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I am very dissatisfied with the customer service from your company. I bought a flash drive from Staples in January and just took it out of the product to use it. Upon saving the first file, I am no longer able to access anything or store anything on this drive. I tried to submit a warranty claim but there is nowhere to be able to do this. Clicking on support only leads to an area where I enter my device model number, which leads to an area where I am supposed to be able to access device info. When I click to get warranty information, there is none...absolutely nothing...except to click for support, which starts this circle all over again. Contact us is the same thing. It simply leads us back into the same circle. We did locate a phone number, but you can't even understand the prompts from the message. Further, after multiple calls, pressing 1 for English and getting hung up on or disconnected, we finally got it to connect, but none of the options that we could even understand were not the ones we needed. We finally selected one of the options and were told it was not the department we needed and they had absolutely no information as to what number selection/department we needed to reach. We need a resolution to these issues.
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