Hymer Aktiv ProMaster Van RV Conversion Walk-Through

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Hymer Aktiv ProMaster Van RV Conversion Walk-Through
Hymer Aktiv ProMaster Van RV Conversion Walk-Through thumb Hymer Aktiv ProMaster Van RV Conversion Walk-Through thumb Hymer Aktiv ProMaster Van RV Conversion Walk-Through thumb


  • Joe is checking out the Hymer making sure it has enough carrying capacity.
  • We saw the Hymer originally back in Florida.
  • Going back through its actually smaller than a lot of the class B's we've been finding
  • but this one is actually fairly comfortable.
  • It feels the most livable out of any of them.
  • Hi, my name is Mike Snell, Vice President of sales for the Erwin Hymer Group of North America.
  • Today we're going to be doing a walkthrough of a 2017 Hymer Aktiv.
  • This Aktiv is built on the Dodge Promaster chassis.
  • It's a six-cylinder gas chassis, its front-wheel drive.
  • We just drove it up here, it drives very nice. It's got a great turning radius and plenty of power.
  • We're gonna walk inside here.
  • One thing about the Aktiv is we have power steps
  • both for the passenger, driver and into the entry of the RV.
  • So as we enter, you'll notice that both the driver's seat
  • and the co-pilot seat can turn around to make this kind of a small living quarters.
  • We've got a double seat here that can have two adults, it's got seat belts.
  • Makes a very nice area up front for conversation
  • as well as when you're driving with passengers, they're able to use the dash air
  • to comfort them as you're driving down the road and it's close, to be able to be close especially if you have children.
  • Our TV here is located so can be viewed
  • not only from the front seat but it can also
  • be viewed from outside and can turn all the way around like this and be viewed in the back bedroom area.
  • We have special windows, they're dual pane windows.
  • They've got a blackout shade as well as a screen and these can actually be opened up.
  • We have 110 outlets and USB ports in five different locations in the Aktiv.
  • Up top here is one of the vents.
  • In Europe they don't have air-conditioning.
  • They use these vents, they're very simple.
  • They lift up for ventilation.
  • This unit does have air-conditioning in the back.
  • We actually have space for storage in the floor.
  • As you walk in the coach, you'll notice it's very European design.
  • Very light cabinets, dark floors, light interiors, a very modern look.
  • We've got screen door here.
  • It's a beautiful galley, notice our drawer glides they come out they're
  • very strong and sturdy and they're self closing.
  • Gotta sink, stove, again 110 outlet, USB port.
  • It's got a nice size pantry over here.
  • We gotta roll up pantry down here.
  • In bathroom it's a wet bath.
  • It's very unique inside its got a swivel toilet you can swivel when you're taking a shower for more floor space.
  • It's also got a retractable sink that can be put up against the side of the wall when you're doing a shower.
  • It's got a shower curtain that covers the vanity mirror.
  • It's got an exhaust fan up in the top.
  • This is the back of the Aktiv.
  • We've got a bed back here.
  • We have this folded up so you can put bicycles, kayaks, any other kind of
  • equipment you'd like to do while you're driving down the road.
  • It's great great storage space.
  • It's got drawers again, self-closing file drawers.
  • Lots of interior access.
  • Again as I mentioned the air conditioning is back here in the back.
  • You got dual windows, 110 outlet, USB ports in the back.
  • The beds very simple to use, pops down,
  • take these mattresses...
  • ...and boom you're ready for bed!
  • The TV can be turned around, viewed in the bedroom.
  • And then when it's time for bed, the curtain shuts.
  • Cable outlet, electrical outlet, this is your Truma venting.
  • This is your water outlet
  • And then this is the cassette toilet.
  • So the benefits of the cassette toilet are very simple.
  • It can be taken any restroom or outhouse.
  • It can be easily emptied and then brought back to the unit.
  • Well that was a quick walk around of the Aktiv.
  • We're the only manufacturer in the industry that offers a six year factory warranty.
  • It's not a third-party warranty it's actually a warranty that's through the company.
  • It's actually transferable as well.
  • So as an owner, if you were to sell your coach after four years, you're able to offer a two-year warranty to the next consumer.
  • That's really important comes to resell value of this unit and when you're ready to trade in for another Hymer.
  • The chassis warranty on this coach is a five year, 100,000 mile warranty.
  • Also in this coach is the battery technology.
  • We're the only manufacturer has lithium batteries that are capable of running all the units in the coach including your air conditioning.
  • Taking the Hymer Aktiv out for a test-drive, really excited.
  • We've been looking at campervans for downsizing and this one so far has been our favorite
  • Uh, Joe drove us up here.
  • i'm gonna go for a spin in the parking lot.
  • Is there a backup camera?
  • Yeah
  • Ok, I don't think I actually need it.
  • Woaaaaa, look at that view!
  • Should we just take it?
  • [Laughing]
  • Just take it to Disneyland. There you go.
  • It does drive very different.
  • It does, I mean it drives like a van.
  • Yeah, well I've never driven a van.
  • Ready for a u-turn? Uh-huh.
  • Ohh the turning radius on this thing's great!
  • I'm just gonna do a donut.
  • Just keep going around in circles
  • I love it!
  • PUNCH IT!!!
  • [Laughing]
  • Awesome!
  • [Phone buzzing]
  • I like it.
  • [Phone buzzing] Oh I'm getting birthday calls, got to get this.
  • It is Kait's birthday today.
  • It is my birthday!!!
  • I'll buy you a Hymer for your birthday.
  • Promise? Uh-huh
  • Hey, I'm Jim Hammil, I'm the president CEO of the Erwin Hymer Group of North America.
  • We have both the Hymer brands and the Roadtrek brands.
  • A couple of years ago under Roadtrek, we started the project to...
  • to design a better power module using battery cells that were lithium ion phosphate batteries.
  • We used modules that were being used by Boeing, the aircraft industry and we knew they were safe.
  • So we took the cells that they use and built them into a new RV power module
  • that has a specifically designed RV heating and cooling system.
  • A specifically designed RV BMS, battery management system.
  • And then some proprietary stuff that we do which helps make it all work together with solar
  • With our engine generator technology
  • and with plugging in from the wall on shore power.
  • All those technologies work together at once in a vehicle as well as the chassis alternator.
  • The Hymer Aktiv gets the 400 amp hour block.
  • And of course the Hymer Aktiv is coming out in a new model called the 2.0 Aktiv, Aktiv 2.0
  • Which will be slightly longer which will allow the 800 amp hours to be installed.
  • You know the primary parts of the EcoTrek technology are broken into four major areas.
  • Power module,
  • inverter system / inverter charger,
  • solar which is the mppt controller,
  • and the panels on the roof.
  • That's a small version of the panels.
  • We offer panels anywhere from 200 watts all the way through to 600 watts.
  • Which easily replaces the power use everyday unless you're using large amounts of air conditioning.
  • And then the engine generator technology which we developed.
  • Which is our own proprietary technology,
  • it's not the same as any normal second alternator you can put on and it works to recharge your batteries much faster.
  • 280 amp alternator that when you're driving ensures your lithium system is completely charged back up.
  • When you're parked and you want to sleep overnight,
  • you turn your air conditioning on with the batteries, you flick on the Volt start system.
  • And you're sleeping away peacefully.
  • Or you're out hiking in your dog is in the air conditioning.
  • And it senses that it is down below 12.1 volts
  • and then the sensor kicks on the engine.
  • Starts the engine of your vehicle which is very quiet, its pollution controlled
  • not banned by the campgrounds, not banned by national forest to run at night.
  • And then it starts on its own.
  • When it reaches 13.8 bolts, fully charged, it shuts itself back off again.
  • And it will do that up to five times during the night if you need it.
  • Or when your dog is resting in the air conditioning while you're out doing something.
  • One of the major factors that, you know, that is important to people,
  • is that the fact that the AC of the vehicle runs off a battery system
  • and it's the EcoTrek system that gives us the ability to do that easily
  • So EcoTrek is changing the marketplace.
  • It is letting people get off the grid, it truly allows them to not be plugged in.
  • It allows you to go wherever you want.

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This Class B RV by Hymer is built on the Ram ProMaster chassis, gas engine with front wheel drive.

The van is equipped with EcoTrek, a proprietary technology developed by Roadtrek. It allows campers to boondock and stay off-grid longer with a lithium power module.

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