How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on Grill. ♦How to DIY♦

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How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on Grill. ♦How to DIY♦
How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on Grill. ♦How to DIY♦ thumb How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on Grill. ♦How to DIY♦ thumb How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on Grill. ♦How to DIY♦ thumb


  • So, for baking recommended use just such a carcass -
  • 6-8 pounds. I have 6 kg, young turkey. I posted yesterday on Instagram
  • preparatory process. People write - "What is it with her
  • blue legs? ". I do not know what they are blue - just shaved. Shaved, beautiful legs are beautiful
  • turkey Here is such a powerful bird.
  • She has such a tail. Here the truth is, someone here is scalded, see
  • pull a little let remember the main thing is more than eight pounds 10-12 in
  • you have it just the oven will not climb and and and the more she is the heavier
  • cook and the same time bake the tip starts to dry out
  • very very the inside is still damp and here I am
  • Today I will share some of my own even if they are not
  • will coincide with the opinions of those around you write to me very much when you
  • write constructive comments before wanted to warn
  • means mata and personal insult immediately ban if we write constructively
  • what they say is wrong and here is how is mine vision my recipes
  • I enjoy reading them because I checks but not encyclopedia and even in moderation
  • his age if you have more experience i am with
  • I will take pleasure in your experience and I love do you understand when people write some
  • normal things someone notes some we are all being studied means that I need
  • to make
  • if suddenly some feathers of rue remained surely they need to be set on fire
  • in order to firstly taste this one was singed
  • yes he certainly makes the turkey tastier we all know grandmas when any bird to
  • dinner must be prepared and burned in one of the videos I said that you can
  • do even with ordinary birds which you buy in the store a little singe and
  • she will have good taste all singed
  • I did not throw it in advance but salted it you may need to take 10 liters of water
  • a kilo of salt there mix everything and put turkey inside
  • who has time who has desire who have opportunities so it will taste better
  • but you know a lot who don't salted believe that its meat and so
  • good enough without extra about the scoop, I still sometimes do so
  • salty water inside pound know mesotherapy all girls
  • know this term doing mesotherapy salt water pierce
  • meat but this time I still want to duck simplified version because everyone asks
  • so that was not without problems troubles anyway there is therefore their
  • reduced and so in general need such visible things can tear some
  • be some kind of hemp tapes stick out everything needs to be removed is not necessary
  • will need salt a cup of butter a pack she I lay down for a while here
  • I left now I'll be his hands when dominoes but you still will disperse a little
  • that is, you just need a pack this room temperature oil
  • necessarily need a grater grater on which i will rub and zest here look in
  • butter I rub orange zest even still new year of flavors hunting such
  • bright delicious real to zest rub please don't let white
  • I have these even for a little yellow yet stays deep in june overwrite center
  • need one orange will be enough I now read your comments surprised
  • but sometimes I do not want to be rude to me
  • and here people write from mackerel in general was a genius
  • Comment girl writes what you cook how can I not quite literally but how
  • you are the idea of ​​what kind of a cook you are for fish
  • You are on the board who cut the fish to look cut i'm writing and and my such onions are fish there
  • I send, I laughed at all straight duty but what happens interesting in people such
  • which type to something need paralysis attach to something
  • but without these people is not so interesting to live agree all the time from be to
  • tapes all you can do everything Acacia no there are 100 thousand people who
  • prove that you are wrong orange here lemon lemon know since
  • because I'm just a lemon soft byte uzbek gentle him
  • add a little yes how I did half of the peel was on the table
  • I know some garlic here I do not know somewhere garlic and this
  • I got Chernobyl from me this one is very good
  • healthy cloves 2 cloves Here I take such large ones now
  • on terlochku 2 cloves of garlic 3 in oil straight two huge cloves of garlic
  • Turkey is big as I said 6 kilograms
  • goodies must have a lot of flavor garlic with orange and lemon
  • of course it turns out great the most important ingredient is salt salt and
  • straight good because as I already I said I did not just pour in advance therefore
  • salt should be here black chili my wet hands
  • green basil need something romantic you can add
  • rosemary dry thyme dry fresh thyme herbs do you have any
  • I add when thinking about than i will flavor turkey i
  • decided that it should be basil Basil always keep in a package in
  • separate from any other herb always catch up on air like this
  • let it be you its micro environment then it keeps leaves for quite a while
  • gaze stems we leave the stems immediately well there inside even shove
  • not to forget about them basil large Immediately to the oil now you need everything as you
  • already guessed to do something like that But at the same time, the butter will melt at the hands
  • The knight will become so supple soft and know what if you do for example
  • similar butter for example for steaks there or else you know for a piece of fish to do
  • Here by this principle well, it is clear that there is less garlic will need and so
  • further that is to your liking later in sausage twist it freeze
  • slice a hot fish put it in butter basil not
  • black that is on cuts where it is allocated juice and he from the air he should oxidize
  • the oil blocks these slices and even in frozen butter in the freezer hurts
  • the basil still remains green now you need to say how
  • a turkey supplying it all means like mine we will supply besides the fact that when
  • I will rub on top too recommended under the skin since turkey
  • so pretty dry It is recommended to do it here
  • fingers go under the skin of each turkey fine well mine in particular here this one
  • it is necessary to direct very carefully the main thing is to over here over the breast area
  • hit the oil and if the idea was 15 kilogram I would go there because under
  • shoulder if we put only skin on top we have part of the oil will burn some of the oil
  • will give aroma and taste of skin under tasty skin and here we need meat too
  • soaked therefore recommended always aromatic
  • send the oil mixture between the skin and breast understand that here here in
  • a cup we are not we can not add it but at least here someone likes to add
  • under the skin sage for example someone loves add rosemary and thyme from
  • dill and parsley sense no will need aromatic herbs aromatic
  • see i tried here somehow skin in Generally take away here and run into me
  • so I'm probably from this side at all I will not touch but I brought to here
  • almost here somewhere until the end of it will be enough forgot
  • the most important thing is not the most important thing but very it is important to add more juice to the oil
  • lemon I will add a little literally here there I do not know one fifth and some
  • olive oil to cream did not burn here of course that's all
  • is all ephemeral how much will it burn or not burn and
  • burn this oil I can a bit more salt be it will not burn because
  • the temperature will not be very high I will prepare in two stages so all
  • anyway that's so recommended for everyone case secure lower temperature
  • burning oil she doesn't seem to interfere
  • boost well together whiskey boost up It turned out like this
  • you can again slurry is a mixture here look I add it here
  • and yet butter super
  • let's him so here's not here be careful not to get your hands dirty here options
  • so many hands will still be soiled
  • flying bow is shorter over here pounding oil see green basil
  • us in the subject armpit here everywhere class
  • then you need some oil inside all the insides need to be lubricated
  • oiled I ask the oil salty cool mean
  • part of the oil and be sure to lubricate turkey outside 2 cups which cups
  • pads all need to grease butter is of course just great and
  • fragrant such with green peel and great wings from the inside too rubbing bye
  • pushing back here in addition we still have to have stuffing inside before
  • fillings we will have oranges here's a hat cut there a large number
  • unnecessary things large pieces all inside
  • starting from 3 orange therefore a half orange and now cut orange gives
  • sweetness why am i orange before add orange sweet and very
  • fragrant and there is not so much bitterness as y lemon because you know for example
  • who cooks a lot what is worth the fish stuff a lot of y
  • lemon as from these slices here comes white bitterness right
  • bitterly oranges have no bitterness and here here in this part it is but
  • she is not so active that is you for sure and tried candied why of
  • orange tastes better than candied than from lemons and of course onion bulbs all
  • I have 2 so I cut them into big chunks
  • in general, you can of course shove it there anything from sauerkraut
  • finishes as they say traditional to traditional russian
  • taste this buckwheat with mushrooms can be spell subside much for centuries can be
  • any cereal with any fillings but find out part
  • taste and she certainly takes but inside As a rule, not so much
  • fails because to warm up the insides need to be very, very straight
  • I try not to use much Yes, and in general it left you a choice of what
  • you put it in there just oranges onions are the most fragrant
  • the most delicious thing in general is real and It is believed that turkey is better suited
  • total onion and orange surely you write in the comments ie anyone
  • have any experience for example there yes y I am a mass of experience, I know that is not bad
  • will and some other citrus for example
  • small amount of grapefruit peel because it is impossible to cut him too
  • begins to taste bitter in oil for example or inside a large amount of rosemary
  • and garlic garlic here's the garlic up you know on my channel
  • without garlic as you know there is such proverb cook without mat is like soup without
  • here's a tomato I have the same thing with garlic and
  • until prices me honestly he is huge here's the garlic is sure to any bird i
  • I recommend always Onions as you understood I put in a peel
  • can be without peel and it is possible and in the peel because
  • products that we are now use to give
  • flavoring inside we clean them then the form there will not be like this well since I
  • at the end of his thrust they started therefore but there will be flavored ass
  • happen next let's see oh and mine another orange
  • than stuffing everything to failure let it all brewed gives us all the aromas essential
  • butter here look what I got I closed it accordingly
  • this part can be here take it last all firstly here
  • pretty good it all looks now all this will need to be cut a little
  • slightly why because i see at first thought to tie first and then
  • rub but i started to worry that from classic mating which goes here
  • here i can break the skin here and here skin and char she is all so tender therefore
  • I know something else that is very gentle try to tie you need to tie
  • always any bird for aesthetics here look that is when you knit a bird
  • then she acquires you certain shape so turkey
  • for example immediately by no means you can not cut the tail because
  • for it should cling leg something the roasting time the legs will expand
  • as if here it is not only that a little bormann breaks even more
  • our second and from the gap of the fabric no one not insured they can tear and
  • tied up without any tied up different but in the end when the protein is all
  • roll up of course we get such such the version is more sedentary or rather compact
  • paint more beautiful in my opinion in if the knee is tight
  • it happens too, but we will try this avoid the wings usually tucks here
  • here is about on the shoulder hides there under the back
  • and leave as is they generally know especially in baked form there is not
  • represents some kind of huge values ​​because the parts are thin they
  • either baked very hard or their then you can know take chop off on
  • where to keep the sauce if you tie here here the breast strip will not
  • very beautiful well and the wings are here that their they will all lie still
  • Additionally, you can not tie well my mind is baking
  • paper is the key fob I bought in Tbilisi means it was Tbilisi bought this
  • trinkets griddle with fishnets and on the keys here is such a thing showing off
  • then I will give someone we take the turkey we put it here
  • part here for some center for sure will burn nothing terrible then all this
  • sheathed my ears anyway I'm still going to process all this water the juice stand out from
  • frying turkey turkey ready to go the oven but a very important element which
  • I always advocate and say if u you have a thermometer
  • it means you live 10 times easier regarding those who have no thermometer
  • 65 degrees required to the turkey was completely cooked but
  • remained juicy there are well-known tables and so on sausages for the same
  • principle do yes there they are more there 75 degrees do not bring well, approximately
  • here somewhere here were not so on so so I drove into the bone under the bone
  • let the thermometer all let the bone warming up to 65 degrees we remember
  • that the protein collapses already there at 43 degrees so the turkey will remain
  • tender juicy and fragrant what am I worth 140 degrees for now yes I am
  • a little less give up there to 120 chicken i oh chicken in warm not on tongue turkey i
  • I send it here so it does not enter but This is how class 2 comes in
  • so here I put a thermometer near candy cche
  • I will glance how much I have there the temperature will be inside the cabinet now
  • me inside turkey 16 degrees here current temp lich current temperature
  • I need 65 as soon as i and i took it out and i will
  • give her a break the temperature will increase by another 2 degrees
  • up to 67 well let me also find that here is 67
  • I will put degrees because 72 it already introduced given not all 65 I will not
  • be led by advisers you know I have been using pancakes for so many years
  • once again about the temperature of the oven means first put up down without grilling without
  • nothing just up and down 120 degrees the turkey should slowly warm the meat
  • should warm up we will call at the end to us
  • the main thing is to reach a certain temperature meat inside to make turkey
  • and then we give the maximum and we do everything crust because if you are at the beginning
  • make it hot crust then you have it
  • The likelihood that she can you burn so do not need therefore
  • less temperature and more I think she will stand by
  • true two hours but respectively look I see not for a while
  • rely because i have a thermometer that's all for me
  • do everything and be sure to follow open a little look there
  • nothing has changed with you even if slightly flush look carefully you can
  • reduce the temperature in the end I set 67 see already 66 degrees and they
  • will wait for the beeping I want them get hold of
  • See what's inside on the thermometer 100 degrees here it is on top
  • trying to call a spoon matryoshka butter we already see 67
  • I got it continued part of the basil which has not been here long skin burned
  • burst cherries and still remove all trash
  • which can further ignite everything tom that little oven see under
  • top you we are worth even here at 100 degrees caligula inside the turkey itself
  • These here even here a little burnt want 100 degrees it would seem there why
  • there is burning there is nothing to burn Now you need to pour all the butter which
  • stood out and this juice we have an orange a little leisure all these oils to everyone
  • fatty which stood out though the indicator is almost no lean
  • meat some kind of fat is all my butter but
  • I want to say very cool aroma just gorgeous broth here even under
  • skin formed some all super In general, well, what the doctor ordered and
  • let me measure the temperature places in Kirov
  • the temperature here is about 76 white juice is flowing Come on
  • 67 73 armpit there is already in Aldan so here you have skin
  • burst can afford a hole small do seventy seventy
  • three not inside 65 look perfect of course
  • so here it is not recommended to do juice went mazafaka
  • this libexin is shorter the juice white flows from right breast right breast will be such
  • slender doing will be on you juice white all we are ready everything is perfect
  • got ready friends we happened small technical problem
  • there is a piece of video as if disappeared but it means I everywhere I measured my chest temperature
  • longer poke retardis tag and out white liquid flowed mean in the leg
  • I tried on the one that stood there inside 67 degrees everything is super since there is no
  • convection tank white tip browned yes even at 100 degrees
  • inside the oven there I have thermometer but now 120 means I only
  • didn't measure the temperature right here inside she is 5960 162 6063 duck it's me
  • bows inside the bow straight 63 that is, it means лук и у нас на мои апельсинчики все
  • провалилось хвост можно проткнуть 68 видите 70
  • градусов там хвосте в общем тут появились вот уже косточки до снизу
  • масло поливаю еще три-четыре раза маслом ставлю в духовку увеличиваем немножко
  • температуру пусть даже немного прихватиться у меня верхушка но зато я
  • чуть-чуть collar но и потому что без конвекции
  • коллировать и и довольно тяжело намазывать медом я не хочу потому что я
  • не люблю сладкие всякие штуки пишите в коментах
  • как вы там через трубочку может быть кто-то делает так увеличив усиливает
  • конверсию просверлил трубочку какой кулибин и фигачит шея в комментах
  • контактами и написали гарет шеи говорит прошлом ролике съели игры ну так
  • увеличиваю температуру до 190 ставлю все равно на всякий случай сюда
  • термометр буквально четыре минуты 3-4 надо следить то есть нам уже изготовить
  • не надо нам просто нужно чтобы верхушка коля приобрела потом даем отдохнуть и
  • начинаем резать в итоге в процессе я понимаю что у меня
  • здесь конечно прям вообще это все не подходит я закрыл немножко фольгой думал
  • что бака collar носа но они хотят а так как у меня уже индейка готова я не хочу
  • чтобы она перри готовилась поэтому все я забил не даю так как есть в этом
  • термометр нам говорит 120 градусов в итоге хоть я и увеличил температуру до
  • 190 до 210 но вот нижний pen конечно начал
  • поджигать нам остатки пищи разной в общем смотрите
  • дейка получилось у меня вот такая значит местами румяная потому что сверху и
  • снизу только мне греет без конвекции у вас если будет с конвекцией будет все
  • по бокам тоже равномерно под поджарен а вот тут видите немножко белая все
  • но самое интересное что уже сока из нее течет это плохо но тут посмотри бульон
  • под кожей лишь бульон под кожей прикольно чет подгорело тут немножко
  • чуть не подгорело но суть в том что я то задачей справился даже несмотря на то
  • что у меня такая маленькая духовка для такой большой индейки перед тем как вы
  • будете покупать индейку на всякий случай вот возьмите рулетку дома измерить
  • высоту духовки и потом прикиньте на прилавке сколько вот эта индейка у вас
  • по высоте будет занимать у меня получается что верхний тент
  • он был настолько бы скажу даже при 100 градусах удар индейка
  • получила колер хотелось бы чтобы он был как бы максимально выше и и циркуляция
  • воздуха она обжаривает до коллирует все части тем не менее я даю я стык немножко
  • то есть конечно же в горячем виде резать ее ни в коем случае нельзя потому что из
  • нее выйдет весь сок выйдет весь сок и вы вот у вас пол противень и будет вот этой
  • вот жидкости лук и апельсины которые находится у них внутри можно значит из
  • них потом все это выжить использовать как соус или сварить дополнительно соус
  • я подумаю может быть отдельным роликом еще дам какой-нибудь такой соус для
  • запеченной птице у тех кого нет термометра сразу скажу пока есть время
  • закажите в интернете вам привезут даже из петербурга привезут в саратов куда
  • угодно в городах-миллионниках они везде есть значит если нет выносного
  • термометра который вот мой стоит там 500 рублей вот такая простая штучка которая
  • облегчает вам жизнь значит я быстренько повторю
  • изначально я достал индейку с утра а нам несколько часов лежал а при комнатной
  • температуре но как вы помните я воткнул внутри было 16 градусов за полтора часа
  • при 100 градусах в духовке без конвекции только вверх-вниз
  • 100 градусах она на прогрелось до нужной нам температуры за полтора часа 6
  • половиной килограммов часть воды вышла частом этой воды и соков подгорели но
  • суть в том что мы достигли нужной температуры температура medium well 67
  • а вот в ногах там уже 72 уже был дан но при всем при этом значит воды в ней
  • внутри у нее внутри достаточно и соответственно опять у меня но 6 минут
  • она простояла под но увеличенной температуре я думал что коллер даст даже
  • прикрыл немножко фольга чтобы не горела но особо это никаким образом не повлияло
  • я еще раз говорю должна быть обязательно конвекция а теперь давайте резать я
  • отрежу кусок грудины немножко плечо захвачу чтобы не было ни у кого сомнений
  • what она красная и немного покажу как ведет
  • себя бедро значит смотрите она слегка остыла хотя еще немного горячего то я
  • давайте ей остывать больше а я вам хочу показать просто как но как сок из нее
  • брызжет и сколько мне сока остаются
  • смотрите я прям до кости режу
  • давайте как-нибудь вот так о так это у нас матрица с базиликом ароматные
  • garlic
  • посмотрите какая она идеальная получилось горячие смотрите видите мясо
  • рвется не тянется сок из нее течет вот он самый смак можно даже в масло вот
  • сюда окунать но сразу скажу сама верхняя часть вместе с кожей дано
  • нога немножко подсушила
  • хода нет обмана сочно все течет дальше чем на с ногой многие мясо красная но
  • при всем при этом она смотрите сок и смело сочится белый белий белий
  • вот кожа хочется больше чтобы она была вот такая вот здесь он более-менее
  • хрустящая
  • хочется что водитель был окружающая кожа она узнаете немножко такая резиновая или
  • нужно просто дать немножко остыть соки распределяться на не супер плечу обещал
  • крыло понятно маленькая да открываем
  • снежана немножко вот она видите здесь она даже снизу не подгорело
  • неправильно подрумянилось крыло готово на крыло был дан плечо
  • смотрите как с него течет белый сок видите на нож стекает белый сок чтобы не
  • было потом ситуации по поводу не до жареная это идеально приготовленная
  • индейка идеально сочная и вкусная
  • великолепная будете жарить дольше температура будет уходить глубже
  • сок вытечет мясо будет сухой сейчас она пока что сочная лучшие дети и у меня не
  • получалось никогда в жизни а все что термометр и наступающий новый год в
  • общем термометр наступающий новый год золотые ваши ручки превратят эту индейку
  • украшение праздничного стола

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How to Cook a Turkey. How to Cook a Turkey Howtobasic. How to Cook a Turkey on the Grill. ♦How to DIY♦
This video has been taken with Creative Commons CC BY license from channel Шеф-повар Василий Емельяненко. There is reference to author video - /watch?v=keKcUNvzgrU

The Easiest Method for Cooking Turkey
Now, we know that many people have strong opinions on the best way to cook a turkey. You may fry it, grill it, roast it overnight, or even cook it in a slow cooker. You may brine religiously every year, or maybe have a secret family spice rub that only gets used at Thanksgiving.

But just to keep things really simple and straightforward with this tutorial, today we are taking a completely no-frills approach — though there are lots of places along the way where you can add some spice, extra flavor, or personal touches.

Consider this a recipe template and feel free to play with it as much or as little as you like; our goal is simply to give you a foolproof way to get that turkey roasted and onto plates with as little stress as possible.

This method will work with any turkey: big or small, brined or not, free-range or otherwise. Cooking times will vary, but the basic technique will be the same. For reference, the turkey in the photos was a pre-brined 16-pound turkey from Williams-Sonoma.

Your Turkey Cheat Sheet
This method works best for a turkey in the 12 to 16 pound range.
Plan on 13 minutes of cooking time for every pound of turkey if roasting empty and 15 minute per pound if stuffed.
Heat the oven to 450°F to preheat and then drop the temperature to 350°F when putting the turkey into the oven.
The turkey is done when it registers a minimum of 165° in the thickest part of the thigh.
Rest the turkey for at least 15 minutes before carving. Plenty of time to make a batch of gravy.
How to Cook a Turkey: Basic Steps
You'll be glad to know that cooking a turkey is actually very easy. Even with just a little bit of prep, you'll get great results you can be proud of. Here's how to prepare the turkey for roasting in the oven:

Remove the packet of giblets from the cavity of the bird and save them for gravy or stuffing. Next, rinse the bird inside and out (optional) and pat dry with paper towels.
If you are stuffing the turkey, stuff it loosely, allowing about 1/2 to 3/4 cup stuffing per pound of turkey. See how to stuff a turkey.
Tie drumsticks together with string, and brush the skin with melted butter or oil. See how to truss a turkey.

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