How to Make a Good Fantastic Four Movie

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How to Make a Good Fantastic Four Movie
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  • oh hello there I was just reading some of my old favorites so this past weekend
  • Logan came out and finally on the ninth try 20th Century Fox managed to make a
  • great movie with Wolverine in it and it got me thinking about other comic book
  • properties they own the rights to in particular the one that they just have
  • not been able to figure out at all the Fantastic Four right now we're
  • living in this crazy time with our comic book adaptations out on movies and TV
  • all the time like already this year we've had Lego Batman Legion and Logan
  • all three of which are really good and it drives me kind of nuts that of all
  • the Marvel adaptations there have been we still don't have a halfway decent
  • Fantastic Four movie because the Fantastic Four are arguably the most
  • important Marvel characters there are so brief history lesson for you non comic
  • book nerds back in 1961 before a spider-man or the x-men or the Avengers
  • Marvel was not publishing superhero comics Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had this
  • brilliant idea to create new superheroes but to set them apart from the
  • counterparts at DC they would give them personalities and relatable problems and
  • make them human beings that seems obvious now but at the time it was
  • revolutionary and this was so successful that it basically set the model for all
  • the stuff Marvel did afterwards so there would be no Marvel comics as we know it
  • if it weren't for the fat ass before there would be no Marvel Cinematic
  • Universe if it weren't for the Fantastic Four and so this is why it's such a
  • bummer that in this day when we've got a good ant-man movie we still don't have a
  • good fit out to for a movie and I don't think it's that hard obviously making
  • any movie is a challenge but this is not a profoundly difficult thing to adapt
  • this is not Watchmen and after the most recent Fantastic Four movie came out in
  • 2015 was a spectacular critical and commercial failure all these articles
  • popped up being like dude the Fantastic Four does not work on film or is it
  • impossible to make a good Fantastic Four movie which is ridiculous of course it's
  • not a lot of people make the arguments that The Incredibles is the great
  • Fantastic Four movie and just argument that makes sense because it's the same
  • general cept and tone and it works brilliantly
  • so why wouldn't the actual thing work brilliantly as well so this past week I
  • went back and watched all three fantastic four movies that came out in
  • the past 12 years I left out the one from 94 because I mean it was never even
  • officially released so let's not count that so the three movies that 20th
  • Century Fox made they're all bad in different ways and they all miss some
  • fundamental things about what makes the Fantastic Four work so just in case some
  • Fox executives are cruising through YouTube and stumble across this video
  • I'm going to give you what I think are the four yes four key lessons to
  • remember if you want to make a good Fantastic Four movie here we go lesson
  • one skip the origin there's this common idea that people are sick of origin
  • stories and movies which is kind of true although Doctor Strange didn't origin
  • story and works just fine but that's not why I'm saying this here the thing is
  • the Fantastic Four might have the least importance origin story of any
  • superheroes a lot of characters like spider-man or Batman they'll have this
  • key event in their origin you know like Bruce Wayne's parents it he murdered our
  • uncle then being murdered that defined them as people and radically change
  • their outlook on the world they learn a lesson from it and that sets them on
  • their path to fighting crime and saving the world but the Fantastic Four don't
  • really have that see you before they got superpowers they were adventurous
  • scientists who stole a prototype spaceship to go up into space where they
  • were then bombarded by cosmic rays so they were already doing big exciting
  • adventurous exploratory stuff before they got superpowers and then after they
  • had superpowers they kept doing the same thing just on a larger scale because now
  • they have the abilities with which to you know defend the planet so they're
  • basically the same people before and after they get powers there's not much
  • of a character arc there so why do two of the movies made in the past 12 years
  • tell this same story so if I are making this movie here's how I would do it
  • early on in the movie you would introduce the Baxter building which is
  • the big building in Manhattan where the Fantastic Four live and work and because
  • they are famous public figures it's a tourist attraction and so you'd show a
  • tour group walking through the lobby and on one of the screens there you have
  • one of those videos that plays on a loop and telling the origin of the Fantastic
  • Four how they went into space we're bombarded by cosmic rays and gained
  • amazing powers and you have the tour group members like looking up and taking
  • pictures with oh and there you go in the span of maybe 20 seconds you have
  • communicated how the fast important got their powers who they are their place in
  • the world how the world views them that they are famous all of the stuff done
  • and you can move on and tell a real story with the rest of the movie lesson
  • to get the characters right now this seems like a no-brainer because in any
  • movie you want the characters to be good and these guys like all the big Marvel
  • superheroes have clearly defined personalities and dynamics between each
  • of them because the key thing about the majestic 4 is that they're a family even
  • though there are all adults they function as a family and each one has a
  • specific role that they play in there so Reed Richards he is the brilliant kind
  • of like closed off emotionally kind of reserved obsessive super genius father
  • figure su is the rational compassionate
  • mother figure that basically is the glue that holds them all together Johnny
  • Storm and Ben Grimm they function kind of as brothers as the children of the
  • group Johnny is immature and cocky and you know attention-seeking and Ben is
  • gruff and quick-tempered and you know kind of sad and sweet inside in the
  • movies that have been made on the - Tim story directed blogs like kind of
  • generally had the ideas of the characters but Reed and Sue were totally
  • lacking in personality or does these bland people into one directed by Josh
  • Trank they're kind of all friends although do betim sue ever meet in that
  • movie up buddy has a lot of problems so if you want the Fantastic Four to work
  • you gotta get the family right you have to have the dynamics between all the
  • characters way they bicker and have conflicts but ultimately love each other
  • the Fantastic Four is basically about a family that goes on adventures so if you
  • don't get the family right if they don't feel like a family it's not gonna work
  • lesson three hold off on Doctor Doom it frustrates me to no end that all three
  • of the fantastic four movies that have been made in the past 12 years have
  • Doctor Doom as the and they have all treated him terribly
  • because a look dr. doom is probably the greatest comic book supervillain of all
  • times yeah like I like the Joker and a bunch of others too but doom is in his
  • own league like on a totally surface level he wears this big awesome tune of
  • armor he lives in a castle where he rules over an Eastern European country
  • he has an army of robots that look like him called doom bots he's basically
  • Darth Vader four but from before Darth Vader came along and also maybe cooler
  • probably don't you dig below the surface he just gets more interesting like as a
  • child he grew up in this tribe of Romani people and then he would turn out to be
  • a science genius went to the US and went to college where he met Reed Richards
  • but didn't like him and then there was this accident where he got scarred he
  • blamed Reed for it and he like fled back to Europe and became dr. doom and just
  • took over his home country there's a common idea about the greatest villains
  • being the ones who believe themselves to be the hero and there's no better
  • example of this than dr. doom see dr. doom truly believes the world
  • will be better if he rules it he's as smart as Reed Richards so he's just
  • super genius but he's driven by ego and need to control things and look he rules
  • a country already and he's good at it yeah happy he rules with an iron fist
  • but his people don't hate him it's like a functioning country and there are
  • stories like the recent secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and his honorific where
  • Doom actually does rule the world after becoming a god and he's again not bad at
  • it it's like a a functioning world so doom is his fascinating figure where
  • he's this genius who lusts for power but who also might have a point and this is
  • why it's so disappointing if you look at how he's been handled on-screen in the
  • two Tim story movies he was basically just Norman Osborn he was an evil guy
  • who owned a company and then got superpowers and started murdering the
  • people on his board who wanted to fire him and in the Josh Trank one he only
  • shows up as Doctor Doom in the last 20 minutes but he was to destroy the world
  • because he loves his new interdimensional rock planet better I
  • don't get so if you're making a Fantastic Four movie here's how I think
  • you should handle do don't make him the villain in the first movie you just have
  • him like be a background player have a pop up in a couple scenes because he
  • a world figure he's a part of their lives but he's not the main guy so
  • haven't just be a presence and then in the second movie since he's already been
  • developed the groundwork has been laid then you can tell your big epic Doctor
  • Doom story finally lesson four make it big the elevator pitch for the Fantastic
  • Four is basically a family that goes on big crazy sci-fi adventures
  • they're not even technically superheroes they're more like explorers and most of
  • the great Fantastic Four comics they're constantly going to amazing new places
  • like other planets or other dimensions or even through time the whole thing is
  • driven by this massive relentless imagination which is why it's so
  • frustrating that the movies they've made are so lacking in imagination in the
  • first one from 2005 they briefly spend a few minutes on the world's most boring
  • space station and then spent the rest of the movie in New York in the sequel they
  • go to London and then they go to a forest and in the 2015 version they
  • spend most of the movie in science labs military bases and occasionally go to
  • their super lame version of the negative zone which is just a big barren rock
  • planet so this is just ignoring a big part of what makes the Fantastic Four
  • special that there are explorers and adventurers who are seeking out amazing
  • new sights and saving the world with huge new sci-fi ideas there's a great
  • story arc from John Byrne's run in the 80s where the whole family goes on a
  • road trip through the negative zone and each issue brings a whole new world to
  • explore obviously a big difference between movies and comics is that comics
  • don't really have to worry about budget it doesn't cost anything to draw a crazy
  • alien planet so I realized that when I say make it big that also kind of means
  • make it super expensive but remember these days you could do anything with
  • visual effects so if you're going to make a Fantastic Four movie I think it's
  • worth spending the extra money to get some amazing spectacle just embrace the
  • big out-there sci-fi stuff like I think a major factor that contributed to the
  • success of guardians of the galaxy was that James Gunn just steered into the
  • weird stuff and put it all up there on screen and Fantastic Four needs to do
  • the same thing it doesn't really work as like a small-scale superhero movie or a
  • grounded gritty dark sci-fi thing it's got to be big and colorful and crazy
  • honestly thinks Star Wars in terms of the amount of new world
  • new creatures visuals that been moving these to deliver now I have no idea
  • what's actually happening behind the scenes of Fox with the Fantastic Four
  • property maybe nothing but I hope that they don't think people didn't like
  • those movies because the characters aren't appealing the characters are
  • super appealing those movies missed what is appealing about them for nerds like
  • me this is a ridiculous time to be alive
  • like in movies and TV we're constantly getting faithful quality adaptations of
  • the stuff that we've always loved that we never dreamed what happened like I
  • still am amazed that there is a faithful good Doctor Strange movie so look I will
  • be the first to admit that we're totally spoiled and I don't want to seem greedy
  • by demanding a good Fantastic Four movie 1 we've already got quality adaptations
  • of basically every other Marvel and easy character but look unless people
  • suddenly stop going to see comic book movies which is probably not going to
  • happen anytime soon eventually we're going to get another
  • Fantastic Four movie it's going to happen and I really hope that when it
  • does the people making it take into account these lessons are just aware of
  • them on their own because this could be a great movie it could be really really
  • good and I hope I get to see it that's all I have to say on the matter so if
  • you watch the somewhere like you know I've never read if it has to for comment
  • well you should because there's a lot of great works most of the really good ones
  • we're done in long runs by single writer or artist teams like there's the classic
  • Stan Lee and Jack Kirby run which is great there is the one that I grew up
  • with the early 2000s the Mark Waid and like where a girl run which is fantastic
  • there's the really excellent John Byrne run from the 80s and more recently there
  • is the Jonathan Hickman run from like I think it ended like a few years ago
  • anyway those are all on Amazon and at your local comic book store in your
  • local book store and so comic books are great and I think you should go read
  • them anyway the outro so if you like what we're doing and you want to help us
  • make these videos you should check out our patreon if you want to yell at me
  • about things or get update to what we're working on check out the social media
  • links and I will be back here with the team
  • new video next Wednesday

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Since Hollywood is unable to make a good Fantastic Four movie, I'll explain how.

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