Hollis & Nancy's Homestead

Hollis & Nancy's Homestead

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Successful ADVANCED methods for growing BIG Harvest and Varieties of Unusual vegetables, fruit's, foods & diys for new gardeners, master gardeners, homesteaders, farmers or anyone seeking a self sufficient, sustainable living. Hollis has passion for gardening over 56+ years (8 years old)

We share with you our BIG Tips, Tricks & Secrets to INSPIRE HEALTHIER FAMILIES and have fun doing it.
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Join us on our journey on our NEW 15 acre rual homestead. Our goal is container gardening and organic gardening, permaculture, fruit trees, home cooking, chickens, quail, turkey, diy, build, preserving, canning, fishing, hunting ect.

Since December 2009, we been building our Self Sustainable skills on small 1/4 acre suburban homestead. By using best of organic gardening methods and using modern products, builds, diys, and tips to make gardening fun, easy, affordable, convenient, abundant, and quick.

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