How To Make Money Travelling Continuously

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How To Make Money Travelling Continuously
How To Make Money Travelling Continuously thumb How To Make Money Travelling Continuously thumb How To Make Money Travelling Continuously thumb


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This is a question that comes up a lot and I wanted to try to answer it as best I can. I've made money in various ways in the past (web design, video editing) and now it's my blog and social media that I make my money from. This is currently how I can afford to travel continuously.
Oh and also special thanks to YouTube Thailand for letting me com to the YouTube Nextup Bangkok graduation!! It was awesome to meet a some Thai YouTubers!



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How To Make Money Travelling - DAILY VLOG 6 // Episode 226

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Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon.

That's why I am now running this video blog showing you how to travel the world continuously


How did you learn to edit?
I taught myself. I downloaded Premiere Pro and began to figure out how to use it through trial and error. My videos were pretty bad at first but eventually, and with the help of many tutorials, you start to figure out what works.

Premiere Pro Link: http://bit.ly/2aBTPiy

What work are you doing?
I started off running this video blog while doing freelance web design and video editing to supplement my travelling lifestyle. I now rely solely on this blog to generate revenue through advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship opportunities.

How do you meet the people in your videos?
Hostels, guesthouses and conversations! You meet people so easily while travelling. Just open yourself up and you will meet all sorts of amazing people.
Where do you live?
Right now, I travel the world continuously and so do not have a permanent base or home anywhere. I am not sure how long this is going to be the situation but right now I just want to keep travelling.

Any more questions, please post in the comments below!

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