How To Build Truck Bed Drawers // SUV Drawer // DIY

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How To Build Truck Bed Drawers // SUV Drawer // DIY
How To Build Truck Bed Drawers // SUV Drawer // DIY thumb How To Build Truck Bed Drawers // SUV Drawer // DIY thumb How To Build Truck Bed Drawers // SUV Drawer // DIY thumb


How to build Truck Bed or SUV Drawers. Thanks to Lowe's for sponsoring this DIY woodworking video! Please support this channel by support them.

Cost for this build was around $300-$400.





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Videography and Editing: Marlon J Torres

**This materials list is for drawers that I made for my standard 6’ 6” bed. You might need to alter the materials if you are building for a different sized truck bed or SUV. Total cost for me was around $400.
** I recommend going to the store to pick these items up so you can sort the lumber and pick the best pieces, but here are some links anyways if you want to order online and have delivered or ready for pick up at the store.
(4) 2x8 8 foot boards for frame
(2) 1/2” sheets of plywood for top and bottom, you can go up or down in thickness as well.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Severe-Weather-1-2-in-Common-Southern-Yellow-Pine-Plywood-Sheathing-Application-as-4-x-8/1000616453?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) 1/4” sheet of plywood for the drawer bottom.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Plytanium-1-4-CAT-PS1-09-Pine-Sanded-Plywood-Application-as-4-x-8/3010103?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(5) 1”x8” 8 foot pine boards for drawer sides.
Sort in store

(4) 1”x6” 8 foot pine boards for drawer dividers
Sort in store

(1) 4”x4” 8 foot pine post for making drawer side reinforcements.
Sort in store

(1) 4’ wide roll of indoor/outdoor carpet. They usually come in 12’ sections that they cut back in the carpet section.

(2) 1 lb boxes of (1 5/8”) or 2” drywall screws
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Grip-Rite-6-x-1-5-8-in-Bugle-Head-Coarse-Thread-Drywall-Screws-1-lb/4744171?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) small box of small ½” screws, used for screwing uhmw down.

(1) 1lb box of 2 ½” screws for screwing the 2x8s together (really you only need 8 screws for this.)
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Grip-Rite-8-x-2-1-2-in-Bugle-Head-Coarse-Thread-Drywall-Screws-1-lb/4744165?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) 4’ ½” aluminum angle iron, to protect front edge of top.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-4-ft-x-0-5-in-Aluminum-Solid-Angle/3053615?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) ¾” galvanized steel flat bar, for making locking mechanism
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-3-ft-x-0-75-in-Plated-Steel-Metal-Flat-Bar/3057627?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) ¼” steel rod for locking mechanism
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-6-ft-x-0-1875-in-Plated-Steel-Metal-Round/3053661?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(4) small cotter pins, for locking mechanism. They come in 3 per bag.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-1-16-in-x-3-4-in-Cotter-Pins/3015267?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(4) Heavy Duty Handles
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gatehouse-Gate-Pull-3-1-3-in-Zinc-Gate-Handle/3353258?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) Can of Flex Seal or heavy duty exterior porch/walkway paint
https://www.lowes.com/pd/Flex-Seal-32-fl-oz-Black-Dip-Rubberized-Coating/1000097852?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Valspar-Dark-Gray-Satin-Interior-Exterior-Porch-and-Floor-Paint-Actual-Net-Contents-128-fl-oz/3083633?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(4) L brackets for mounting flush boards to drawer frame once in the bed of truck.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/National-Hardware-0-875-in-x-4-in-x-3-98-in-Zinc-plated-Flat-Brace/1000349847?cm_mmc=im_-_-YT-_-HOW-_- thirdcoast-_-truckdrawers120519

(1) 3/16” thick 12”x48” sheet of UHMW

(2) truck topper t-handles, order at your local topper dealer.

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