How MARVEL Redeemed THOR

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How MARVEL Redeemed THOR
How MARVEL Redeemed THOR thumb How MARVEL Redeemed THOR thumb How MARVEL Redeemed THOR thumb


  • Thor
  • Thor is now a fan favorite Marvel character. He, stole the show in Infinity War and thor is now one of my favorite
  • MCU heroes.
  • Yes,
  • Thor. (no way)
  • I think it's truly amazing to see, mass appeal for a character which was cared for before, but not necessarily gushed over.
  • Thor was the third Marvel character, which was introduced to us which was building up towards the Avengers and the first film(true)
  • was pretty good it suffered from a few things but, what it got right, was Thor and Loki,
  • Loki eventually eclipsed Thor in Thor: The Dark World with Loki dominating a lot of the spotlight. (#1 worst mcu movie)
  • The reason why, is because after Thor's hero's journey in the 2011 film,
  • Thor, pretty much stayed the same. He stays a somewhat static character throughout the Avengers, mostly through thor the dark world and is a static
  • character in Age of Ultron.
  • In the Avengers the biggest change for all the characters
  • is that they cannot work together and then at the end of the film they eventually learn how to.
  • But most of the characters have something that they were struggling with as well.
  • Captain America is a man at a time and is continuing his journey immediately after the First Avenger.
  • His journey is one of adaptation man versus world,
  • also man versus self a little bit.
  • Iron Man's journey is about learning humility, to be a team player, letting others take control.
  • We also see him grow into as big of a character as a god and a monster,
  • capable of sacrificing himself for the greater good
  • "You're, not the guy to, make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire or let the other guy crawl over you"
  • "I think I would just cut the wire"
  • "You know, you may not be a threat but you better stop pretending to be a hero."
  • Bruce banners arc is of acceptance,
  • and now Thor's arc is pretty much intertwined with his brothers.
  • But that's the biggest, issue with Thor in the earlier marvel films, there's no Thor without Loki,
  • but there's definitely a feeling that there can be a Loki without Thor.
  • Loki's journey in the Avengers is one of discovery.
  • We, the audience are able to see the man he's transformed into after the events of Thor.
  • It's a back and forth between
  • Thor and Loki, with
  • Thor not wanting to harm his brother and eventually learning what needs to be done.
  • The issue with this arc is that we kind of already saw it in the film of Thor.
  • Thor loves his brother, but doesn't want to fight him, but eventually has to, it's done yet again.
  • And while both are effective and are great climaxes to these arcs, since we've already seen this in Thor (2011),
  • Thor the character is not as interesting of a character because he's
  • still wrestling with the same issues of his first film.
  • In Thor: The Dark World, thor is yet again intertwined with loki in fact loki's arc is far moreinteresting than thor's
  • You, fit you, alone with loved mother you, had her tricks but i had her trust trust
  • Was that a last expression?
  • trust i
  • wish i could, trust you
  • Trust my rage
  • Loki, wants to do one thing in the dark
  • World get revenge on malekith and curse for the death of his mother he changes drastically because of the film
  • Begins with him incarcerated and ends with him sacrificing himself to stop curse
  • It's a dramatic change, which unfolds naturally, from his character thor's journey on the other hand
  • is i'm pretty sure about wanting to be with the, jane
  • and
  • It's one of the most dull arcs i've ever seen in a marvel film
  • Thor's arc is that he believes that his duties to the people of asgard and in the end of the film he does not want
  • The throne and returns to jane thor is also impacted. By his mother's death but his, sadness is
  • Overshadowed by loki's and though it should, feel, like thor's quest, because that's the name of the movie it feels like
  • Loki's film for the entire second act
  • Thor's mood doesn't change throughout the entire film and in the end he starts feeling like a static character even
  • Though, he learns and finally we've reached
  • Age of ultron the movie that butchered thor in my opinion, thorin, age of ultron has
  • No arc he is just there and worse he's fallen, lower than, hawkeye and black widow
  • Because those two characters actually have arcs now even though widows is not that amazing?
  • you
  • And banner better not be playing hide the zucchini
  • Thor realizing that vision is important due to his visions is not an arc
  • By the way that is a plot point and after age of ultron thor was left a broken shell of a character in my
  • personal opinion
  • Thankfully, the character, was picked up by tycho ytd, and we got the spectacle known as thor ragnarok
  • now thor ragnarok
  • Absolutely rejuven, eyes the character for thor for multiple reasons one thor is now a lot, more relatable having, awkward moments
  • Like people, do but more importantly thor, is written less as a moody shakespearean character it's hard to relate to someone that speaks, like this
  • the truth
  • Thrown, chill you people are so petty
  • and tiny
  • Now thor acts more like a human being whatever she is we can, we can stop it together, we can, face or do you
  • Know i used to want to be a valkyrie when i was younger so i found out that you were old?
  • Women what really, helped. Push this is the tone of thor ragnarok
  • Now the movie is a comedy and due to this everything that occurs is put through a lens
  • One complaint i always see is that ragnarok is too funny
  • That's mostly based on preference is not really a valid critique a much more valid critique
  • Is that the characters don't act the way, they usually, do and that i can, explain very easily
  • Comedy, films always have a sort of comedy lens from a comedy filter people don't necessarily act in mundane ways and everything is a bit
  • Of an exaggeration of what is normally seen and this is common in all comedy movies and you shouldn't expect?
  • A serious tone when going into a comedy film in ragnarok
  • What is funnier is not really as much the characters as it is of the situation's they are faced with but
  • Still if characters are more cheery, you're, happy, they technically are now
  • More cheery and happy and that will be explained later on when i talk about infinity war right now if you remove all the comedy
  • From thor ragnarok you still have a great film
  • Thor is on a quest to save as people in the movie but must
  • Also, overcome his insecurities and similar to tony stark and the avengers become a, man that's willing to sacrifice something for the greater good
  • whatever
  • Even thor's ark with loki is now different thorne loki
  • Voice butted heads but now thor is indifferent to loki as tom hiddleston stated during press junket i've said
  • This, about loki
  • Before the opposite of love is not hate but
  • Indifference so the idea that thor might be indifferent to loki is troubling for him
  • Because that's a defining feature of who his character is i don't belong in the family
  • My, brother doesn't love me i hate my, brother the idea, that his brother is like, yeah whatever it's an interesting development
  • There's a sense of urgency in the film and a sense of family family dynamics and family secrecy
  • Is huge in ragnarok
  • And with thor finally accepting his role as king of asgard as arc from the first thor film has now completed as, well
  • Tycho, ytd really reinvigorated thor franchise able to capture a comic book absurdity and pretty much morphed a new character
  • The thor, we should have seen in an age of ultron i was pretty bored with, myself and the tiger agreed. He, said i'm sorry
  • and
  • Never, we didn't, want it we didn't, want to sort of stick to a pattern in what was familiar, what people were expected
  • We wanted something wildly different and so and actually my concern was hopefully, they'll let him
  • Keep his finger prints on the movie rather than being sort of muscled into a studio version of it we last, way too much and
  • Credibly surprised, that people love this film because
  • Now, what is incredible? Is that the russo brothers have taken the attitude change of thor from thor ragnarok
  • And delved into the psyche of the character an
  • Infinity war thor is a conversation with rocket racoon in which he describes how
  • Important it is for him to stop thanos and how much he's lost
  • Well he says all this with a carefree attitude setting the loss of his brother how
  • He could, still be alive
  • His mother's death at the hands of a dark
  • Elf his father's death and the loss of half of his people his eyes and mannerisms tell a different story one of loss and sadness
  • What more could, i lose he says and we now realize that thor is actually hiding some of his pain
  • By smiling and act like he's having fun all the time
  • Thora, during infinity war is not all that joyous but
  • He's still the same thor from thor ragnarok his attitude still a bit more witty and nonchalant
  • But now has a more powerful drive compared to ragnarok thor's journey an infinity war is one of revenge what
  • We should have gotten in thor the dark world
  • We see thor's losses through two movies and an infinity war he is the character we're probably rooting for the most
  • While thanos has the most screen time an iron man is top billing
  • thor's journey an infinity war propels the character into the spotlight, again due to his fantastic character progression and arc
  • His journey is understandable and the most human pain, and revenge are all feelings that, we humans experience?
  • And that is why thor is now a truly beloved character in the marvel cinematic universe
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Spoilers! Thor is back at it in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War - and he's totally awesome. Yes, Thor.

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