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“I go to Miami every weekend to see my cats—Woody and Zoey. They live with my mother. I take the bus to wherever I can get the cheapest flight. Sometimes that’s Detroit. Sometimes Philadelphia. This week it was New York. The travel is exhausting but it’s cheaper than getting a pet friendly apartment. It was supposed to be a temporary situation, but I’ve been making the trip for about five years now. They rely on me. They’re like my kids. And they’re getting old. I don’t know why I’m so attached. I get that way. Grey’s Anatomy has been dumb for the past twelve seasons but I still watch every week and cry. I could find the cats a new home, but how do you find the right person? Every amazing person already has eight cats. Anyway, my sister told me never to talk about my cats unless people ask. But you asked. Can we talk about my kidney instead? Last year I donated a kidney.”
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