I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?

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I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?
I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!? thumb I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!? thumb I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!? thumb


  • Hello there!
  • So today I'm very excited because I get to be surprised like it's Christmas because I have many,
  • many, many, many art supplies in these boxes and I have no clue what's inside them. So I'm very excited!
  • There are a lot of art subscription boxes out there
  • and you know, you might be wondering which one's the best,
  • so don't you worry because I have saved you the, *awkward silence* I have saved you the trouble and
  • I have bought every single art subscription box that is out there and I'm going to open them all up on camera for you to
  • find out,
  • hopefully, which one is the winner and all of these box --
  • *box clatters*
  • Scrawlr box hates me. These boxes cost me
  • $200 in total. So let's hope there is $200 worth of art supplies in here because if not,
  • Chloe's not gonna be happy. So today's video is being kindly sponsored by the wonderful people over at Skillshare, obviously.
  • It's because of them that I'm able to buy expensive stuff like this. So, thank you, Skillshare.
  • I know a lot of people talk about Skillshare on YouTube,
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  • programming, pretty much anything you can think of is on Skillshare.
  • So I highly recommend it and it also works out less than ten dollars a month if you get the annual subscription,
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  • so check it out, link's in the description, 500 people only and
  • thank you to Skillshare for offering that to my subscribers.
  • So with these subscription boxes
  • I got a Scrawlrbox, Artsnacks, SketchBox, Paletteful Packs, and last but not least
  • I got a Smart Art box. The thing I think that's quite important to note is that these three boxes actually all have
  • premium boxes so you can get like the basic twenty, twenty-five dollar boxes
  • but you can also pay an extra ten, fifteen, twenty dollars to get a premium box. So these are actually the premium cost boxes.
  • So I'm going to compare all of the premium boxes and I'm gonna compare the, just the regular boxes too because...
  • I, yeah. I think I'm gonna start off opening the SketchBox cause it's got a nice little armor on the front.
  • So I feel like this stuff was actually very similar to what was in my SketchBox when I opened one in like,
  • August of last year, they had these kind of pen things.
  • So we have a brush pen in white. We have a brush pen in gray as you can see.
  • I'm not really a fan of these because they're not art supplies that I tend to use all that much, but they're cool.
  • I like that each box has their own theme every month, which is a good idea in my opinion.
  • Ooh, we've got a sticker! Okay, so
  • SketchBox never used to put in stickers,
  • it was more like Artsnacks and I think, Scrawlrbox. Then we have, oh what are these? Ohhh!
  • A Zig memory system
  • Brushables dual tipped brush marker. Ooh, okay. Okay, so as you can see
  • it has like a little brush end,
  • and each end is in a different color, so that's quite nice. So again, this is the premium box,
  • so this was 35 dollars. Okay, so we- okay, we've got another brush pen here. This is
  • just a green by the looks of it. Then we have - oh wow, a
  • really huge pencil! This last thing is a Brushmarker Pro. Ooh,
  • okay, this one feels really nice. I've never heard of this before. It's by Karin,
  • Karin Brushmarker Pro. It's got little brush nib as you can see. Apparently these retail for
  • $14.66, so they're actually more expensive than I thought, I thought they'd be about five dollars.
  • So in theory, all of this stuff is actually supposed to be worth over $40, which considering I paid 35 is a good deal,
  • absolutely a good deal,
  • so again, I'm not really a fan of this type of stuff
  • but I think it's a really good box for those that do use this kind of thing.
  • Next up. I'm gonna open up my Smart Art box, this cost me around
  • $45, I believe it was and I've never opened a Smart Art box before so I'm very curious to see what they actually offer inside.
  • Because in my opinion that is a lot of money to spend every single month and they don't offer like a basic box or anything
  • like that. It's very nicely packaged. That's cool,
  • I like how they've put that on there so you can like draw on it and then potentially get featured,
  • I think that's a really nice idea. It's definitely wrapped up very well. Oh, wow! There's a lot of stuff - *Gasps*
  • Oh, I can see like glitter or something! I'm very excited. Before we get started,
  • it's like a new birthday, you've got open the cards before the gifts, you know. Got to read the important stuff.
  • Calligraphy writing. Okay so this is a calligraphy box, but I'm guessing you can use it for like painting and stuff as well.
  • What I think is cool
  • about Smart Art is that like, you always have like, a
  • specific theme that they go by and they give you a bit of history of each item as well.
  • So we've got some powdered pigments, so that's what these are. So in the Smart Art box
  • we have some very exciting things. We have all of these pigments. So apparently you mix these
  • with the pigments and it makes a
  • um, a fluid ink. So basically you are making inks yourselves, it's like a dry powdered ink.
  • So you have this really glittery gold pigment as you can see, we have like a really pretty like pearlescent purple,
  • we have a blue pigment, which is really pretty, a
  • pink gold color, which is nice. This is kind of like a coppery pink rust, russet?
  • They're really nice colors.
  • I mean, it's a shame that it's a calligraphy box because I don't do calligraphy, but I definitely think I would try to
  • make art with this stuff because you can still do that, I'm sure.
  • They've also given us loads of these plastic containers. I'm guessing it's because it turns to like a liquid form,
  • so you obviously need to pour it into this to mix it. Then we have a
  • calligraphy brush.
  • Then we have, ooh! Ohh, I feel fancy! It's one of those like ink pens,
  • you know that, sort of like the metal ones, and last but not least we've got some little Bristol
  • trading cards.
  • Okay! So it looks like these pigments are about twenty-five dollars for a set of them but they have included these little containers
  • here and they've obviously included the brush and this, but I still think it's really well put together box.
  • and I like the little
  • touches so overall I think it works out to be almost around $50 and obviously you have to pay that little bit extra to get
  • it all packaged together and get like, the surprises, which I don't mind doing.
  • But yeah, it's it's a good box. I will not complain about it. Okay, so now I'm gonna try the
  • $35 Paletteful Packs box.
  • I'm excited for this one because this is the same price as the sketch box where I've got all of like,
  • these brush marker things in them.
  • Ew...
  • First of all, look at everything that's inside this box. I have multiple inks, I have a full sized mixed-media pad,
  • these are at least $10. About 8, $10, I want to say?
  • Okay. So we have some ink, we have a lot of ink, graphics ink.
  • So as you can see, we have three, six, seven, eight, we've got eight different colors of inks here.
  • Which is a really good selection. We have two, oh I, I actually love these brushes. They're brushes that I personally buy myself
  • so we've got a very fine pointy one and then we have a more flat squared brush and these are really nice to hold,
  • they're kind of velvety
  • which I really like, hence probably why they're called "velvet touch," and I actually love this mixed media paper by Straffmore. And
  • I've got a fineliner graphics marker. Okay so we've got a brush, a
  • 0.2, 0.4 and a 0.8. So you've got a nice
  • selection here.
  • There we go. And
  • I'm not being biased here because everything I've opened so far
  • are not like, my general normal art supplies.
  • But I'm a lot more excited
  • about the Paletteful Packs box so far because I feel like it's just got more in it and more stuff that I'd want to
  • use, I guess.
  • *Rain falling softly in background*
  • Can you hear the rain?
  • Next I'm gonna open the Scrawlrbox and the Artsnacks box and I have actually opened both of these before and
  • when I did in an older video, Scrawlrbox was one that stood out to me so
  • I'm gonna see what they've got on this month. Now these boxes are $25...
  • And if we rip that open...
  • ooh, oh, I love this sticker! That is a nice gradient.
  • I'm gonna keep that one and put it somewhere cool. *Gasps* Oh my gosh, these look really nice!
  • These look really really nice. Brush pen, Ecoline. But I love already,
  • they're like pastels. Can you see the pastelness? This packaging is beautiful,
  • like I thought it like leaked or something, but no, it's just really beautiful packaging, um, and these are brush pens, right?
  • Yes, they've got like a nice brush nib, which is very exciting. We have a, oh what is - ooh a kneadable eraser!
  • Then we have a Viking graphite writing pencil in HB. So just a basic. We have a
  • Unipin fine line water and fade-proof. *Gasps* Ooh,
  • look at how thin and like, nice that is. It's all...
  • thin and...
  • fine lining.
  • And then we have another one and this one is a light grey. It's like a really nice
  • pale
  • like, marker box, which I think you can make some like really pretty flowers with that and then, ooh look how pretty this is! "If
  • you're not learning everyday, then you're not living everyday." That is a pretty print.
  • I'm fitting for the Skillshare sponsor today, if you're not learning
  • everyday, you're not living everyday, and we've got a piece of paper here
  • which is - what is this? Doesn't tell you. So overall, once again, this is my third or fourth Scrawlrbox,
  • ridiculously impressed, Scrawlrbox seems to be like top, top notch.
  • So lastly we have our art snacks box. Wow, this is jam packed full! We have a
  • Faber Castell water brush. Okay, I love these
  • so this is never a waste to me because I love using like, empty water brushes with um,
  • watercolor. We have, ooh we've got some Smarties! An art spray?
  • Oh, I do not trust myself with this. Is it like spray paint? Acrylic spray?
  • Small bit of paper, toned paper, for mixed media, ooh
  • okay, so we've got a black, a beige and a grey piece of
  • toned paper for mixed media, so that's exciting. It's like flowers! I always like collecting the stickers when they're fun colors.
  • So inside here -
  • Okay, we have -
  • we have some *bottle falls on table* we have some lip balm! What actually is this? It does look like lip balm. "Gelatos," oh!
  • Okay, so people told me about these when I had my art crayons a while back in my art video where I tried out the
  • art crayons, people kept saying they're like Faber Castell Gelatos. So they're like crayons, smooth crayons.
  • I've got pistachio and red cherry, not sure how those colors go together except that they're complementary colors
  • but I will take it. And then last but not least I've got a flesh...
  • camel colored Spectra marker.
  • Or is it bra- brown?
  • So I'm not sure what i - I could make with these, I've got like greens, reds and a
  • beige, so maybe like a, like a nature scene. Definitely feel that I didn't get really ripped off with any of these boxes,
  • I think they all did a fantastic job of theming everything,
  • so overall, I'm gonna say that Paletteful Packs
  • was 100% my favorite. I feel like I got so much inside and I definitely got my money's worth. Next up,
  • I would say that my favorite would be the Scrawlrbox because
  • for
  • $25, I mean, you know, it's a well-put-together box. They always put things together that work well together,
  • maybe it's the sticker that sold me. So that's it. Thank you so incredibly much for watching this video,
  • I really hope that you enjoyed it.
  • Let me know in the comments down below which art box was your favorite or which is your favorite overall if you've actually tried them
  • and yes, I really really enjoyed this. I hope that you did too. I have a very exciting
  • art box to open very very soon. I'm not gonna say who it's by *cough cough* Jazza *cough cough* and it's coming soon,
  • I'm very excited. So thank you so much for watching this video,
  • I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video.
  • *Music*

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I bought EVERY Art Subscription Box so I could open them all and see which was the best...which one was your favorite? Today I opened 5 subscription mystery art boxes;

Boxes I subscribed to;

Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Gray
Zig Brush Pen in White
Sketchbox Signature Color Brush
Zig Memory System Brushables
Koh-i-noor Triograph Pencil
Karin Brushmarker

___________Smart Art___________
Jaquard Powdered Pigment + Gum
Empty Containers
Brush calligraphy
Speedball C Style 6 nibs

_______Paletteful Packs_______
Strathmore Mixed Media Paper
Velvet Touch Paintbrushes
Graphix Ink
Graphix fineliners

Royal Talens Ecoline Brush Pen
Uni PIN Drawing Pen Dark/Light Grey
Viking Element 1 Graphite Pencil
Faber Castel Kneadable Eraser

___________Art Snacks___________
Faber Castell water brush
Spectra Marker
Marabu Art Spray
Faber Castell Gelato in Cherry and Pistachio

I bought EVERY art subscription box I could find/ you can buy!


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