How to Draw Arches in Perspective: Draw Architecture

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How to Draw Arches in Perspective: Draw Architecture
How to Draw Arches in Perspective: Draw Architecture thumb How to Draw Arches in Perspective: Draw Architecture thumb How to Draw Arches in Perspective: Draw Architecture thumb


  • Hi, Tom here and welcome to this week's video, how to draw using one-point
  • perspective, a floor and some archways, we can add some details at the end of this
  • drawing, in one-point perspective all parallel lines go away from us will look
  • as if they meet at the vanishing point which is a dot, a single point which is
  • always on the horizon line and the horizon is the same height as the eye of
  • the viewer of the image, first draw a horizontal line slightly above the
  • middle height of your page, next draw a mark for the single vanishing point that
  • we will need for this drawing, now draw another parallel horizontal
  • line towards the base of your page and along this line we can mark some evenly
  • spaced marks for the floor, next we can draw a series of straight lines from
  • this vanishing point in the center to each of these evenly spaced marks that
  • we've just made,
  • so these lines represent parallel lines, lines that don't get closer together but
  • they're in perspective, in one-point perspective, so that they actually look
  • as if they meet at the vanishing point,
  • as we extend these lines in a fan-like way to the left and the right
  • notice how the lines near as the horizontal line are almost horizontal
  • themselves and the lines which are in the centre are almost vertical,
  • next using one of the lines going towards our vanishing point we can make
  • some more marks, now each of these marks needs to be a little bit closer to the
  • next as they go towards the vanishing point, now we can carefully draw a series
  • of horizontal lines from each of these marks we have just made,
  • in this way we are drawing a grid of tiles in one point perspective,
  • now from this grid we can draw two vertical lines
  • and then find the middle in between these two lines
  • and draw a semi-circle for our arch,
  • from the straight line, the vertical line on the left, we can draw a
  • diagonal line going all the way to the vanishing point and then using this line
  • as a basis for where to start at the top of the line we can draw a third vertical
  • line going down to the floor to show where the archway stops and then for the
  • arch itself we can just copy the semi circle that we drew originally, but start
  • at the top of the third vertical line that we've just drawn,
  • so now we have our first arch, we can draw a wall either side
  • and using the vanishing point, the 1-point vanishing point that we have, we can find
  • the diagonal line for the base of the arch, because that diagonal line will go
  • straight towards the vanishing point,
  • once the arch is okay, that we've sort okay, we can move over to the right of
  • the drawing and draw another arch in this area, we can use the tiles on the
  • floor to find where to place this new arch and to make it the same distance
  • away from us as the first archway, which is what I'd like to do, we can just read
  • the horizontal lines across from the left to the right and then it will be
  • the same distance away from us,
  • once we erase some of the lines that we no longer need we could draw a person
  • in the arch on the left, their head would be at the height of the horizon line, the
  • first line that we drew, and to draw a simple person we can just make them
  • facing away from us, and maybe their hands are in front of them, so we can't
  • see their hands and arms, we just keep it nice and simple,
  • in this drawing she's sort of looking out to an endless perspective, so I'll
  • start to add some simple tonal values to her and a cast shadow a shadow that goes
  • away from her away from the source of light,
  • now the cast shadow will go horizontally from her feet, going left and then when
  • it touches the arch wall, as it were, it will change direction and start going
  • up the wall, next we can add a graded tone to the arch itself, starting right
  • in the corner on the right, with the darkest tone that your pencil can create,
  • for this drawing I'm using a 4b pencil, and then as you shade this area as you
  • pull the pencil away you can create a lighter tone by applying less pressure
  • to the pencil,
  • if you'd like to learn more about drawing please visit my website:
  • www.circlelineartschool.com
  • where you'll find out how to join Circle Line Art School,
  • for the next stage of this drawing I'll add another arch in the centre, I think, and lots more
  • details and some tonal values, more shading...
  • www.circlelineartschool.com
  • thank you very much for watching please visit Circle Line Art School to learn more
  • I post a new video every Saturday
  • www.circlelineartschool.com

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How to Draw an Arch and Grid in One Point Perspective for Beginners

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How to draw arches in perspective

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