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The Mandir is situated at Kalipur, Assam. The place was inundated due to floods by Brahmaputra, the Mandir is under water. But Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi Devi have not sunk. This video seems like Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi Devi is resting in Ksheera Sagara.

Our prayers with those affected by the floods. Hope situation gets better soon.

Shukreshwar Mandir, Assam

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Madhaba Gouda
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Rishi Subu
I am Bhagwa

The Sun has risen at dusk.
The Monk with the wrinkles,
holds My Beliefs aloft,
tranquillity breezes in,
soothes my nerves.
I was a relic, a past,
but now, I have surged up
like a tide in the Ocean
and, I announce
Bhagwa I breathe
Bhagwa I breathe
Bhagwa I breathe
Bhagwa - my existence

Poem Credit: @AJ Ajay
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AJ Ajay
Vishal Roy
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Caesar Tiburcio
An evangelist goes up to the Adiyogi statue and shouts neither Yoga, nor Yogi can liberate you from Sins, only Jesus can.

But, we shouldn't question it because secularism. We shouldn't post it because we are creating a divide, right?

Evangelist near Adiyogi statue.

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Rajoseev Chapagain
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Lakshmi S Shivaram
Sridhar Dk
Gupt Ganga Temple in Bhadarwah, J&K. During their period of exile or agyatvaas, it is believed that Pandavas have built this Temple. In the second pic, you can see the footprint of Bheema. There is a folklore that, once when the Pandavas had been sleeping, a rock rolled over and was falling. The Pandavas were in it's trajectory, Bheema being the strongest of all, stopped the rock with his...

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Gourav Mahajan
Praveen Vaishnav
Jyoti Vaishnav Jyoti
Garima Sabharwal
These questions need to be asked. Tamil Nadu was one of the foremost Dharmic regions in the country, yet see its state now. I can only pray that it regains its old glory.
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Because.... Modi is back, so is Bhagwa.

Jai Sri Ram
Har Har Mahadev.
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Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple, albumen print by David Lyon 1868

PC: (@wiavastukala - twitter)
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விண்மீன் விண்மீன்
Political post, because elections.
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A decade or two back, could we ever have imagined the PM of our country would flaunt his Hindu identity without being apologetic about it? This is what has changed in the last 5 years. Be proud of your Hindu identity and wear it on your sleeve. DON'T be apologetic about it.

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Har Har Mahadev.
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