How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a BOSS

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How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a BOSS
How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a BOSS thumb How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a BOSS thumb How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a BOSS thumb


  • [Intro music]
  • Hey guys, it's me, Cristine, and today we're gonna get naked, and stay naked, for the entire video.
  • And also file our nails.
  • Now before I go on, I need to stop some ignorance in its tracks and acknowledge that, yes, I'm very aware that my nails are yellow
  • and I've already made another video on why my nails are yellow, and why it doesn't matter.
  • It sucks that I basically have to repeat myself in all my videos, but some people never learn.
  • Back on topic. Lots of people ask me how I file/shape my nails.
  • But before I show you how, I need to explain how a lot of the shape of your nail bed, like how wide or narrow or longest part of your nail is
  • You can't actually change. You're born with whatever size nail bed you have
  • and that's it, you can't change it.
  • Well, you're not born with like a baby and then your nails stay the same size they were when you were a baby,
  • But you get what I'm saying, hopefully.
  • You also can't change the natural curve of your nail.
  • Some people call this the "C-curve," that probably stands for the Cristine curve, because as you can see my nails have a very strong curve.
  • Basically it's how flat or curved your nails are
  • if you look at them from this angle.
  • You also can't change any natural warping of your C-curve or your nails.
  • So, for example, when my nails get really long like they are right now, my C-curve
  • gets tighter and the left side of the curve of my middle nail pulls in more.
  • If you have super tight C-curves like me, then using nail oil regularly will help
  • soften that curve when it gets too tight
  • I put the link down below for my favorite nail oil. A strong C-curve isn't
  • necessarily a bad or good thing. Some people like the way it looks and some
  • people prefer flatter nails. A strong C-curve is really only a problem when your
  • nails get too long and they start to curve too much inwards and therefore
  • risk breaking easier. Or if they're digging into the sides of your fingers
  • that can hurt.
  • Overall just know that it's actually quite normal to have wonky or weirdly
  • warped nails
  • we just all have naturally different shaped nail beds that we can't
  • change and we just got to live with it and deal with it. After all we're not
  • born with perfect symmetry, unless you're Russian of course, then you're born with
  • perfect nails and the rest of us hate you.
  • Blah blah blah blah blah ok now for what you CAN change is the shape of the free
  • edge of your nail. And we're gonna do just that.
  • Bahh I didn't even mention Look What's On My Other Hand!
  • Oh my god it's the prettiest baby holo blue ever! It's like
  • a unicorn sat on a robin's egg and this was hatched.
  • There are SO many different nail shapes out there, you could go wild with different nail shapes.
  • One nail shape isn't better than another, it's just completely about
  • personal preference.
  • Unless you have bubble nails. That's just stupid.
  • According to my number one trusted online source for all things nail health/nail care
  • (I put the link below)
  • usually the most flattering nail shape is the one that mirrors your cuticle line.
  • My cuticle lines are rounded but they're kind of square at the same time.
  • And it just so happens that I like to shape my nails as rounded squares or
  • "squovals" as some people call them
  • Okay let's do this! I'm gonna go from this, to this!
  • It's not that much shorter, I know, okay but I still like my nails kinda long for nail art.
  • First thing's first: DO NOT CUT YOUR NAILS!
  • Don't use nail clippers or scissors because you'll risk splitting the nail
  • and breaking it in places you don't want it to break.
  • Run away from the clippers, they are evil!
  • If you cut or clip your nails because you're too impatient to file them then
  • I'm gonna guess you haven't tried a glass file yet
  • Glass nail files are way quicker at filing down the nail with the right
  • amount of pressure and they also leave cleaner edges than your regular course emery boards.
  • I use this glass one and I got it from my favorite nail care shop -
  • I put the link below again -
  • Now this is how you should actually file them. File in one direction from corner to centre.
  • Yeah oh my good she said "One Direction."
  • Contrary to popular belief, do NOT file straight across in a seesaw motion.
  • Doing that will put a lot of pressure on your nail and the filing back and forth
  • motion will pull your nail from side to side.
  • Remember that your nail tips are the driest part of your nail and if you file
  • straight across back and forth, you risk splitting the ends.
  • If you ever find that your nails are catching on
  • something like a sweater or even your hair then it's probably because you had
  • a free edge, whether at the top or the side of your nail, that had a tiny split.
  • Even if it's just a hairline split you don't notice yet, but it could develop
  • into a bigger split. Kinda like a chip in your car windshield.
  • Oh, you don't drive yet 'cause you're twelve? Okay, well you'll understand one day.
  • File the sides, but ONLY if you need to.
  • Obviously if your nails are too short for this then you don't need to do this.
  • In fact, you really don't need and shouldn't file the sides of your nails
  • unless a) you have a very strong C-curve like I do - my nails will actually dig
  • into the sides of my skin and that can even hurt. Filing them helps soften that C-curve.
  • Or b) you have wide nails that flare out at the top
  • and so you would file the very top of the sides to make them more rectangular.
  • I think it's obvious, but maybe I should also point out
  • that you're not filing down into your skin or anything.
  • This is only the part of the nail that is naturally lifted or exposed.
  • Now I'm going back to filing down the tip of my nails, again filing in one direction-
  • "Oh my god she said One Direction again!"
  • -from corner to centre.
  • Because a glass file can really take off a lot in one stroke, make sure to stop
  • every few strokes and assess the length and evenness of your nails so you don't
  • make them shorter than intended or make them uneven.
  • When I'm getting close to done, I flip my hands over
  • so I can gently scrape or push out the filing scragglers from the
  • underside of my nail.
  • You may have less of this nail-shavings-collector effect going on if your nails
  • are flatter and less curved than mine.
  • So once you push them upwards then you just turn your nails around and you can kinda file the little shavings off.
  • So now you're done with your glass file, so you can put that away.
  • But you may still have a tiny bit of unevenness and fine tuning to do.
  • So next I actually use this random nail buffer I have, but I DON'T use it to buff the top of my nails.
  • Don't do that! Unless you want to weaken the layers of your nails, don't buff your nails.
  • But rather because the nail buffer has a super high grit,
  • I use it to refine the edges of my nails with a lot more control since it's
  • definitely not going to be filing anything down in a significant way like the glass file.
  • This is when I round out the corners just a bit into a squoval
  • shape since this is the kind of nail shape that works best for me both
  • practically and aesthetically in my opinion. I've tried super square nails
  • before but I found that the sharp corners were always snagging on things
  • and breaking and also sometimes digging into this side of my skin and I'm a baby!
  • I don't need that unnecessary pain!
  • And then you're done really, just go wash off your hands of all the nail shavings at this point.
  • Some people have asked me what the little dents in my nails are, and it's because I'm a butcher and
  • always use this metal tool when I'm taking off my polish with the peel-off base coat.
  • And I mean I did that 32 times for you guys when I made
  • these peel-off videos so I should probably stop using the metal tool.
  • I keep meaning to find a wooden stick thing, but I can't find them in the store that's under my
  • building and ahh laziness!
  • Anyways the dents are so shallow that you don't even see them through polish
  • So...I don't really care, 'cause just like yellow nails, I cover them up anyways.
  • Now on the topic of general nail care,
  • I know the last nail care video I made is super old but honestly
  • I still use mostly the same things.
  • The key is oil, oil, and more oil! I've put a link to my favorite nail care oil and
  • a bunch of other articles that I read and trust with my life and my nails on
  • all sorts of topics below, like how to keep your nails from breaking, how to
  • keep polish on and stop chipping, and all sorts of Mythbusters-style articles like
  • "Do nails need to breathe?" "Is acetone a safe nail polish remover?"
  • And whether strengtheners actually help or harm your nails.
  • (Hint: they harm them, go read the article) So you may have a little reading to do when
  • I know that's asking a lot from a person who watches YouTube videos but all the
  • articles I linked are super short and to the point because people need the
  • knowledge about the nails and about the filing of the nails
  • so now you take this knowledge that you've retrieved from this video
  • and you put it in your head
  • and you keep it in your head and you use it when you do your nails.
  • Thanks so much for watching
  • and listening and retaining information.
  • See y'all later, bye!

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