I have an incredible opportunity to buy a large variety of canned food to feed feral cats, their kittens, plus sick and injured cats in foster care. The donor will sell me the unlimited food for HALF PRICE, but for ONE DAY ONLY! To give people incentive to give generously, I will be MATCHING DONATIONS, dollar for dollar, so that we can buy twice the food!!! Canned food for sick, injured and feral cats is ESPECIALLY important as it provides much more necessary moisture and protein needed in cats' diet. Unlike dogs, cats do not tend to drink near enough water necessary to stay optimally healthy.

PLEASE help me raise the critical funds to feed as many cats for as long as possible! Remember, I have only one shot at this golden opportunity! Time is of the essence, so PLEASE give generously!!!

You can DONATE money in several ways:

PAYPAL (NO FEES) wendylea@earthlink.net

When you select to send money via FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABROAD, we will NOT have to pay transaction fees (which add up FAST).


[ Facebook.com Link ]

CHECK: ( via snail mail)

Please PM me directly for the mailing address.

As always, the cats and I THANK YOU!
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