How To Cake It Step by Step

How To Cake It Step by Step

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Welcome to How To Cake It Step by Step! The home of the ultimate makeover - or should we say Cakeover??

We feature crazy cake creations by BRAND NEW cake artists EVERY MONDAY Step by step instructions on making mind-blowing cakes are released EVERY THURSDAY, and new compilations of incredible cake creations are released EVERY SATURDAY.

Watch simple cakes be transformed into the most amazing things - a football, a severed leg, a handbag, a hat, a snake...you name it! If you love baking, cakes, buttercream and all things sweet we are happy you are here.

If you are a cake artist or maker of mind-blowing edible creations we would love to feature your work! Email us at casting@howtocakeit.com with pic or video of your work!

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