Homemade BREAKAWAY Glass

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Homemade BREAKAWAY Glass
Homemade BREAKAWAY Glass thumb Homemade BREAKAWAY Glass thumb Homemade BREAKAWAY Glass thumb


  • In today's video we are taking a look at how you can safely make your own breakaway glass at home
  • Guys we love this studio. It has been our home for a really long time
  • But that said it's a bit time for an update
  • So we're going to be adding a few new things throughout the next coming videos, but before we get started on our project today
  • Let's start with a fresh coat of paint
  • Alright guys, we have started redecorating the studio as you can see we're not done yet
  • But don't panic it is gonna be changing over the next few videos and the idea right now is to get some decorations in place
  • So for the first decoration that I think that I want now we have been working on building a new work bench
  • Which is going to be fantastic, we're gonna have a few new really useful things
  • But I think we need an in case of emergency box. Now what we put in this will have to decide later
  • But for now if we have an in case of emergency break blast box
  • We don't necessarily want actual broken glass all around the studio
  • so there are a few different ways that you can make safe breakaway glass or film or
  • theater anything like that in modern film work one of the most common forms of breakaway glass is actually
  • smashed glass or different types of breakaway plastic now
  • That's not how they used to do it
  • It used to actually just be a type of sugar glass
  • Now sugar glass has the tendency of turning yellow if you try and harden it
  • So what we actually want to try today is sugar glass and then compare it with
  • Isomalt sugar glass has the tendency of having a bit of a yellow tint as it
  • Caramelizes when it gets to the hard crack stage, so it doesn't look perfectly clear now
  • Isomalt is a little bit different isomalt tends to melt at a slightly lower temperature and ends up crystal clear
  • So that's what we're gonna try today along with some sugar glass
  • See we can actually get that in our shadow box to make our own break in case of emergency box. Here's the basic idea
  • We have got a shadow box. We've got some isomalt
  • We've got some sugar and we've got a few ideas on how we can turn this into some glass that we can break safely in
  • The studio so for our first few steps here, we're gonna go ahead and take our isomalt
  • we're gonna take our sugar and we're gonna get them melting on the stove while that's going we're gonna take apart our shadow box and
  • Get rid of the actual glass get it ready for our sugar glass
  • So when it comes to making breakaway glass at home
  • It's actually pretty simple if you have sugar and you have a candy thermometer, then it's really really easy
  • We'll go ahead and go over measurements and a cup of minutes
  • But if you can heat this sugar up to the hard crack stage and then pour it smooth
  • You shouldn't have any problems. As I said before though. It will be caramelized
  • You will have a slight discoloration which is why we're going to try the ice malt as well
  • So we're gonna go ahead and preheat our oven
  • Preheat the stove and get this going now because I know that the sugar is going to be discolored
  • I'm not even going to bother trying to put that into our breakaway box today
  • So I will be making a smaller sheet with our sugar glass and then we have a larger sheet
  • That's actually smoother with no bent edges for our isomalt. So we're not gonna have any problems with warping for the isomalt
  • I'm also aware that my shadow box has a piece of glass that is ten by twenty inches and this
  • Cookie sheet is a little bit larger than that. So I shouldn't have any problems there right now
  • I'm just testing to see how much sugar I actually am going to be needing to make now
  • This is two cups of water that I've just poured into the the pan for our sugar glass
  • It's not quite coating it thick enough to make me happy
  • So I think we're gonna double this recipe might be a thicker pane that might not use all of it
  • But that way I'd rather have more than less. So for your basic sugar recipe this is gonna be very simple
  • This is gonna be four cups of sugar a cup and a half of water and then two 2/3 cups of corn syrup
  • We're gonna go ahead and stir this on a low heat until it's fully
  • Dissolved and then we'll turn that up to a medium heat and we're gonna go ahead and let this
  • Heat up until it hits hard crack stage and then we'll remove it from the heat and pour it directly into our mold
  • you guys I have no idea if I got enough ice and mom you don't really need to use a lot of water for the
  • Isomalt, so let's just see how this
  • look
  • So I actually think this is going to be a perfect amount of isomalt
  • So one bag of kitchen alchemy, this is 2.2 pounds or 36 ounces of isomalt
  • I think that's going to be pretty perfect for our 10 by 20 inch pane of glass that we need
  • However, I am going to use both bags. I did buy two bags of isomalt
  • I'm gonna melt it all but I'm not going to pour it all at the same time
  • What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have it all melt down on the stove. The oven will be preheated to
  • 275 degrees Fahrenheit we'll go ahead and just let all of the bubble sort of rise
  • To make it really really clear and then after that we'll go ahead and pour two separate sheets when melting isomalt
  • Everyone does things a little bit differently
  • some people say you want to add enough water for it to be the
  • Consistency of what's and some people say you don't even need to add any at all
  • I like to add just a little bit to my pot to make sure that nothing's burning on the bottom
  • But then I just keep it at a low heat until it's all melted
  • then pop it into the oven to make sure that we had all of those bubbles rising to the surface the main thing you really
  • Want to make sure of when you're working with icing up is that all of your equipment is very very clean?
  • Distilled water is preferred
  • I have found that I've been able to get some very very nice results without it
  • But do make sure you have a very clean pot
  • Very clean spatula and make sure not to cross contaminate it with your sugar if you're melting them at the same time
  • We're gonna go ahead and keep a simmer for our sugar while our isomalt is melting the ice melts gonna be much slower
  • It's gonna be much calmer. Well this hits a hard crack stage. This is simply just gonna melt down
  • Until it's ready to go in the oven
  • so I would say we've probably got about 10 minutes where I can actually leave these kind of let them melt as they go so
  • Well, they're melting on the stove. I'm going to go ahead and get started on the shadowbox itself
  • So to begin with this is a shadowbox. These can be found at most craft stores framing stores things like that
  • Normally what they're used for is for pinning or placing little mementos that might be thicker that you might put in a normal frame
  • So you can see that we've got a pretty good depth here on this one. So it should give us a really nice sort of
  • Emergency box we can put any sort of emergency supplies in here that we might need
  • So first things first, we don't need the real glass. So let's take that
  • Reowww glass removed
  • Our isomalt is not done melting
  • However, our sugar has hit it's hard crack stage and you can see it's actually already got that sort of a yellow tint
  • It's pretty much ready to pour. I want to do get my tray ready for it now
  • Well, I'm not too worried about it sticking to my non-stick pan
  • I am going to add a very thin layer of cooking oil it will
  • Fog up the glass just a little bit but less chance of it breaking when I try and pull it out later
  • You can see that there's obviously going to be a color change. That's not going to look like regular glass
  • It's still going to be a nice safe breakaway glass
  • But not the color we're going for so we're going to show you the difference
  • So I'm going to go ahead and pour this now and hope it cools and comes out without breaking. Let's see
  • That is about
  • 350 degrees Fahrenheit right now. So just tipping this tray. I'd be super careful
  • I'm gonna take this and we're just gonna dip the bottom to cool it down just enough so that it does stop cooking
  • It'll still be heated, but it won't be cooking anymore
  • Be very careful if you do this because this steam rising is hot enough to burn you
  • There we go, but you can see that our bubbles have all calmed down
  • So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pop this in the oven for about 15 minutes again
  • Just to get these bubbles to rise to the surface so that women report we get a nice clear glass look
  • Yes, oh now I do wish I have my audio on because I'm like dancing over here
  • This is looking super good the surface has a really interesting texture kind of looks like the surface of the Moon guys
  • I still made again because I needed a second pair of hands and he has hands
  • But we have got our sugar glass
  • we have got our isomalt glass and we want to try and get these out of the pans and
  • I'm very worried that with just one set of hands. The bending is gonna probably break them. So here's the plan
  • I'm gonna try and tip them out once we've got them out
  • We will need to cut one down to size and the way you do that is with a very very hot knife
  • We've got our knives heating up on the stove. Yeah this one it's already actually can already see. Yes it delaminates at the edges
  • It's just beautiful, which is exactly what we were going for
  • So I think well
  • What we can do is we if we put the cardboard over it
  • And flip it and we can just gently press from the back on the metal plate. I think it will all release
  • All right. We give it a try. We give it a try
  • I've never actually seen anybody try and make sheet isomalt before glass or sugar glass
  • Yes, but I don't think I needed to do any pouring not just yeah pop right out there. Oh
  • My gosh, oh that's gonna taste like cooking spray. Oh
  • It tastes great. This turned out so much better than we are expecting. Yes, because it is sugar glass. Yes
  • It does caramelize it does turn, you know a little bit yellow
  • But this is so much smoother than we were expecting. You can even see the logo of harvest, right?
  • So from our freeze dry pan, you can see it right there
  • So very very hot knife
  • We've had it just boiling on the stove
  • But then I'm drying it so that it won't it won't gum up our our sugar glass now
  • I know that supposedly this works with isomalt. I do not know if it works with sugar glass quite the same so far
  • I'm gonna say no, but we're still gonna try because even regular glass you can score and break
  • All right. Yep thousand-degree knife challenge go for it
  • Aha hey that looks like it did something Wow, yeah that was much much more efficient
  • Exactly those look like that. I came off nice exactly how you do it. I just want it to be known
  • I don't know if it was caught on camera. She literally just said hit me in the head. It's fine. I got it
  • Just go for it. All right
  • Yeah
  • Action star we're gonna clean up and then we're gonna move on to our isomalt
  • All right. So sugar glass it does work. You can make amazing breakaway panels with it
  • The isomalt is the one that's very clear. This is the one I'm excited about
  • This is the one that I want to put into our emergency kit box to put on the wall
  • So see if we get it to come out just as easily as the sugar glass. Did I'm gonna flip towards you. Okay ready? Oh,
  • Sure, that's out that sounded like a freak though. That sounds like correct, please don't be broken. Please don't be broken
  • Yes, amazing sheet, I think that's gonna be okay and again there's this bit of cloudiness from the oil
  • So I think we're gonna try and hit it with the torch again
  • see if we can clean it up just a little bit and then we're gonna cut it down to size and get it into our
  • emergency kit
  • We've got it in place it's not perfectly smooth
  • So I'm gonna use our smaller torch see if we can clean that up a little bit and then we're gonna get some writing on
  • It mess happening along the side here. There we go
  • Alright guys
  • We've got it in case of emergency we are set
  • But I'll show you put in the studio
  • Guys, that's not all we've always got more for you to see that box up at the top will take you to our latest video
  • In that box the bottom is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next hit this bomb in the middle to subscribe to the club
  • So you never miss out on the fun. Don't forget to ring that Bell and we'll see in the next one. Talk to you then

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Today we're trying a few different recipes to make the perfect homemade breakaway sugar glass

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