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  • Jesus whoa what's happening with y'all
  • baby tall guy in flashback with another
  • legendary video coming to you live from
  • the humble abode man I've got my meal
  • preps and over there on the counter you
  • can see right there's breakfast I got
  • old strawberries bananas keep me let me
  • show you so we got a little bit of
  • strawberries bananas Kiwis some oats
  • some other different kind of Olson area
  • then we have the lunch prep in the
  • microwave but yeah man breakfast lunch
  • let's go but before we do that let me go
  • ahead and show you the meal prep I got
  • done doing more meal prep last night
  • breakfast lunch dinner you know we got
  • the almond milk and all that stuff let's
  • show you the breakfast and here we got
  • egg whites spinach Turkey and we got
  • people texting my Paul you don't know me
  • do we gotta be here man we got chicken
  • mixed vegetables and brown rice that's
  • the lunch for seven days straight and
  • then now we have the dinner which is
  • Salman and the mommies calamari squid or
  • whatever you want to call it we got
  • spinach on top of that we got broccoli
  • we have mussels and shrimp or a
  • desolation of already I don't know
  • either way it goes here we go let's grab
  • a water
  • and let me show y'all the humble abode
  • real quick before we head up out here
  • for those who don't watch every single
  • last video it ain't too late to become G
  • squad make sure you go ahead and do that
  • and if you want to get that young custom
  • joint you see I got the new emojis put
  • next to the names if you want to do that
  • man go ahead hit that joint but if not I
  • believe you geez quite either way but
  • Staples Center and all that man
  • my baby Queen she's been gone for a
  • while getting training but uh when she
  • come back she's gonna be fully
  • structured man but now let's go in here
  • a slide to grab that lunch and let's
  • head up out of here and what do you know
  • the McLaren is not here today he
  • actually drove the damn thing you got
  • the Ferrari naaccr Viper as usual over
  • there you got the meal prep we were
  • walking to the lips but he got the
  • Lamborghini of course and you got the
  • rant breezy and you got the bloody cat
  • now which one are we going to take
  • pretty easy decision today considering
  • the title and the thumbnail so let's
  • just get to it
  • now before we get everyday make shit up
  • Milo Instagram
  • snapchat subscribers watch this video
  • hit the thumbs up and I think the
  • appreciate it dude in a follow me on
  • Facebook we got the hill town the top
  • how we got to go man oh look at that
  • charger right there I got like a green
  • chrome wrap that thing look crazy that
  • car just got in the way but can y'all
  • see that joint that looks crazy right
  • let's see if I could catch it over on
  • this side leave the green chrome Wow
  • now we are here man got the bloody can
  • all cleaned up make sure you follow my
  • brother's YouTube channels and light for
  • Jimmy Barrett that joined this crazy
  • legendary man it's about to get even
  • more legendary I just got to find this
  • total driver go ahead and talk to them
  • and I'll see on a second so they are in
  • there getting the help easy brother
  • Ellen all that good stuff man so we're
  • gonna whip this back around front cuz I
  • didn't even know the actual in front of
  • the building is actually inside that
  • gave me won't let me record in there so
  • I'm gonna get in here
  • have them pull up the help easy and we
  • will get up out of here baby
  • you're gonna sound like that loan just
  • play the last I'm never here that they
  • sound like that to be honest this is one
  • crazy environment don't go lie to y'all
  • me it's like a car junkyard /part place
  • I don't know what the hell you gonna
  • call this place but they got look at
  • that big-ass forklift man I think been
  • dragging cars and dumping them up front
  • didn't bring them back like they got
  • like going over here but there was the
  • actual tow truck that's gonna go grab
  • the hell keys and bring that joint over
  • to our DP so we can get this whole video
  • started man now let's go ahead and cut
  • that thing off and I gotta meet them or
  • I gotta go wait in line over there and I
  • can't record over there so I got to go
  • wait over there for them bring the hell
  • keys yeah so long story has got to go
  • out there and get it done man saucy on a
  • minute so it's big time official G squad
  • we got the hell Kesey on the tow truck
  • man and uh we're about to make it happen
  • they're gonna hop up in there and we are
  • about to go baby look at that thing man
  • damn it's crazy seeing elk easy like
  • that but now we're about to hop up in
  • this charger hellcat the life of Jim
  • Barry click that link in the bio or in
  • the description and make sure y'all go
  • ahead and subscribe to his YouTube
  • channel baby the party here one more
  • start over to start up for the start up
  • you gotta do it for the one time
  • I feel crazy looking at the hell Kesey
  • like that man Wow
  • we must go strip it all like ain't that
  • man they put on the parks right here on
  • the bloody look like my damn hell keys
  • he got training wheels on to it on it
  • look at it man I'm mr. elke zero y'all a
  • girl I see a blood you got about to be
  • transformed big time though I mean look
  • at that speed up on that thing a little
  • grit a little bit ain't that crazy like
  • how I'm in a Hellcat following a Hellcat
  • and it's just it's legendary it's nuts
  • all at the same damn time it's like it's
  • just going to show you how blessed me
  • and my family are to have come from
  • where we come from to actually be you
  • know having an on the Hellcats my
  • brother have an elk at me driving this
  • joint in following my Hellcat we're
  • about to swap the parts off that hill
  • can't put it on this Hellcat and this
  • joint right here about to beat the
  • bloody cat about to be big beefed up and
  • be stood up man but um I'll see y'all
  • whenever we get the RDB man cuz I just
  • got taken into moments baby just like
  • that man we are here and uh RDB baby you
  • know what they do over there remeshing
  • over there subscribe to a channel man we
  • got the hell Kesey on the back of the
  • tow truck still man and uh yeah we movin
  • and groovin baby so but the police
  • drones in here man and let the whole
  • bill begin what do y'all know we have a
  • dodge demon right there yeah I've seen
  • that before in the videos over here at
  • our TV and of course you got that ticket
  • person here always he remember dodge
  • demon elk easy bloody cat photo charger
  • hellcat man now it's just a matter of
  • pulling that thing up off there and get
  • into it I guess anymore
  • the most like was here in California be
  • going crazy if I was to get a diamond I
  • would get it just like this but I would
  • have red interior this was that the
  • black interior but he does have the red
  • seatbelt but I need full red interior
  • with the red seat belt definitely gotta
  • have that someone was mandatory
  • those are real rare to see on a dodge
  • demon too so I was actually pretty dope
  • man but white with the black rims with
  • the red brake callipers and keep that
  • front guard on Erik's let's develop my
  • Hellcat and I mean yeah right interior
  • man and that thing will be perfect it
  • was just hat right interior plate the
  • poor help easy oh dang you may join Jack
  • down man I got the little sticker up on
  • the windshield and all that mass oh yeah
  • being done for big heart beats Adele
  • Kesey's just gonna swap the parts up off
  • here man appreciate this guy - man
  • thanks for your help to my appreciate
  • that you know he's uh been doing like
  • hard with a man but it be come on
  • graffiti on the hill keys my guy mano
  • RDB go subscribe
  • you got a BMW matte green title my blew
  • my knee cap off you know I mean but uh
  • here you go brother red key and then uh
  • they got the key for the hell keys this
  • yeah two red ones brother yeah oh my god
  • I love it appreciate y'all man see you
  • soon man tomorrow
  • you know me brother every day oh you
  • lookin boy buddy hit me again maybe
  • order to broke you broke one of my legs
  • yeah insurance claim another one lawsuit
  • no way
  • alright yep so there goes my ride right
  • there man and he's gonna give the keys
  • to the hell keys II appreciate you again
  • my man hey and you got the key in there
  • right so you just give it to them my man
  • appreciate it and I'm leaving the bloody
  • cat right here to already be as well let
  • me unlock the door so that way I can cut
  • these lights off because the lights are
  • still right look at the lights
  • damn alleged a but this is my right over
  • here so I gotta tell them real quick
  • good thing I got cars man plural cars
  • cuz now I'm about to hop in the ran
  • reason we gotta run some errands man
  • make sure y'all subscribers not watching
  • this video I'm like I said earlier in
  • the video make sure you follow a
  • histogram snatch a subscribe as you
  • watching that video
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • but our mission and use well you know
  • barbers and all that man
  • I got crazy but it was hard to find me
  • but I want to come somewhere else close
  • but nonetheless I'm trying to reach up
  • to a few y'all you might have a few
  • places some places I was saying some
  • people save me on me hey there's some of
  • the examples the proceed line was like
  • so we go get together man but I just
  • wanted to go ahead give him love cuz
  • you'll give me love and that's how the
  • world work right right right
  • so I see all the minutes was like it not
  • getting cut up in the Yangtze my
  • hairline it gonna be back here check it
  • check it out you see how boy looking
  • type go back oh yeah but he put some uh
  • some cannabis boy alone on their tuition
  • and we've got why are you going looking
  • so shiny and golden you got that camera
  • this stuff on there then we got they
  • never had a cannabis after shape so it's
  • gonna force a instead of putting you
  • know most barbers got the alcohol he got
  • the cannabis aftershave come on baby
  • I'll follow my business grin Instagram
  • link will be in the low below in the
  • description outside it flown up on the
  • screen give it to a more more time than
  • having a tree right here
  • okay one moment and you know it's all
  • legal
  • and that's we making money paperwork you
  • go make sure how give me a beer by Kane
  • underscore to Instagram or manga Vaughn
  • born at snapchat yeah or you could just
  • hand me up my favor get caned Dolomites
  • my not when I'm not proper and my
  • homeless organization well was there she
  • in the back new line cuts her new line
  • ain't no life yeah and there's a phone
  • number be below in the description so
  • make sure y'all call him a Johnny we're
  • in LA or anywhere closely we want to get
  • a fresh cut because you see he got your
  • boy all the way to get Ike old you bet I
  • never had one
  • you hear what I'm saying able to
  • appreciate you got you don't get a buddy
  • or may not see a little time to start
  • update young reezy hear that thing come
  • to life but that says you squirm and
  • then really else to talk about y'all got
  • everything I won't get this beautiful
  • type so nigga messing up with the damn
  • seat belt man but uh that's it for
  • today's video man I'll see y'all
  • tomorrow it's mom's video baby y'all
  • know the grind don't stop all day every
  • day 365 a year man keep on going the
  • marathon must continue it's mandatory
  • unless you want to be a bunny life not
  • me I pass on that but talk I see on this
  • one baby I'm going

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I finally got my Hellcat back G Squad and now it's time to rebuild my brother's Charger Hellcat into a complete monster


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