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Like other precariously employed people, sex workers have been severely impacted by the outbreak.

How to support sex workers during the coronavirus pandemic

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Raymond Camacho
Stewart John Ritchie
Mark Rushworth
"As a result of suffering from IBS a big challenge is often urgently needing to find a bathroom. The only thing which is worst than not making it to a bathroom in time is realising that there is barely any toilet paper left. These photographs illustrate some of those panicked encounters I’ve had this year."

Anton Gottlob's year in photos

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Susan H. Martin
“Dance is accessible to anyone and everyone, if they’re dancing on their own.”

Ryan Heffington's Instagram dance classes are the ultimate release in isolation

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This immersive exhibition from photographers and couple Heather Glazzard and Nora Nord, uses self-portraits to explore power and agency in the representation of queer relationships.

These photos reveal the intimate space of a queer creative relationship

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In your opinion, what was the most underrated album this year?

9 criminally underrated albums released in 2019

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Enan MB
Norwegian-British producer duo Healthy Boys are about to liven up your quarantine with their Chicago acid house mix.

Annoy your neighbours with this mix

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Two of the worlds hottest stars united to talk modern masculinity, social media and peaches.

A decade of i-D Covers – 2018: Timothée Chalamet in conversation with Harry Styles

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Busé Tobin
Lucy G Hokabian
A tailored approach to casual menswear speaks to the desire for protection, and the will to find positivity amid chaos.

LUEDER is making mental armour for testing times

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South London drill artist Psychs on his coronavirus PSA-bop, Spreadin’

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