Holden Colorado Review - 2018 Z71 4WD

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03:56   |   Jan 23, 2019


Holden Colorado Review - 2018 Z71 4WD
Holden Colorado Review - 2018 Z71 4WD thumb Holden Colorado Review - 2018 Z71 4WD thumb Holden Colorado Review - 2018 Z71 4WD thumb


The Holden Colorado has become a popular choice as a 4WD and a car we’re seeing much more of out in the bush. Recently we had the opportunity to take two identical 2018 Colorado Z71 models off road for a bit of a drive, and whilst it wasn’t extreme, it certainly gave them a good test.

I need to disclose that we weren’t actually out doing a specific review or test of the Colorado, so some of the info we have is a bit limited. We don't show all the features or capabilities, but some of the footage speaks for itself. We were actually taking some customers out for the day, but we got plenty of video footage so we decided to share our thoughts.

Overall we were very impressed. The car handled well, has plenty of grunt, is comfortable to drive, has all the modern gadgets and technology you'd want and expect, and handled the 4WDing with ease.

In fact it even out shone a few big rigs that we met along the way who were struggling to get up a hill out of a creek. Not us, we just drove straight out!

If we were looking for a 4WD Ute, then this would definitely be high on our list. Holden's catch phrase for the Colorado is "not to be outdone"... and we feel in some respects, they are spot on.

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