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...and the other 28% of parenting is finding a replacement.
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Do you have a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker in your life that you want to thank?

Here's How You Can Thank Healthcare Workers For Keeping Us Safe!

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Kristel Tringrove
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#Selfcare #HitHobart
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Another one!

Random Jukebox #2!
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Who else is thinking this? #HitHobart
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It's SO important that we are doing as much as we can to take care of local Hobart businesses at the moment! #SupportLocal

Tommy Windsor Tells Us How To Continue Supporting Our Local Businesses!

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Alex Johnston
Please remember this is a hard time for everyone. If you are feeling overwhelmed please call these numbers and look after yourself.
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Here are all of our Bow Buddies so far Make sure you are supporting as many of our local Hobart businesses as you can!

Hobart Bow Buddies

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Tasmanian COVID19 Tally climbs to 47

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Patricia Moles
The list of celebrities is long! Not to mention the Queen!

The Big Question - Who Has Prince Charles Passed COVID-19 Onto?

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