How Sticky Candy Are Made

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How Sticky Candy Are Made
How Sticky Candy Are Made thumb How Sticky Candy Are Made thumb How Sticky Candy Are Made thumb


  • So right now we're making candy
  • Yeah
  • For rock candy you need casing, which is the purple for the outside
  • And then white for the background
  • And uh green for the stock
  • (Idk dudes the green could be for anything it's hard to hear him)
  • (oo steamy)
  • (That looks pretty creamy)
  • (The mysterious green appears!)
  • Alright now we're cooling down the candy so we can-
  • -start cutting it
  • snip snip
  • Then for the white part, we need to stretch this
  • Using the hook over there
  • We're gonna use the special gloves
  • Stretch it. Yeah.
  • Something something stretching the candies
  • (Sorry sir you're very quiet)
  • Introduce egg to the candy
  • And as we stretch the candy becomes lighter
  • And we keep this up
  • Like
  • Crunching texture of the candy
  • (Whip it!)
  • *SMACK*
  • So I better make the fruit self- The grape fruit
  • Gonna make the something
  • (The candy folding is hypnotizing)
  • *smack*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *thud*
  • oh no he dropped it
  • *thud CLANG*
  • *bang*
  • (The mysterious thudding noise)
  • *THUD*
  • (What're you doing, polishing the candy?)
  • (grapeception)
  • This is where we make the designs
  • *THUD*
  • It maintains the softness of the candy so we can work on it
  • And it's a temperature control
  • So
  • We can adjust the temperature based on our needs
  • That thing over there is the filling maker
  • (I can't hear what he's saying over the green candy)
  • (mesmerizing)
  • *thud... thud*
  • *THUD*
  • So after we make all the round for the green
  • We're gonna start stacking them together
  • Then we're gonna make the candies with the creamy- uh, cream filling
  • Right now you can't see it but
  • *Snip*
  • Later on
  • *CLANG clang calngclang*
  • We'll see the green
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *CLANG*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • (Again, polishing the candies)
  • (Whee leg)
  • *THUD*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • *snip*
  • WHUT
  • *thud*
  • *thud*
  • *clang*
  • *snip*
  • (Is it just gonna be one giant candy?)
  • (Sign me up!)
  • (Baby candy burrito)
  • *Clang*
  • (I'm sorry I really can't tell what he's saying here)
  • *thud*
  • *THUD*
  • (Oh I finally got it the little ones make a grape bunch)
  • *thud*
  • Next we pull the candy into small pieces
  • *unearthly clamor*
  • *thu-THUD*
  • I'm rolling the candy to make it long and
  • to maintain the shape and size
  • (This next part is really impressive just watch)
  • (tiny grapes)
  • (Yeah get some candy mr. camera man you deserve it)
  • That was cool
  • My work here is done
  • peace out homies

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Checking out how handmade candies are made in Sticky Singapore!

Sticky is the first and only candy shop in Singapore that makes handmade rock candy and the best thing is that they display their candy making for the public to see.

In this video we see the making process of grape rock candy getting made

Special thanks to Sticky Candy for giving us permission to film this at their upcoming candy lab!

Check out Sticky Singapore @

The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
B1-54/55, Singapore 059817

Opening Hours
10:30am - 10pm Everyday

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