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'It hadn’t meant to be this way...'

On #ThisDayInHistory in 1879, Zulus inflicted the worst ever defeat by a native force on the British army at The Battle of Isandlwana.

How the Zulus inflicted the British army's worst defeat by a native force at Isandlwana

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It’s presence in the sample could be an indication that the #TheCurseOfOakIsland team may be in possession of something far older than what they first thought.

Examining the Iron

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Did you know that more than 100,000 Sikhs fought in WW1? Men from across India fought for the Empire in the Great War as well as Australians, Canadians, South Africans and New Zealanders.

The Empire's role in WW1 is equal parts triumphant and heartbreaking

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Have you ever thought about the symbols on a dollar bill and what they mean? They may not mean what you think.

The Eye of the Swamp

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After being assassinated on April 4, 1968, today we remember the vital role Martin Luther King played during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. #MLKDay

Martin Luther King Day

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Star Trek’s Captain Kirk aka William Shatner on the mysteries of life and death.

The #UnXplained with William Shatner

'I've been a performer all my life and I see no reason to stop entertaining': Life according to... William Shatner - Sunday Post

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Last surviving hero from WWII Glider Pilot Regiment, Staff Sergeant Ralph Norbury, who dropped Allied troops behind enemy lines during D-Day and Sicily invasion dies aged 100.

WWII Glider Pilot Regiment hero dies aged 100

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Viriathus' guerrilla campaign was Rome's Vietnam... But for one side to win it needs to end with a conventional battle. ⚔ #BarbariansRising

Viriathus battles the Romans - Barbarians Rising

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HISTORY posted on Jan 19, 2020
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"The soil that makes our swords, makes our swords."

The Romans' attempt to suppress the Iberian peninsula is thwarted by one man leading a guerrilla army. #BarbariansRising

Viriathus manhunt - Barbarians Rising

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