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We're wishing Sam Frost the happiest of birthdays today! Hip, hip, hooooraaay! Post your messages

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Angelo Rosetta is coming to Summer Bay but right now, Luke Jacobz is staying with his sisters family. ‍‍‍

#HomeandAway returns April 13th. 7PM on Channel 7

Why Luke Jacobz left his Bondi home to self-isolate with his family

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We hear you. We feel you. We applaud you.



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How are you keeping merry? ☕ Daily Telegraph

#HomeAndAway returns Monday 13 April. 7PM on Channel 7
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Ray called in to catch up with Fitzy & Wippa this morning. Listen to the chat

#HomeAndAway returns Monday 13 April. 7PM on Channel 7

Ray on Fitzy & Wippa

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One mood or all the moods?!

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Let's talk about food ... on or‍♂ #HomeAndAway

Watch the rest of this video - [ Bit.ly Link ]

Pineapple on pizza | Tim Franklin & Emily Weir

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Post a if this photo made you smile like it made us smile or has it made you at our crew photo bombing? ☀ #homeandaway
insta - @lynnemcgranger
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Whether you’re home or away do your virtual calls look like this?
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Jump! Jump! Fitzy & Wippa's Isolation Rap Battle staring our very own Lynne McGranger!


Fitzy & Wippa's Celebrity Isolation Rap Battle

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