How to Prep Your Car for the Track

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How to Prep Your Car for the Track
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If you're looking for more information on car prep, check out these links, ordered by topic:

1) Brake Pads


Excellent article from Road and Track with more beginner info on how brake setups work.


Link to MAPerformance's selection of brake pads for the street/track. Great selection. I use Hawk DTC-60, but there are many, many great options.

2) Brake Fluid


Great article on track brake fluids. Ends with a big cost vs effectiveness comparison. Motul RBF600 is recommended here.


Guide to flushing brake fluid.


Link to MAPerformance's selection of brake fluids. Of the selection, I've used only Motul RBF600. ATE Type 200 is another that has served me well.

3) Fluids


Link to Advance Auto's Oil catalog, where I get the Mobil 1 I run in the Evo. Your needs may vary.


Link to MAPerformance's Drivetrain Fluids catalog, which, if you have an Evo, has most of what you need.

4) Tires


Informative article on performance tires like those you might want to use at the track.


Link to Tire Rack's selection of Extreme Performance tires. This would the category my AD08Rs would fall into. Mark's R888Rs are even stickier than this.

5) Cooling


Article from Road and Track on cooling, extolling the virtues of changing out old parts for new.


Koyorad's website where they sell a bevy of cooling products for a ton of different applications.

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