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Hôm nay con gái chạy lại khoe bố một câu chuyện con mới viết là một bài tập về từ tượng thanh (onomatopoeia) để nộp cô giáo. Bố,mẹ đọc xong xin phép con gái đăng lên cho mọi người cùng xem.
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Written by Elyza Nguyen, 9yo

The sun shines on my face. “It’s so bright!”, I groaned. I twisted and turned. I finally open my eyes, but where am I? How did I get here? I had to many questions. I sat up. I walked slowly. Crackle! Crackle! Crackle! The dried leaves crumbled as I was walking across them. “ROAR!” “EEK! What was that?”, I shrieked. My heart was pounding, and my chest was popping up and down. I was breathing so loud you could hear it. I went through the bushes behind me and ran until I saw a lake. I slowed down and sat near the lake. I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do. First of all, I was stuck in a jungle. Second of all, there are going to be random animals chasing me. I pretty much had no luck, right? I was so confused.

At the corner of my eye, I saw something hanging from the tree. I turned my head around and I saw a monkey swinging from vine to vine. Another was staring at me weirdly. And one was eating a fresh banana. A light bulb popped onto my head. If monkeys can eat bananas, so can I! So I went near the tree where the monkeys were, then I found a banana. I peeled off the skin and ate the banana. I was still kind of hungry, so I ate two more and took a few for later.

Some time past and I was starting to get kind of bored. But my brain was telling me that I heard someone I recognized. They were calling out my name. “Elyza, Elyza!” There was a stampede of buffaloes coming toward my way, and I had to think fast. Boom, boom, boom! Suddenly, they were right in front of me. But before they ran me over, I closed my eyes...then my body shut down. Was this what I was thinking? No. A bubble popped off my head. Swish... swish...pop! Don’t worry about me. It was just a dream.

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