I opened a board game cafe!

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02:03   |   Apr 01, 2018


I opened a board game cafe!
I opened a board game cafe! thumb I opened a board game cafe! thumb I opened a board game cafe! thumb


  • (light music)
  • Hello everyone!
  • Happy Easter and April Fool's!
  • - No! You're not supposed to-- You can't open up with telling them that this is fake.
  • You've got to make it believable!
  • - But it's not fake. I really am opening a gaming café.
  • - Dude you just-- spoiler! You've got to build up to it.
  • - Oh, Okay, well.. um..
  • Uh.. hey guys!
  • With my recent milestone of 5 million subs,
  • I've decided to quit YouTube and open up a board gaming cafe in Toronto
  • More specifically Mississauga
  • How's that? - Good, good, yeah, They should believe that.. especially the quitting YouTube part
  • No one definitely has ever made that joke before.
  • - What else should I say?
  • - Hmm.. how about when it'll open?
  • - Oh, oh, right, right, um.. and it's open today!
  • Was that good? Cause I'm supposed to lie about it, right? Like, that's the whole point of April Fool's.
  • - Yeah, exactly. Good point.
  • So... yeah, I-- I guess that's it.
  • I'm opening a board game café.
  • Happy Easter!
  • (light music)
  • (cheers)

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