i never asked my dog to babysit but she does it anyways

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i never asked my dog to babysit but she does it anyways
i never asked my dog to babysit but she does it anyways thumb i never asked my dog to babysit but she does it anyways thumb i never asked my dog to babysit but she does it anyways thumb


  • Hello everyone! Just wanted to give big thanks for all the wishes for the birth of my second child :)
  • we are very grateful to be loved by so many people from all around the world. Thank you very much.
  • my dog babysits a new born baby
  • Wooyoo comes to say good morning as soon as my daughter wakes up everyday
  • 🐑 : awooo~
  • she’s telling me to sit down so she could say hello lol
  • Wooyoo guiding me to the sofa lol
  • 🐑 : go sit down!
  • 🐑 : I want to say hello!
  • Wooyoo finally gets to say good morning😊
  • 🐑 : xoxo💜
  • ***don’t worry. I cleaned her feet afterwards!
  • she’s happy now lol
  • dad’s dark circle is almost down to his neck from the lack of sleep
  • 🐕 : oh come on, don’t be so dramatic
  • 🐑 : I want to help, too..
  • Wooyoo re-visiting when the meal time is over
  • she lays and rests beside the baby
  • when daddy goes upstairs to put the baby in bed,
  • Wooyoo follows as well
  • Mocha couldn’t care less about the baby.. he just wants to go sleep lol
  • 🐑 : put her down daddy
  • 🐑 : I will watch her from now
  • she’s happy to be able to help
  • even Mocha is sticking around to watch the baby fall asleep
  • with Wooyoo’s tireless protection, my daughter was able to take a good nap
  • later that afternoon
  • my daughter woke up with an empty stomach
  • and of course Wooyoo is around to protect her as always
  • however..
  • Mocha kissed on the baby’s head
  • 👨🏻 : why did you put a hair gel on Onneu’s head?
  • 👩🏻 : you oldie! who uses gel nowadays lol
  • Mocha throws another bolus of gel on the head and runs lol
  • 🐕 : I’ve added a couple spoonful of poop scent in there
  • mommy is up in the bathroom to get rid of the Mocha gel
  • 🐕 : should’ve added just a spoonful
  • as bath time becomes longer, Wooyoo loses her patience
  • 🐑 : it’s all because of your poop gel
  • after seeing her sister, Wooyoo finally feels relieved
  • 🐑 : I was so worried..
  • 🐕 : want more?
  • 🐑 : are you breathing okay?
  • Thank you Wooyoo.. you can rest now♥︎

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hello everyone!

it's been a while! I hope you guys are doing well!

before I get into detail of today's video, I just wanted to give huge thanks to you guys for all the wishes and blessing for the birth of my daughter. I sincerely thank you very much.

A lot of you have requested for an update for Wooyoo and Mocha in relation to my daugher, Onneu (meaning kindness or meekness in English). for the past two weeks, I was able to collect some footages of Wooyoo and Mocha watching my new born daughter.

I feel like Wooyoo has matured more in the past three weeks than the entire 3 years of her life. she must have realized that Onneu is her new family member and therefore she must protect!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Thank you so much, as always!

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