'I Have A Lying Addiction,' Says Woman Who Admits To Lying About Having Terminal Cancer And Muscu…

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Apr 26, 2019


'I Have A Lying Addiction,' Says Woman Who Admits To Lying About Having Terminal Cancer And Muscu…
'I Have A Lying Addiction,' Says Woman Who Admits To Lying About Having Terminal Cancer And Muscu… thumb 'I Have A Lying Addiction,' Says Woman Who Admits To Lying About Having Terminal Cancer And Muscu… thumb 'I Have A Lying Addiction,' Says Woman Who Admits To Lying About Having Terminal Cancer And Muscu… thumb


  • I have a lying addiction.
  • The last eight years
  • I have gone on all kinds of extreme measures
  • to make my life seem more exciting.
  • Growing up, you always wanna have that perfect life.
  • All my friends were getting married,
  • and it made me feel left out.
  • Probably around 25, 26, is when I told my first big lie.
  • That I had cancer.
  • I first joined the online support group and met people
  • and that's when I started living that lie.
  • I would post pictures (mumbles),
  • can I have extra prayers and support?
  • The things that I would do to change my look
  • to make my lie believable was buying wigs,
  • I bought a wheelchair.
  • By lying I was getting attention.
  • Another lie was that I was married.
  • I started off with a husband and two kids,
  • that was my first husband story lie.
  • I would tell people that my husband's name was James.
  • I would post pictures of me and my ex or me and my cousin,
  • and then I would also post pictures
  • of my friend's children with me.
  • I've also lied about having muscular dystrophy.
  • I worked at a muscular dystrophy camp in the past,
  • so I'm familiar with the people
  • and what their struggles are.
  • It took a lot of mental brain power to keep up the charade.
  • If you're playing hockey and you wanna hold the stick
  • and hit the puck, you can't do that.
  • I'd go into a relationship with a friend
  • on the basis of lies every single time.
  • Talking to Liz online was very personal.
  • I told her I had stage four breast cancer.
  • She was genuinely interested in me.
  • I just had a really strong connection with her.
  • Liz and Brian have the perfect life.
  • They own their own company with a boat, ride on the ocean.
  • So they kept trying to get James to come down to Florida,
  • but obviously he couldn't do it because he didn't exist.
  • I thought I could deter them from the James situation
  • by creating a stalker,
  • maybe that would get them off that tangent.
  • The lie definitely got out of control.
  • I can't remember the last time that I've met someone
  • and told them my real truth.
  • This is ultimately do or die for me,
  • if I can't stop it's gonna wreck my life.
  • Brian and Liz, you've only ever seen Sarah
  • wearing a wig and a head scarf.
  • You've never actually seen her real hair.
  • Bethany, you've never seen her
  • actually walk or be able bodied.
  • Are you guys ready to see the real Sarah?
  • (sighs) I don't even know who the real Sarah is.
  • Well, let's find out.
  • Let's bring Sarah out now.
  • Sarah, Dr. Phil, have a seat.
  • You know these three, very well actually.
  • I do.
  • You've been listening
  • to everything we've been talkin' about.
  • I have.
  • What do you have to say to these folks?
  • That I am extremely sorry for what I did,
  • I didn't mean to hurt you guys the way that I did.
  • Just such a compulsion that I couldn't control.
  • Sarah, it's way more than a compulsion,
  • I mean, even just on that video,
  • you're saying it's just an addiction to lying,
  • this is way bigger and much more sick
  • than just an addiction to lying.
  • I don't even believe a word you're saying, I don't.
  • (mumbles)
  • (audience applauds)
  • So I lied about the cancer,
  • but the love that I had for you guys was not--
  • It was always like that.
  • Not at all.
  • You ruined our life.
  • You took my away from my life, my family,
  • my other friends, hours, hours every day.
  • You gave me these crocodile tears of
  • I've never been able to do this before,
  • I've never been able to cook my own meal,
  • I've never been able to ride a horse,
  • I've never been able to sit in a hammock
  • or be on a swing or do a zip line,
  • and we wanted to give you 500% of that experience.
  • And you took that away from all those other campers as well,
  • it's not even just about us.
  • And Sarah, how dare you?
  • Our young friend on the west coast
  • that is battling stage four breast cancer,
  • how dare you trivialize her disease and her illness,
  • as she struggles for her life every day.
  • How dare you do that to her?
  • How dare you?
  • I'm just absolutely disgusted.

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A woman who admits to lying about having cancer and muscular dystrophy explains why she deceives people.

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