Home Theater Room Platform Buildout

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32:24   |   Apr 19, 2019


Home Theater Room Platform Buildout
Home Theater Room Platform Buildout thumb Home Theater Room Platform Buildout thumb Home Theater Room Platform Buildout thumb


Home Theater Room Riser Buildout

I've had a lot of requests to make a video of a walkthrough of the new system installed and setup, here is that video: /watch?v=K_ycUDbC86w

The room is 29 ft long by 12.5 ft wide. The platform measured 12 ft long and was built wall to wall. We took out a door that went to the utility room which can be accessed by another door.

The Platform took 35-40 hrs to build. Below are the costs:

Labor Time: $2400
Materials: $2500
Projector: $1500
4k Projector Screen: $500
Powered Chairs from Sams Club: $2000
Mini Fridge: $279

The Projector is a BenQ TK800 HDR. The 150" screen is from Elite Screens on Amazon, it's a Sable II Frame that measures 11.5' wide by 6.5' high.

I put sound proof insulation into the platform with two vents on the second level front and two on the back to help pass sound and resolve any vibrations. The ply wood is 1.5" thick to help deaden sound. I hired an electrician to come in and make sure it was wired correctly and to get all the plugs in. I have 4 plugs that have USB charging ports on them.

The sound system is a 7.2ch Sony Atmos 8 Speaker system. I am installing butt kickers into the chairs next week.

I spent overall around $8-10k on the room doing it myself.. I know many people that spend upwards of 100k doing a theater room, having family help really saved on the cost and doing much of the work myself.

If you have any questions.. feel free to post below!

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