I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER seen SO MANY SUPERCARS - GOODWOOD 2019 [English Subtitles]

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Jul 23, 2019


I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER seen SO MANY SUPERCARS - GOODWOOD 2019 [English Subtitles]
I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER seen SO MANY SUPERCARS - GOODWOOD 2019 [English Subtitles] thumb I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER seen SO MANY SUPERCARS - GOODWOOD 2019 [English Subtitles] thumb I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER seen SO MANY SUPERCARS - GOODWOOD 2019 [English Subtitles] thumb


  • I can't believe it
  • a Lambor...
  • Hello everyone and welcome to this new video
  • I am inside Michelin's stand in one of the biggest festivals in the world dedicated to vehicles, which is the Goodwood Festival...in England, for those who may not know it
  • I'm here because I was invited by Michelin themselves to have a look around here and to see some...crazy vehicles
  • and in today's video I will talk about the most incredible cars, and not only cars, that I've seen in this amazing festival
  • and without going that far I went down from there to here, in our stand we already have a car that made me lose my head
  • the new Koenigsegg Jesco
  • ...Ye..Yesko, Gesco?
  • Look at what a thing the rear wing is, carbon rims
  • how beautiful is that? Do you realize that we're talking about almost 1.600HP for 1400KG
  • 125 produced, sold out even before going on sale
  • 2,8 million dollars
  • Back here then we have a car that sooner or later I'll have to drive in my life, I'm saying it, it's not that I want, I must
  • we're talking about Formula-E
  • How cool is that
  • And there is the type of car that I absolutely prefer
  • I mean, the one for which I would give anything to drive, I don't know why, but for me this car has an incredible beauty
  • I never saw it in real life
  • The incredible thing is how much small the cockpit is
  • I mean, the idea of managing to get in there from this door gives me a really weird feeling
  • and then it's even fairly small, I imagined it bigger by looking at the images, and one of the things that fascinates about this car is seeing it..
  • filthy, I mean, this is the car that just finished the 24H (of Le Mans), it's beautiful
  • this is, together with Formula 1, my biggest dream in terms of cars to drive, I will manage it someday
  • Another car I always loved is the NSX, how beautiful is it
  • it's so cool, excuse me, do you have the key?
  • - no we don't have the key, we don't have the key
  • Look then how it's made behind, we have the trunk and then the engine, in sight like that, how cool is that?
  • Not only cars, there's also motorbikes, and I was looking at this and I was asking myself what kind of motorbike it was because...
  • then you look at the engine, and this one doesn't have pistons
  • basically it's an electric motorbike which races in the TT
  • Ok, but how is the festival structured? So, by looking at the map, it doesn't look that big
  • then you start visiting it, and you say...
  • you say wow, but there's still that piece there, then you look and you say "wow, there's still that piece there"
  • It's so nice how British people come like that and randomly say hello,
  • Fact is that, since this morning I did 10.744 steps, and I saw half of it
  • Basically there's this area here, where there are all the main stands of the various brands, of the manufacturers, I don't know, there's Honda, Toyota, Michelin, Mercedes, etc etc
  • As you may hear from the crazy noise,
  • back there there's the track, where all day there are cars that go up and down, and just by seeing them your blood pressure increases, imagine hearing them
  • and then on the other side there there's the paddock, in which there are all those cars and you can see them live, so we're talking about
  • supercars, hypercars, Formula 1, historical Formula 1, racing cars, prototypes
  • Then on that side which we will see later, there's the supercar paddock by Michelin
  • There are the hospitality, there are test areas, I mean, it's immense
  • How big is this, look at the tire
  • Holy cow, how do you manage to get on here, guys it's enormous
  • Imagine if they release that car now, what becomes of that guy down there?
  • Ok, maybe he understood the risk and he's going away
  • But now I'll go there. How did they manage to put it up there in your opinion?
  • This is the electric car with which Luca Salvadori did the race in Rome, the Jaguar I-Pace
  • Now with this bridge we're going over the track and we're going on the other side
  • Look at the genius by the way, four lanes, two for who's going this side, and two for who's going that side, so there's no people who hits you on the bridge, smart
  • look at how cool is this...monument, can you call it that? This giant thing and the car is there.
  • How the heck did they manage putting a car up there?
  • Oh yeah
  • It's time for lunch, this is the mega super ultra VIP hospitality, where we can eat like crazy
  • but I still didn't show you who's with me
  • - Hello to everyone, I'm concentrated, sorry
  • - ongoing qualifications
  • Right, there's the MotoGP qualifications and out there is the hillclimb race
  • because you have to know that in this weekend...oh
  • ...they gave us something but I don't know what it is, I'll look at it later.
  • You have to know that in this megafestival,
  • there's also a full-fledged race, see? There's the track out there, and now motorbikes are riding
  • This morning they did a parade and now they're doing the real hillclimb, so all the cars that you see there in the paddock,
  • Formula 1, GT, historical cars, Nascar
  • I mean, anything then goes there to do the time trial
  • Mamma Mia the vehicles and the sounds
  • It's beautiful, I spent a hour sitting there to watch, and I would have stayed another hour if didn't have to go around to continue this video
  • And then there's the arena
  • an area where they do crazy things, stuntman shows, sideways, wheelies, people flying
  • and there was Ken Block before
  • And now we're in the Michelin Supercar Paddock
  • the name itself says what it is: it's an area full of supercars
  • like if the rest of Goodwood wasn't full of supercars
  • Mother of God the Senna, how beautiful is it
  • By now you probably realized that the Zonda R is maybe my favorite car
  • but I have a bit too many favorite cars to be honest
  • Oh my what color is that? I want to paint the Opel like that
  • You know what Goodwood's real problem is?
  • It's that there's so many cars
  • So crazy
  • that after a bit, I mean, you feel disoriented, drunk, I mean
  • seeing supercars starts to become so normal that if now I saw a Punto from 2001 like my old one
  • it would feel like seeing a Ferrari on the road
  • I mean, there's no low end car in all of this
  • and they're so many, that I would need to make 20 videos like this to show them all
  • And do you want to know what the crazy thing is?
  • it's that I yet have to go in the paddock, in which there are even crazier cars
  • And this McLaren Senna made out of Lego?
  • It's entirely made out of Legos
  • Hey that's a Nascar! I drove that
  • That's also a Nascar
  • I also drove it!
  • But I don't know if these are Euro Nascar or American Nascar, but the sound's that one
  • and finally we arrived in the paddock, which is a full-fledged paddock, like the ones that are in any race
  • and there's the really....
  • top cars
  • That's the brake, it has the Mario Brake (Freno a Mario, a pun, handbrake is freno a mano in Italian)
  • Guys, there's way too many, I don't know what to do
  • do you realize that they're all, all
  • racing cars, supercars, prototypes, hypercars, is that an indycar?
  • I'm completely confused I swear
  • Mother of God the 312T
  • no I can't believe it, there's still another paddock. The one I saw was only a part
  • No, they go on forever
  • I mean there are cars of which I didn't even......know the existence
  • but I'm not talking about models, I'm talking about the category type, racing class
  • When I used to play on the Playstation i always picked her, always
  • I beg you I want to see a normal car, any kind
  • Audi R8...
  • Lamborghini I don't know which model, Audi RS6, Jaguar F-Type
  • Jaguar I don't know which anymore, McLaren something, for f**k's sa...there's also Batman's car
  • I can't believe it
  • And it's not a joke like..like the 840D, it's really Batman's car
  • I beg you, let me see a Punto, a Golf, a Clio, a car with which you go buy groceries,
  • McLaren, Aston Martin, Maserati, another Jaguar, Porche, Porche, Porche, PORCHE, oh my God!
  • No...
  • A Focus RS guys, an almost normal car, I can't believe it
  • I mean, this is the most normal car that I managed to find in the entirety of Goodwood, can you believe it?
  • I mean, all the cars you see around here
  • are all supercars, but not the ones exhibited, I think these are the cars of who came here to watch the exhibition, I don't understand anything anymore
  • The umpteenth McLaren, the umpteenth R8, the umpteenth Lamborghini, an ordinary Ferrari, a Lambor...
  • Aventador....I'm not impressed anymore anyways
  • No more Porches, no more Lamborghinis, no more McLarens, no more Jaguars
  • a GT3RS...
  • oh, a Lotus
  • Stop with Porche Gt...2RS
  • I mean, do you see how many Formula 1 Ferrari are here? Let's count them
  • 1, 2, 3, 4...5, 6, 7, 8...9!
  • and we didn't include the historical ones we saw back there, and I'm not talking about Ferrari,
  • I'm talking about Formula 1 Ferrari
  • The amazing Brown GT with the double diffuser which played everyone
  • Well well well, and after realizing that putting my elbow on the ground on a motorbike that's standing still on the easel is a mess,
  • because there's no G force which hold you up, so you fall,
  • the video finishes in this spectacular Goodwood
  • second day, sweater because of course it's raining, I recorded most of the videos yesterday because there was the sun
  • I want to deeply thank Michelin for inviting me to participate in this event of which I always heard about but In never had the chance to view
  • ...I forgot my bag
  • I have only two cameras on the bag
  • I was saying, thank you Michelin,
  • Thank you people for watching this video
  • and now, I'll go drink some hot tea
  • bye bye!

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I've never seen so many supercars. Goodwood 2019. A guest of Michelin, for the first time in my life I attended one of the most important events in Europe in terms of cars and supercars. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, from Formula 1 to classic cars. Incredible cars at Goodwood 2019, here are just a few.
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