge, and I'm in control now.
  • Over the past few days, I've been recording her
  • to show you guys how obsessed she is with these shoes,
  • and it's unbelievable.
  • She really loves them,
  • so I'm gonna show you guys some of the footage I got.
  • Okay, Evelyn is wearing her Gucci shoes,
  • and we're like, not even going anywhere.
  • Let me show you guys.
  • Hi, Evelyn.
  • Uh, where are you going?
  • - Nowhere.
  • - Then why are you wearing your Gucci shoes?
  • - Because I like them.
  • - Uh, okay.
  • - And why are you filming?
  • - We're just vlogging.
  • Okay, bye.
  • Guys, look who's wearing her favorite Gucci shoes.
  • Again, we're not even going anywhere,
  • she's just chilling and eating a snack,
  • playing on the computer, wearing her Gucci shoes.
  • Like, obsessed much?
  • I think she's talking to her shoes.
  • Uh, Evelyn, are you talking to your shoe?
  • Oh, okay.
  • - Why are you staring at me?
  • - Uh, I don't know, okay bye.
  • - [Evelyn] Bye!
  • - Okay, I'm gonna close the door.
  • Again, she's doing, like, nothing,
  • just cleaning and talking to her shoe,
  • which is quite weird,
  • and she hasn't even worn them out today!
  • Guys, guess what Evelyn's doing again?
  • She's wearing her Gucci shoes while she's watching TV.
  • Let me show you.
  • Uh, hi, Evelyn.
  • Whatchu doing?
  • - Watching TV.
  • - Yeah, but why are you wearing your Gucci shoes
  • while you're watching TV?
  • - Jealous.
  • - No, I'm not.
  • - I'm just saying.
  • Why do you keep on questioning my shoes?
  • Are you trying to steal them?
  • Because you might be too small.
  • - No, I'm not trying to steal them,
  • it's just you're wearing them,
  • like, all the time, and it's, like, weird.
  • You have other shoes, you're gonna stink these ones up.
  • - Well, I cleaned them, and they're comfortable, so ...
  • - Let's see what Evelyn's up to.
  • Uh, you're brushing your teeth and wearing your Gucci shoes?
  • - Yeah, so?
  • - Did you take a shower in those?
  • - Of course not! I took them off.
  • There's no way I'm ruining these.
  • - Oh. Are you going out, then?
  • - No! They're comfortable!
  • Let me brush my teeth! Go brush your own teeth!
  • Get ready for bed!
  • - I already am.
  • Guys, she's taking this to another level,
  • which is so weird.
  • Who puts their shoes on just to brush their teeth?
  • I just went into her room to see if she was sleeping,
  • and guys, I gotta show you this,
  • I can't believe what I saw.
  • (mumbles)
  • I have to pick a perfect sign for this spring,
  • so let's see what we're going to be working with.
  • So here's all my slimes, a lot of them are sticky.
  • And I also have some here, but most of them are clear slime.
  • Okay, so I have this one, it's green, which is a good color.
  • Oh, yeah, I think this is a sticky one.
  • All of our slimes get melted,
  • because, because we live in Florida.
  • Yeah, this one's really sticky.
  • I have it all over my finger,
  • but we're just gonna have to wash my hands later.
  • I'll just close - oh, never mind.
  • Okay, there's this one, jelly bean paws.
  • It's a cloud form, so I don't know if this is gonna work.
  • Okay.
  • Take that off.
  • No, it's all over my finger, too.
  • It's barely rusty on the shoes,
  • so we're not gonna use that one.
  • Maybe this one?
  • Uh, I don't think so.
  • As you guys could see, it was like, stuck to the top.
  • What's this?
  • I have a store-bought slime.
  • We're gonna try that out,
  • because normally those are not sticky.
  • Oh yes, this is perfect.
  • It's not sticky at all,
  • and it's also like, thicker,
  • so it won't like, melt on the shoe.
  • Yes, this is good.
  • Okay, we're gonna use this one.
  • It's also a pretty good color.
  • So, yeah.
  • Okay, guys, I'm ready to prank Evelyn.
  • I have my ingredients.
  • Evelyn right now is out walking the dog with our mom,
  • and she left her Gucci shoes here for once.
  • I'm actually really surprised,
  • and that's why I'm going to do the prank now.
  • So I have slime, and I also have a plastic bag
  • because we're going to put the slime on the plastic bag
  • so we don't actually damage the shoe,
  • 'cause then I'll get in big trouble,
  • but then once she steps on it,
  • she'll actually think that it is on the shoe,
  • but it's not, it's on the plastic bag,
  • so she won't freak out,
  • and it'll just be stuck to her foot,
  • so it'll be, like, really weird.
  • I'm gonna go find the shoe before they come back,
  • because if they catch me,
  • I'm probably going to get in really big trouble,
  • so we have to hurry up and find her shoes.
  • I'm pretty sure they're in here.
  • Right there, of course, right on top of the box.
  • Okay guys, I got the shoe, I also untied it,
  • so I can put the plastic bag inside.
  • Make sure it covers everything.
  • Okay, there.
  • Okay, now I got the slime,
  • the slime is like super satisfying,
  • and it's really good, we have to put it in her shoe.
  • It's going.
  • Okay, it's all in, but it's not touching the shoe.
  • Okay, guys, so I put the slime in there,
  • and I really shoved it so she wouldn't see it
  • when she's putting her foot in,
  • and so that she would just like slide her foot in,
  • and not know the slime was in there,
  • so can you guys see the slime, it's really weird.
  • I can't wait to see when she comes back.
  • It's gonna be really exciting,
  • and she recently just cleaned the shoe.
  • We have to put it back so , right there.
  • Okay, now we're just gonna wait.
  • I'm gonna put it a little bit more in so she doesn't see it.
  • There, nice deep in there.
  • I need to put the camera in the room
  • so we can see her when she comes,
  • but also hide it so she doesn't get suspicious.
  • Okay, so I'm gonna put you right here,
  • and I'm really excited.
  • I can't wait to see her reaction.
  • I hope she puts her Gucci shoes on soon,
  • and I think they should be coming back any second now,
  • so I'm gonna leave you guys here,
  • and we're gonna wait for the reaction.
  • - Ewww! What's in my shoe?
  • What? Eww, what's this gross stuff?
  • Disgusting!
  • Emily, what did you do to my Gucci shoes?
  • Emily, you think this is funny?
  • - Yeah, it's hilarious.
  • - Ugh, I'm gonna get you for this!

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I RUINED My Sister's GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK!
It's time to get back at Evelyn for her pranking Emily and selling her favorite things on Ebay!

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