How To Dress Like a French Woman

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Jun 12, 2019


How To Dress Like a French Woman
How To Dress Like a French Woman thumb How To Dress Like a French Woman thumb How To Dress Like a French Woman thumb


  • - Have you ever wondered how
  • French women always look so chic?
  • Today, I'm going to share how you can dress
  • like a French woman.
  • (upbeat electronic music)
  • Hi ladies, it's Erin and welcome back to my channel.
  • Through my channel,
  • my goal is to help you with your personal style.
  • To help you look like
  • the best version of yourself every day.
  • Today, I wanna talk about French women and style.
  • And how to dress more like a French woman.
  • You may have noticed,
  • either you've been to Paris
  • or you've been to France visiting,
  • or maybe just in images or in movies.
  • French women have a certain Je ne sais quoi.
  • It's this effortlessness about their style.
  • This elegance.
  • This classic sophistication.
  • Everything is really effortless and understated.
  • And so I knew that
  • before I took my recent trip to Paris, France.
  • And I was on a mission to kind of just look around,
  • observe,
  • and also just see what it is that they're wearing.
  • I came up with a formula
  • that I wanted to share with you guys.
  • I just went to Paris and it's Springtime.
  • So, the formula may be a little bit different
  • for July/August,
  • but this is the formula for Spring.
  • And I think it's a very similar formula
  • in the Winter as well.
  • You're probably just gonna bundle up a bit more.
  • So let me kind of walk you through the formula.
  • Let's get started.
  • (upbeat electronic music)
  • First, I wanna say that the tops were very simple.
  • I didn't see a single, like, ruffle.
  • Not a lot of texture,
  • not a lot of prints.
  • Just very simple tops.
  • I saw a lot of black tops and I saw a lot of white tops.
  • That was the first part of the formula.
  • So a very basic white or black top.
  • On the bottom half,
  • I saw almost every woman on the street wearing
  • dark-wash jeans
  • or black jeans.
  • And by dark, I mean like a navy.
  • Dark, dark.
  • Not a lot of distressing,
  • not a lot of fading with the jeans,
  • not a lot of crazy jeans.
  • It was really these classic dark-wash jeans and black jeans.
  • On
  • the Parisians'
  • feet!
  • And this I was really keyed in on
  • because when I went last,
  • nobody wore sneakers.
  • I mean, no one.
  • In fact, it was actually frowned upon to wear sneakers.
  • And if you showed up in Paris
  • wearing sneakers as an American,
  • you stood out like a sore thumb.
  • You were clearly a tourist.
  • That was not a good thing.
  • I knew that going over
  • and I had heard that it had shifted and changed,
  • but I didn't believe it until I saw it.
  • I saw so many women on the street
  • with either white leather sneakers,
  • not like running sneakers,
  • more like street sneakers.
  • So white leather sneakers like these.
  • These are by Veja.
  • So either white or black sneakers.
  • I would say sneakers were like
  • 50% of what women were wearing.
  • My mind was like (explosion sound) blown about that.
  • So in the streets, on the streets,
  • black or white sneakers.
  • I saw a lot of black ankle booties
  • but they were very minimal.
  • They weren't super tall,
  • they were a low heel more like a Chelsea bootie.
  • A lot of those.
  • And then I saw some ballet flats sprinkled in,
  • but honestly that was only like 25%.
  • So probably 25% ballet flats,
  • 25% ankle booties and then 50% sneakers.
  • So, that was a huge shift.
  • The third layer was the other key part of this formula.
  • Everybody on the street had on a third layer.
  • By third layer, I mean a jacket, a blazer,
  • a coat.
  • The breakdown for that was,
  • I would say 50% were wearing Moto jackets.
  • And not just Moto jackets but black Moto jackets.
  • So there was not, like,
  • a white Moto here and a pink Moto here and gray Moto here,
  • it was black black black.
  • All the way across the board, black Moto jackets. 50%.
  • So you wanna fit in,
  • like you wanna look 100% like you belong in Paris,
  • you're one of them?
  • Wear the black Moto jacket.
  • The other 50% were split between a trench coat
  • and a blazer.
  • And again, not just any blazer, but a black blazer.
  • And I would say the trench coats,
  • I did see a lot of tan trenches,
  • but a lot of black trenches too.
  • A lot of black! You know?
  • I was kinda surprised.
  • I thought with Springtime there'd be lighter colors,
  • more neutrals,
  • but the neutrals were grays and blacks.
  • They were not, like beiges and whites.
  • The other kinda surprising thing is
  • I didn't see a single like white accessory.
  • You know how white accessories
  • are super on-trend right now in the US?
  • I didn't see any white accessories.
  • Like besides the white sneakers
  • I didn't see like white mules or white handbags.
  • Okay, so that leads me to the handbag
  • which is part of the formula.
  • I would say a lot of them were high-end bags
  • like YSL or Chanel.
  • They were minimal and smallish!
  • Like not big, giant,
  • like oversized mom-bags.
  • They were, you know,
  • about this big.
  • All leather, all nice, all high-end
  • but again, minimal, classic,
  • versatile, effortless.
  • There weren't a lot of sunglasses when I was visiting
  • because the weather just wasn't that great.
  • But I did look around for
  • sunglass shapes or sunglass trends.
  • Again, very classic, clean, minimal.
  • Lotta just like, black, Wayfair sunglasses.
  • Or just a classic black, slightly oversized frame.
  • But we're not talking like the giant oversized frame,
  • we're talking like, more of a medium-sized frame.
  • and I barely noticed any jewelry.
  • So we're talking like, one piece maybe.
  • Very minimal, like one necklace like this
  • and that would be it.
  • Super minimal.
  • Not, you know, big oversized earrings.
  • There's no like,
  • tassel earrings going on there.
  • It's just like super, super clean and minimal.
  • Same goes for hair and makeup.
  • I was really keyed in on the hair.
  • The French women's hair,
  • it was just like beautiful and clean.
  • But again, not fussy, not overdone,
  • there were no barrel waves going on.
  • It was really effortless hair.
  • Clean, sleek, shiny,
  • bouncy but not like overdone.
  • There wasn't a lot going on there with hair.
  • And the same with makeup!
  • And I'd say the only pop I noticed with makeup
  • was there was an occasional red lip.
  • And I think that's where they were adding their pop
  • is with the red lip.
  • Or sometimes they would add a scarf.
  • And that was another big distinction that I noticed.
  • So when I was there 20 years ago,
  • and when I lived there 25 years ago,
  • you couldn't walk around without wearing a scarf.
  • You would feel like, very odd.
  • You know, everybody wore a scarf.
  • And this time around,
  • it was like, yeah!
  • Maybe 30%? Wearing scarves?
  • I was really surprised by that.
  • But that is where you could add your pop.
  • So you could do a red lip or a scarf
  • and that is the French uniform, you guys.
  • If you wanna go to Paris and you wanna blend in
  • and you wanna look like you're Parisian,
  • you do a minimal black or white top
  • with dark blue or black jeans.
  • You do a white or black pair of sneakers
  • or black ankle booties,
  • or ballet flats.
  • You go with the black Moto jacket,
  • the black blazer,
  • or a trench coat.
  • Maybe a scarf, maybe a red lip,
  • really classic black frame sunglasses.
  • Minimal hair, minimal jewelry,
  • minimal makeup and you're done.
  • You're French.
  • Et voilà!
  • Tu es Français!
  • I hope that was helpful to you guys.
  • You know, I have long admired the French style
  • and their sense of just effortlessness
  • and I think we can all learn from them
  • and create more of this classic,
  • elegant, sophisticated, chic,
  • effortless style.
  • Do you guys have any observations about French women
  • and their sense of style that you would like to share?
  • Is there a video that you think that we should all watch
  • that's so incredible that shares more information
  • about French women's style?
  • Anything you noticed on your trip to Paris?
  • Or your trip to France that you wanna share with us?
  • Please comment below.
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  • You guys, I did a video also about packing
  • for my trip to Paris, France.
  • And I've also done a video about what I wore
  • while I was in Paris specifically.
  • And I will put links to both of those videos below
  • so you can check those out.
  • Thank you so much for watching and
  • I'll see you next time.
  • Bye!

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Sharing the simple outfit formula to look more Parisian in this how to dress like a French woman video! Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo


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