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HISTORY® features the thrilling lives of maverick characters who are real, gutsy and wise.

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What's your #Vikings name!?⚔ Binge seasons 4, 5 and 6 on the Global TV App and StackTV!
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At midnight on March 31st, 1949, Newfoundland officially became a Canadian province. Canada, from Sea to Sea #Newfoundland

History Of | Newfoundland Entering the Confederation

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"When women do well, we all do well." #EqualPayDay #HistoryOf

History Of | Equal Pay Day

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Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop! #CelineDion #Historyof

Celine Dion | History Of

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A little light on plans next week? Don't worry, we got you covered! #HISTORY

Photos from HISTORY's post

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From the producers of The Curse of Oak Island comes the next big dig, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. ☠ New series premieres April 5th on HISTORY #TheSecretofSkinwalkerRanch #Curse

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

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On March 28-29, 845, the Siege of Paris took place in West Francia, Paris. Viking forces with a fleet of 120 ships entered the River Seine under the leadership of "Reginherus," often identified as the legendary saga character Ragnar Lothbrok. After raiding Rouen, the Viking fleet defeated a small French army assembled by Frankish king Charles the Bald and continued up the River. On March 29th,...
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Did we miss a few of your favourite characters in this recap? Looks like you'll have to binge past seasons of #Vikings to relive their stories, available on the Global TV App and StackTV! Who's journey should we recap next? ⚔

Vikings | Recap Part 1

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Captain Quinn and Dr. Hynek really do make the best team! Stream season 2 of #ProjectBlueBook anytime on the Global TV App or StackTV!

Project Blue Book | Season Finale

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Born in 1874, #HarryHoudini became famous for his ability to escape a prison cell after being searched and locked in by the police. But one of his most famous illusions was making a 10,000 pound elephant disappear. In your opinion, which is more impressive? #HistoryOf

History Of | Harry Houdini

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