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Howdy. Crazy morning Sunday hair, typos and all... I’m a tired papa;) BUT I’m asking you if you can TODAY or RIGHT NOW please add The Ian Somerhalder Foundation to your Amazon Smile for this season and keep it there for all seasons! It’s one of the best birthday presents you could possibly give me. I’m asking you to help me, it doesn’t take long or cost your a penny. It WILL however make my dreams of making our world better.
smile.amazon.com/ch/27-3968460 YOU’RE making many of my days great by doing this and I’m so very thankful. Please pass this along to your friends and family! Share it share it share it!!!!! You can also click the “donate” button for an early birthday present to me and help
ME make our PLANET better to live on. Whatever you have to spare.


Again anything you have spare is beyond appreciated. Even $1. I’m so beyond thankful!
With immense gratitude,
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