How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh

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Sep 08, 2018


How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh
How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh thumb How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh thumb How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh thumb


  • Hi, Tom here with this week's Circle
  • Line Art School video, I'll show you one
  • way to draw a city road in perspective,
  • for this drawing draw a horizontal line
  • first across the middle of your page,
  • next we can draw two vertical lines for
  • the corner of a building in the
  • foreground on the right,
  • next, if we draw a cross on the far left,
  • this cross meet our vanishing point and
  • parallel lines that are going towards
  • that direction will look as if they meet,
  • if they went all the way to the
  • vanishing point, and we can use this to
  • draw two lines for the top and bottom of
  • the doorway,
  • next we can make our vertical lines into
  • double lines,
  • next we can add one more parallel line
  • for the top of the door, now this
  • horizontal line will be a diagonal line
  • going towards the vanishing point,
  • because we're looking at it from an
  • angle in perspective, we can add a curve,
  • a semicircle, for the top of the archway
  • for our door, next if we draw a second
  • vanishing point on the right that will
  • make this drawing into a two point
  • perspective drawing rather than the
  • one-point perspective drawing, meaning
  • we're looking left and right at the
  • building's rather than just left, we can
  • use this second vanishing point to find
  • the sides of the doorway step in front
  • of the doorway,
  • we can also add at this stage a
  • thickness to the arch on the left, now
  • we're going to see the thickness on the
  • left because that's the way that we're
  • looking, that's the direction of our view
  • and to get the shape of it
  • we just need to repeat the side of the
  • arch that we've already drawn, now the
  • sides of the step are parallel and they
  • will look as if they meet at our
  • vanishing point, if these lines were to
  • continue all the way to the horizon,
  • I'll make this corner of the building
  • taller just by extending these two, the
  • first two vertical lines, that we drew
  • for the right-hand side of this building
  • in the foreground we're looking straight
  • on at the right-hand side in parallel
  • lines the horizontal parallel lines
  • won't be in perspective because we're
  • looking straight at the wall, it's not at
  • an angle to us, it's straight on at us,
  • once the basic shape of this first
  • building are in place we can next add
  • some details,
  • for the left-hand side of the building
  • which is in perspective, going to the
  • left-hand vanishing point, we can use the
  • vanishing point to find all of the top
  • and bottom horizontal lines for any
  • windows that we need,
  • but all the vertical lines will stay
  • vertical and parallel to the vertical
  • line of the edge of the paper that we're
  • drawing on, so next we can add some
  • windows and draw some of the details
  • of this sandstone building, based on the
  • roads in the old town of Edinburgh,
  • next we can draw a sweeping curve for
  • the curve of a road, now this road is
  • going downhill, and it's curving so we
  • just need to draw a natural curve that
  • gets narrower as it goes towards the
  • vanishing point and gets wider as it
  • comes towards us, we could also add more
  • curves for either side of the edge of
  • the pavement of the road, the next step
  • in this drawing is to add a variety of
  • tall thin buildings, the vertical sides
  • of all of the buildings should be
  • parallel to the vertical sides of the
  • paper that you're drawing on,
  • because although these buildings are on
  • a hill which is going down, the vertical
  • sides of them will stay upright,
  • we can also draw a variety of different
  • roofs and chimneys for the tops of the
  • buildings, this drawing is based on some
  • of the streets in Edinburgh Old Town,
  • Edinburgh has some wonderful
  • architecture, a great variety of
  • inventive buildings and in the old town
  • it's on a hill so we're always looking
  • down or looking up at these very tall
  • buildings which are quite compact and
  • they have different sort of shapes at
  • the top of them and different windows
  • within them as well,
  • thank you very much for watching this
  • video, please join Circle Line Art School
  • to learn more, please subscribe to Circle
  • line Art School to keep up to date with
  • all of the videos that I make, thanks
  • very much for watching and see you next
  • time!

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Circle Line Art School Episode #302: How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: Edinburgh City: Cockburn Street. This perspective drawing is a pencil drawing of a road and some buildings in Perspective.

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How to draw Buildings in Perspective: Edinburgh Street: Narrated Circle Line Art School: Episode 302

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