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Missing the Campmates already? Find out what happened when they left the Jungle and crossed the bridge back to reality in the Coming Out show

Tonight. 9pm. ITV.

The Coming Out show

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Joanne French
Samantha Louise Woodward
Brenda Martyn
Cheryl Attwater
Marion Ashton
She thought she'd be the 'needy teenager' but she finished as the Queen of the Jungle! Here are Jacqueline's Jungle Predictions! #ImACeleb

I'm A Celeb: Jacqueline's Jungle Predictions

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Louisa Doyle
Fiona Mac
Megan Kay
Gillian Szczyrba
Hayley Freeman
Andy was one of the biggest #ImACeleb fans to enter the Jungle! Take a look at his Jungle Predictions #ImACeleb

I'm A Celeb: Andy's Jungle Predictions...

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Gillian Vyse
Jill Howell
Megan Gardner
Amy Kelly
Hayley Little
Laughing? During Trials? Take a look at some of Roman's Jungle Predictions #ImACeleb

I'm A Celeb: Roman's Jungle Predictions...

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Linda Carter
Olivia Lowndes
Vanessa De Diego
Rosie Wainfur
Jill Howell
Thanks for joining us Down Under for the past 3 weeks!

The Jungle has a brand new Queen... Congratulations to Jacqueline!
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Gillian Lisa Garriock
Ellen Sylvia Thorne
James Wigby
Nina Goodman
Lorraine Berwick
The moment Jacqueline found out you’d voted for her to become Queen of the Jungle!

I'm A Celeb: Jacqueline is Queen of the Jungle

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Miriam France
Deb Claydon
Caroline Usher
Patricia Owen Wooden
TeeJay Mac
The winner of I'm A Celeb 2019, and the brand new Queen of the Jungle is Jacqueline!
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Connie Graham Priestley
Sharon Padreddii
Bev Scott
Suzie Solomon
Sally Jones
He might not have won the crown, but he’s definitely won the hearts of the nation! The fantastic Andy has finished in second place
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Natalie Taylor
Jamie Allan
Ellie Tennant
June Hamill
Linda Iverson
Thanks for all the positivity, Andy. It's been VERY nice having you around

I'm A Celeb: A compilation of Andy's 'nicest' moments...

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Phillippa Waite
Carol Jones
Moira Shepherd
Lynne Elizabeth
Jamie Parry
Your votes mean Roman has finished in 3rd place! What a fantastic Campmate he's been
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Emma Hendry
Caitlin Broad
Claire Mitchell
Roydon Matthews
Ellen Duckett