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We create immersive experiences through leading edge innovations that advance virtual reality and mobile communication technology.

This is the official Global HTC account for product announcements, corporate news, and industry information.

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Two Bit Circus is changing the arcade industry, bringing #VR to tech lovers everywhere. Here's what it means for you: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Two Bit Circus Brings VR to Arcades Near You

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Mohammed Ismail
Mohammed Ismail
Proud to see Immersive Factory, a #ViveX company, continuing to develop a virtual approach to hands on training for the health and safety industry.
[ Bit.ly Link ] #htcvive #htc #vr

Vive X Company Immersive Factory Raises £850k Towards VR-based HSE Training

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Zoran Stanisic
Barış Dağtekin
Nadav Stainberg
Redwan Rahman
Antonio Alvarado
The HTC VIVE Pro is now listed at a new, lower price. Click here for more information: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#htc #htcvive #htcvivepro

Timeline Photos

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Alex Njagi
Brahima Traoré
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Ayman Gafar
Excited to announce the #HTC5GHub is now available at select Vodafone Qatar stores and online!


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Gazmend Qengaj
Dhineshkumar Subramaniam
Олег Дементьев
Hansel Vega
Daniel Krompietz
It's amazing to watch what happens when VR and art collide. Anna Dream Brush recently showcased her talents at the #VIVEArts holiday gala with this incredible live #VR painting. #HTCVIVE

Anna Dream Brush at Vive Arts Gala

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Олег Дементьев
Eric Soudon
Mohammad Mario
नयन सुरवाडे
Filip Petersson
We’re looking forward to all that the New Year will bring and are excited to have you, the HTC community, to share it with. #HappyNewYear #2020
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Itumeleng Sekhonyana
Mohira Hayitbaeva
Abhishek Bishnoi
Dragan Radivojev
Farid Amin
#ViveX company Mynd VR is allowing seniors to explore other worlds using both #HTCVIVEFOCUS and VIVE Wave Platform provider, Pico.

[ Washingtonpost.com Link ]

Virtual reality allows seniors to expand their world

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Charles Jean Noël Kotan
Damir Popadic
Alexander Alte
Stuart Whïnnery
#Bestof2019 moment: #HTCVIVEProEye featured in Popular Science as one the greatest innovations of 2019 for its innovative #VR eye-tracking technology.

100 greatest innovations of 2019: Best of What's New

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Kevin Krahn
Jaka Lelana
Mohamed Farouk
Wishing you a warm Happy Holidays from the HTC family around the world. #htc #htcvive #viveport
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Russell Burdette
Sol Invicto
Vinod Paryani
Ammar Kachucha
#ViveArts and MuseeDu Louvre brought #MonaLisa to life in #VR with a behind the scenes look at how the historic painting from Leonardo da Vinci was created. #Bestof2019

Visit the da Vinci exhibit at MuseeDu Louvre through February 2020 or download the experience on Viveport.

[ Arts.vive.com Link ]
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Charles Jean Noël Kotan
Jake Grimm
Luca Franzoni
Abdullah Soydaş
Emad Mohamed